World Size Check

An oversized world will typically manifest as FoundryVTT having a very slow initial load-in, or failing to load at all.

A good rule of thumb for world sizes is:
Normal: <= 10 MB
Large: 10-20 MB
Huge: 20-40 MB

Typically you’ll start to see trouble around the 30+ MB mark. This is around the fact that FoundryVTT sends the world databases (that comprise that size) to every player on load. This will hurt players/users with slow internet connections the most.

NOTABLE EXCEPTION: If you have things in Compendiums in-world, your world db files can be sized perfectly fine, but the whole “World” size will still be massive, and you won’t see the loading issues. Compendiums are not loaded to all users on World load (thankfully).

How do you check World Sizes on The Forge?
Quite easily! First, don’t try to determine your world size from an export (which you can do here:, that zip will be compressed-size, which isn’t helpful for our purposes.

To find accurate World Size on The Forge:

  1. Navigate to here:
  2. Click “Select Data Files to Delete” (we won’t actually be deleting anything)
  3. Take a look at the “Worlds” tab, as below

(Major caveat, and the importance of the below checks, Compendiums can be large, and WON’T hurt world loading speed, but DO contribute to World Size).

If you have worlds that load strangely, please join us on The Forge Discord ( and ask for help in #forge-help, we’ll be happy to give you a hand!

World Size Troubleshooting
We have often seen issues caused by modules where, due to some bug, the module will jam garbage into one (or more) of the world database files. This can result into worlds that balloon from a nice, safe 5-10 MB up to in excess of 500 MB (I believe we’ve seen a max of 750 MB before).

To find the troublesome module:

  1. Navigate here:
  2. Click “Export World(s)”
  3. Unzip the zip that downloads
  4. Navigate to the unzipped folder
  5. Now navigate into the “data” folder, which contains the db files of the FoundryVTT world
  6. Hunt for a db file that seems excessively large

In the above case, it appears my chat.db is getting pretty large, in order to help my Players and I loading into FoundryVTT, I could clear the chat log (in FoundryVTT on The Forge) to get things working again.

Fixing an enormous chat log (FoundryVTT won’t even load)

  1. Export World
  2. Unzip the export
  3. delete the chat.db file
  4. Use “Summon Import Wizard” here: to re-upload the world

Fixing an enormous actors.db or items.db

  1. Export World
  2. Unzip the export
  3. Use a text editor (like Notepad++) to find the offending section (typically a massive repeat of something, like commas, or 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0)
  4. Delete the offending repeating information
  5. Use “Summon Import Wizard” here: to re-upload the world

Hi Mr. Aeristoka, thanks for drawing attention to this!. I noticed the monsters, spells and items in my world in DDB compendium represent more than 10MB. I imported all this using Mr Primates DDB Muncher and I really don’t need ALL the monsters stored in the world I am playing. Will it help to delete my DDB Monster compendium, and then import with Mr Primate’s Muncher ONLY the monsters I am using?

If things are in Compendiums, that’s just fine. Compendiums don’t affect World-loading in the same way the other Databases do.


I exported my game world for inspection and discovered that its data folder is ~28 MB. However, the individual files in the data folder are fairly even in size:

  • actors.db = 1.1 Mb
  • chat.db = 4.3 Mb
  • combat.db = 1 kb
  • fog.db = 4.5 Mb
  • folders.db = 7 kb
  • items.db = 5.7 Mb
  • journal.db = 6.9 Mb
  • macros.db = 16 kb
  • playlists.db = 18 kb
  • scenes.db = 3.6 Mb
  • settings.db = 92 kb
  • tables.db = 1.6 Mb
  • users.db = 6 kb

Does this mean nothing is especially excessive and my “huge” game world just is what it is? Or is there optimization in store?

The first thing I notice, you have TONS of Items & Journals. FoundryVTT itself (no matter where you host) chokes on too many Items/Actors/Journal Entries, so I’d say clean that out a bit for things to work better (you might be ok for the moment).

Could also be there’s some embedded base64 image in the journals/items. That could inflate the size even if the number of entities is small. :thinking:

Thanks! (And @kakaroto too.) I’ll examine closer and see what’s up.

Thanks everyone for this! My game slowed to a crawl (and right after me upgrading my internet connection)! Found out chat.db was around 300M! Running smoothly after applying #aeristoka 's cure above…

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Very happy to hear this! Definitely nice to hear that it’s helping people :smiley: