European server migration query

Hi, I’ve been watching the forge dev vlogs on youtube. A couple of episodes back european server migrations were mentioned due to the existing content delivery network not providing enough server time at peak periods.
Can I ask is the still in the pipeline or has it been carried out? My group plays Sunday nights (uk time) due to kids etc. But all week while I’m working on stuff the server is fine, but at the weekends I can real feel the performance strain. A couple of the games have been total washouts because of this.
kind regards,

Hello! The migration was done a couple of months back. The issue should be cleared, and there shouldn’t be too much strain from our servers, even during peek hours.

We would recommend checking the world for leaks and Module issues (Trouble with Modules), as it might be that a lot more players causes the leakage to get bigger and bigger as the game goes on

Hi Kevin,
Many thanks for the reply. Good to know the migration is done. I’ll look into my modules, cheers.

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