White Screen

I created a zip file for my world, did the update, cleared my cache, and restarted Foundry and I get the following screen. It seems to kinda be loading my world not really? I get worried about uploading my zipped world because I am not confident that will work either. Advice?

Please help me, I have a game tonight that I can’t even prepare for right now.

IS there a way to upload my zipped world without having to delete the one currently in The Forge?

Ok, update. This is interesting. I can login as one of my players and it seems to be working fine. Also , when logged in as DM, all of the shortcut icons on the left are greyed out and unable to be used.

Make sure you don’t have some module enabled that could cause this. Disable all modules and try again.

Note: it’s generally bad netiquette to private message someone without being asked to first.

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Sorry about that. I didn’t know. Won’t happen again. Is there a way to log a formal ticket or something? Or do you just cross fingers that someone sees your post and responds to help?

No worries.
You ask the question and wait for a response. You asked only 4 hours ago, the person who regularly checks the forums is likely asleep and the volunteer contributors likely at work, and I’m busy with the server development itself.
If you need immediate help, it’s generally faster to join Discord and chat directly with others in the community. You could also send an email, but response times there would be even longer.

See the Support button at the top of the page with the full instruction :

Did disabling modules help you get it to work ? Do you have any error logs from the Foundry console (press F12)

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Yes, disabling modules helped. Thank you so much.

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Looking at it, I think this would be FX master. It should be updated, so I would recommend updating all your modules over at The Bazaar.
You can go through: Trouble with Modules too, afterwards.

If you have any further issues, you can continue to post here. Understand the pressure as you had a game soon, but it wouldn’t be those quick responses here. If you want a dialogue, we recommend discord.