Loading Issues for Me and my Players

I’ve enjoyed using Forge VTT for hosting for quite some time now but I have recently had some connection issues that make it impossible to use. For instance, last night’s session, a single map took about five minutes to load and most tokens had no images. There was a huge delay on any token dragging, which meant we had to run our session theater-of-the-mind (which somewhat defeats the point of a VTT) or else wait minutes per turn. We have players in our group from all different regions of the world, and everyone faced this same problem. I checked today whether the problem had been resolved and it had not.
Up until recently, my experience with this service has been very positive, I would really like to know how to fix this problem so that I can go back to using it.

I would like to get some info on the size of the maps, and if this happens to all your player.
It might be module related, in which case I would recommend going through World Size Check and Trouble with Modules to see if the issue is with the world.

Loading the map alone should be quick and easy, as it loads the assets from the closest provider to the user. being all over the world should not cause issues.

If we are experiencing lag, we recenetly had another issue, where the user found the solution to be:

Just in case someone else is trying to fix this: 
I went through task manager and gave my browser high priority. 
I don't know what was going on since that's all I have running and I keep my background processes to an absolute minimum, but it helped a lot. 
Still lag, still floaty tokens, but the speed increased very, very significantly.  
The pause spinner has gone from jumpy to pretty close to even.
I held off on the exorcism since I don't think holy water and motherboards should be mixed generally 
but I've still got that in my back pocket should it come to that. 

Please post updates as we would like to know further issues, or if you need an explanation on something else.