World Size Check

The first thing I notice, you have TONS of Items & Journals. FoundryVTT itself (no matter where you host) chokes on too many Items/Actors/Journal Entries, so I’d say clean that out a bit for things to work better (you might be ok for the moment).

Could also be there’s some embedded base64 image in the journals/items. That could inflate the size even if the number of entities is small. :thinking:

Thanks! (And @kakaroto too.) I’ll examine closer and see what’s up.

Thanks everyone for this! My game slowed to a crawl (and right after me upgrading my internet connection)! Found out chat.db was around 300M! Running smoothly after applying #aeristoka 's cure above…

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Very happy to hear this! Definitely nice to hear that it’s helping people :smiley:

This is a very helpful post! My “scenes.db” file is nearly 5 MB on its own; however, there is only one scene (with a single 3.36 MB map). What else is stored in that scene.db? My map has walls, journal entries (only two with very small image files attached) and three “sound file” pins. Could that be what is choking the connection for two of my players?

To be fair, those two players are both on Chromebooks.

That’s not too terribly bad for a world size, or a scenes.db really, so it’s likely something else. That said, if it really is one scene in that scenes.db, open it up (with something like NotePad++) and see what it contains in there, that is absurd for one scene.

I’ll shamelessly plug another of my FAQs for things that might slow things down: Trouble with Modules

So I opened it up with Notepad++ and it’s just a ton of code (length 5,060,766 lines: 37). Is there a special formating that will allow me to see the important items?

probably a JSON Pretty Printer (just Google “JSON Pretty Print”), it sounds like your scene might have a base64 encoded Image as the background then, instead of an actual image.

I am actually going through everything and moving all unneeded content into Compendiums. I will let you know if that reduces the size significantly.

How do we know how much of the above world size or .db sizes are in compendiums?

You can check that by going to “Select data content to delete” and modules.

If you want to check how much is in a compendium of a world, export it as shown, and look at the “packs” folder.

Ok thanks.
So as I understand it then, none of the .db content in the data folder is in compendiums? i.e. all that you see there is data that is loaded upon entering the game?

Yes, I do believe so.

That is correct, yes. Data folder for a world is the “world db files”, the “Packs” folder contains compendium db files.

HELLO!! Yesterday during our session the whole game froze making me reboot my PC it has happened twice in a row. So i was sent here for help. I read the above and now i have deleted the chat logs, moved all no needed scenes and journals and items and players into compendiums but I still show massive scene and fog size files… i assume the fog is the fog of war but what happens if I delete it?

world size

If you delete fog.db, ALL Fog of War exploration for all users will be gone, and a new “unexplored” fog.db will be created.

I wouldn’t recommend doing that overall. Your world size is pretty nice and slim overall now.

If you still have slowness, I’ll recommend checking this FAQ to try and weed out troublesome Modules: Trouble with Modules

will deleting the fog cover up the areas my players have already explored? replacing it with a new fog for them to reexplore?

I have a world size currently of 76 MB. Can someone review the below and tell me if there are other ways I can improve performance? I moved 90% actors, scenes, etec to compendiums and after exporting the world it breaks out as follows:

[Data - 24.8MB] [Packs - 48.9 MB] [Scenes: 2.79MB]

Data folder is broken out as follows:

Actors: 5.4MB
Chat: 0.7MB
Combat: 0.02MB
Fog: 7.4MB
Folders: 0.21MB
Items: 0.81MB
Journal: 4.7MB
Macros: 0.6MB
Playlists: 0.07MB
Scenes: 3.5MB
Sessions: 0.0MB
Settings: 0.3MB
Tables: 1.7MB
Users: 0.14MB

At that point, your World Size is quite good. I’d look into this now: Trouble with Modules