Loading Screen Frozen

https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/514910075450687491/858478780141142016/unknown.png?width=1202&height=676 anytime I load into foundryvtt using forge, it stays on this screen. Does anyone have any solutions?

There could be a lot of reasons for this. First up I would recommend checking out your browser. Try another browser like Chrome or Edge to see if they work. If they do, it is likely your current browser and you can follow this to fix it: How to fix/turn on your browser's hardware acceleration

Otherwise, it is likely a world size issue, and you can go through this: World Size Check

If neither of those work, could you press f12 → console and screenshot any red errors?

I am just pushing it towards the huge category for the world size. I exported the zip and found that the scenes.db file is too large compared to the others. Is it possible to lower it without deleting it fully?

I’m having trouble with this right now. I launched Foundry without issues this morning, changed the date of my next session, but them when I clicked Launch World, I got the message “you do not have permission…” I thought, oh, I forgot to log in as GM. So I closed the window and went to relaunch. No dice. Just a constant loading screen. Hrmm.

Ah hah! Fixed it by upgrading to 8.8.

Hey James!

You can edit the scenes.db file in notepad for example and delete rows from it. Each row corresponds to a single scene, unless something went wrong in foundry and some scenes are doubled many many times.

You can find doubles by checking if any of the id values are the same, you can usually delete every duplicate and leave only the first one in the list, if that’s the case.

If it’s just a matter of having many scenes - then you might want to not import all scenes - it’s going to lead to bad times.
Removing them from the file is ok, but make sure not to edit any of the lines as that could lead to a broken format.

Can you provide info on how large it actually is and what’s inside?

Thank you to everyone who replied! The file was about 10,000KB in size, with the second highest being actors at 4,400KB. Unfortunately I deleted the scenes.db file before I saw this message, so I cannot really provide insight as to what is inside. I might be able to find it, however it seems to how increased loading speed. However, with the new scenes I have created, whenever I click on a new scene it seems to break and freeze on the grey screen

I am usnure what to do here- Once again, any help would be extremely appreciated!

In this case, it sounds more likely to be an issue with some incompatible module than an issue about the world size.
I think that “less fog” and “overhead tiles” were two modules that might have caused the symptoms you described.
I recommend you check out this article to help troubleshoot it, and I hope that helps : Trouble with Modules