All players experiencing multiple, frequent "You have lost connection to the server" messages

Unfortunately my information is basically the title; we switched to Forge recently from self-hosting, due to tremendous latency and de-sync issues, only to be confronted with frequent de-sync issues and connection dropping, reloading, etc. This persists across all three worlds we have and the runs we have them in. I will gladly perform any steps to provide any information needed

When specifically did you see these issues? Forge was indeed having issues up through yesterday (Monday), but they’ve been fixed now, and there have been 0 reports of them today.

In addition, if you’re on FoundryVTT 0.8.6, that might be causing some of your issues.

You can also check your World Size: World Size Check
And your Modules: Trouble with Modules

To see if any of that is contributing.

thank you, this has actually been occurring since we switched, which was… a few weeks ago?

We have not updated to 0.8.6 yet, entirely out of laziness.

We have three worlds;
one is 14mb
one is 15.5 mb
one is somehow 54mb?! And yet is actually the one we have the LEAST problems with

I am working through the rest of these pages and steps now, and will report back with my findings. The assistance is greatly apprecaited :slight_smile:

If the largest world is not having issues, that sniffs moreso of Modules.

Forge has also been having some issues with the CDN that backs the Assets Library. This won’t cause disconnects, but it looks like things not loading properly, and a refresh usually helps it. That is being actively investigated, and a new CDN is being considered (as the current one is failing to offer reliable service).

We have noticed the random failure-to-load on all images, and that reloading the page does usually fix that issue, good to know it is not a local issue.

We do run a lot of modules; we came from Roll20 and added a large number of modules to introduce functionality that we had over there into our games here, as well as other convenience items and Patreon compendiums for items/scenes/etc. Is there a “usual suspects” list for troublemaker modules?

Run through that Modules FAQ in particular, that helps you find old, dead Modules you’re using (those are the highest-class suspects). Other than that, you can post a list of Modules for me to look through, and I’ll see what I can see.

If you’d like, you can also hit me up on the Discord for more realtime chatting: