Trouble with Modules

More often than not, if FoundryVTT (on The Forge, or otherwise) is running slowly, it’s the fault of modules that are having issues in some way (all by themselves, conflicting with others, conflicting with FoundryVTT version, and so on). This article is intended to give you the tools to find troublesome modules in a nice and simple fashion, so your sessions can be about playing a TableTop game, not about fighting the software.

We’ve all been there, we grab up cool modules as they come out, use them, and kind of forget they’re there. Sometimes those lovely modules get abandoned, and we’re left carrying that baggage on FoundryVTT, which can grind things to a halt (quite literally).

Performing a Module Audit

  1. Install the following Module: Quick Module Enable | Foundry Virtual Tabletop
    This can be done in FoundryVTT Setup, or via The Bazaar (
  2. Enable the Module:
  3. Navigate once again to “Module Management” you’ll see some new sections inside, we especially want “Major Mismatch”
  4. Click on the “Major Mismatch” section
  5. Use the below “Known Good” list to consult against your “Major Mismatch” modules, disabling, and perhaps removing, the other “Major Mismatch” modules

Major Mismatch Modules Known to work up to FoundryVTT 0.7.9

  • Token Magic FX
  • Chat Damage Buttons - Beyond20 Edition
  • Cursor Hider
  • Everybody Look

(feel free to submit additions to this list on this post)

I’ve cleaned up my “Major Mismatch” but am still having issues

  1. Start taking a look at the “Minor Mismatch” section as well
  2. Head over to The Forge Discord (The Forge) and hit us up for help in the #forge-help channel

Are you saying that the Minor Mismatch area is not really an issue? I am not having any slowdowns, but also don’t want to find out during the game session that there are issues. The current “Minor Mismatch” modules for me are

  • About Time
  • GM Notes
  • Group Initiative
  • Health Estimate
  • lib - Color Settings
  • Pings
  • Token Mold
    That seems like an awful lot of minor issues.

The shared compendium module is coming up as a major mismatch. Is this safe to use, considering it’s a core feature of the forge?

Perfectly fine, with what the Module does, you never need to worry about it saying it’s a mismatch. There’s a way to make it stop doing that, but it’s really not important.

Figured that was the case, but thought it’d be better to check :wink:

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