Possible Server Issues?

Hi Team,

I’m not sure if this is a Foundry or Forge issue, but in the last 2-3 weeks our RP group has been having lots of issues staying connected. The issues are consistent between all the players whom use a mix of Chrome and Edge to connect and all use various devices (PCs with different Graphic Cards. Mine is an RTX2080Ti for reference)

We play 3-4 hours Wed / Thurs / Sun in three different campains (three different forge/foundry licences because different DMs) and the issues seem consistent between all the games regardless of modules active or actors/scenes present (it also happens in One Shot worlds as much as Campaign worlds).

The issues:

  1. Tokens frequently double up for players when the DM only places one.
  2. Switching between Measurement Controls and Token Controls causes tokens to disappear.
  3. Maps not loading.
  4. Sight not loading.
  5. Sight disappearing for no reason.

In all cases reloading the browser and rejoining the game is the only way to fix it, but it takes multiple reloads for it to be correct.

It also seems to get worse the longer the game is to the point it’s almost unplayable with constant reloads.

If anyone has experienced similar and knows what the issue is, that would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Sounds a lot like Module issues to me: Trouble with Modules

Also, having an RTX 2080 Ti doesn’t mean it’s being used by Chrome, check here: WebGL Report

And look for this section:

If it says “Intel UHD” or something similar, you either need to set your browser to use “High Performance Graphics” in Windows Settings → Graphics (and then crash Chrome and re-launch or restart your PC), or disable Integrated Graphics in your BIOS.