Server update changelog


I often update The Forge servers, add new features or bugfixes and improve the general user experience.

You will find a summary of all updates that occur and how it affects your gaming experience.

June 3rd 2023 (Part 2)
  • Fix a bug introduced in the earlier update which prevented some modules from getting uninstalled
  • Fix an error shown in console when the user is not logged in
June 3rd 2023
  • Add a Help button to the navigation bar which makes use of an AI bot trained on our documentation, to help answer common user questions
  • Add support for author flags in module manifests, allowing the display of various author links in the Bazaar
  • Fix issues with Foundry v11 when uninstalling modules with compendium packs or deleting worlds while Foundry is running and using the module/world.
May 31st 2023
  • Fix issues exporting or cloning a world that is actively running in Foundry v11
  • Add support for taxes for Australia and Norway
  • Show currency exchange to AUD and NOK currencies
  • Misc improvements to the Bazaar Creator’s package listing
  • Add tax ID field to the billing information for Bazaar Creators
  • Fix issue with invoicing for creators which billed them less than expected
  • Added an internal endpoint to export a system
  • Upgrade ddb-meta-data to fix
  • Internal tools update
May 27th 2023
  • Fix error when trying to install a custom module
  • Fix issue causing v11 compendium packs to not be migrated properly during imports
  • Fix a rare race condition that could cause issues with package updates in the bazaar
  • Fix issue that prevented v11 packs from being migrated during bazaar updates.
May 26th 2023
  • Fix an issue introduced in yesterday’s release which would cause some compendium packs from premium foundry modules or custom modules to become empty once installed
May 25th 2023 (part 2)
  • Automatically discard old versions of packages if a newer version of the package has a maximum compatibility flag set that marks it as incompatible with your Foundry version (prevents some systems, like pf2e, lancer, dnd3.5e, etc… from showing very old pre-v9 releases as the only compatible ones).
  • Display in the Bazaar all packages, even those that are incompatible with your Foundry version, instead of hiding them. Prevent installation of such incompatible packages instead and display a warning about it.
May 25th 2023
  • Add support for Foundry V11
    • Support for the new LevelsDB database format (for the user manager, import wizard, and the other 100 things that were affected)
    • Support new setup menu layout and configuration options
    • Support for “Return to Forge” in the new join screen
    • Add support for installing recommended package dependencies
    • Add support for the new Foundry telemetry opt-in setting
    • Add support for new vending step during package installation
    • Redesigned how package optimizations occur to allow server-side migration of worlds and modules when using v11 database formats.
  • Add support for assigning tags to Bazaar packages by creators, in preparation for a future Bazaar update that will improve discoverability of packages
  • Update the subscription manager to better integrate with the license add dialog when a user attempts to subscribe before adding a license key
  • Remove all old deprecated handlebars files
  • Misc fixes to internationalization
May 17th 2023
  • Website polish, making better use of html semantics
  • Add Instagram link to social links
  • Adopt a new “Forge green” color scheme for use in the navbar and footer
  • Change navigation bar to better show which page is being viewed and which link is highlighted
  • Change footer of the page to look nicer with cleaner social links and responsive to small screens
  • Fix highlight of the assets library navbar entry when in the assets library page.
  • Fix display of hotkeys and update page translations
May 15th 2023
  • Fix issue when changing regions which could leave the user’s account locked if it failed to idle games
  • Fix a bug which prevented selecting assets in list view in the assets library
  • Fix upload of zip files to the assets library not unzipping the files in some situations even with the option enabled
  • Additional small visual polish to the assets library
  • Update the Forge Workshop page to mark Patreon Integration as being completed
May 12th 2023
  • Fix issue which caused the import wizard to fail uploading assets, continuously thinking that the user cancelled the upload process.
May 11th 2023 (Part 2)
  • Small fix to internationalization which caused the assets library page to fail to load for some languages
May 11th 2023
  • Releasing our 3rd iteration of the Assets Library revamp work with multiple new features and additional polish
    • Show a preview of the first frame of video assets instead of a generic video icon
    • Add a toggle to hide/show the toolbox sidebar when browsing assets
    • Add the ability to do a search for multiple terms at once using + as separator which acts as an ‘AND’, allowing the user to fine tune their search for specific assets
    • Change how empty folders look and make the entire folder area a drop area for file uploads
    • Redesign the upload dialog to make it easier to use with a large drop area and a checkbox for unzipping files before upload
    • Show a progress overlay during move, copy, upload and delete operations
    • Added support for cancelling an upload/rename/move/delete that is in progress without the need to reload the page
    • Asset preview in sidebar is now a fixed size so that elements do not jump around when hovering on different assets.
    • Fixed a bug which showed incorrect count and broke Ctrl+A behaviour while searching.
    • Fixed a bug which broke the assets browser if the page was refreshed with a recursive search in the URL hash.
    • Added detection of filename conflict during a rename and prompt the user to confirm the overwrite instead of silently overwriting the files.
    • Added support for resolving collisions during file moves and prompt user to skip/overwrite/cancel each collision detected
    • Added the ability to rename assets in list view as well
    • Added support for previewing more audio and video files, such as recognizing m4a files as audio files
    • When dragging assets to move or copy, disable the drop targets that would cause the files to be moved into the same origin location
    • Improved usability on mobile by having collapsible sidebar toolbox and making the move and copy buttons clickable as well as draggable
    • Improved various styling and controls to be more user friendly and visually pleasing
    • Added icon file types for PDF files and 3D assets
    • Added a loading spinner while image assets are being loaded
    • Improved asset search by making it asynchronous and displaying a search in progress prompt
  • Changing server regions will now show progress and tell the user when the region change has completed and auto-redirect the user once the process has completed
  • Added the language selection to the navigation bar, allowing logged in and logged out users to set the website page to their language of choice. Note that the site translation is a work in progress and currently in beta.
  • Take into account the user’s default browser language for new users visiting the site, if their language is one of the supported languages the Forge has.
  • Fix issue where errors installing a badly packaged module via manifest link did not propagate the error to the user and left the package in “installation in progress” status until it timed out.
  • Prevent user from launching a game while installing a custom or premium package as that can disrupt the installation process and is one of the likely causes for some users having failed installations with leftover zip files and data quota exceeded errors.
  • Change the way the user manager resets user passwords in order to be compatible with Foundry v11
  • Add some preparatory work for supporting Foundry v11’s new setup menu
May 10th 2023
  • Update the D&D Beyond integration to the latest ddb-meta-data, including fixes for the map urls for Mythic Odysseys of Theros, Shadow of the Dragon Queen, and Tyranny of Dragons books.
  • Update the D&D Beyond converter to correctly set the monster subtype on generated actors
  • Fix the D&D Beyond converter to correctly set monster condition immunities
May 5th 2023
  • Refactored the Bazaar updater to work much more efficiently, allowing module updates to be detected and handled more quickly
  • Fix patreon integration not working properly inside a creator’s profile page
  • Add warning in invoice previews about Australia and Norway sales tax being charged from June 1st
  • Fix issue when doing a wildcard tokens browse using relative paths and including special characters
  • Fix issue with wildcard tokens browse from an account other than the game owner while also using relative paths in the wildcard path
  • Allow Adventure packs in modules or shared compendium to be system-agnostic due to a change in behavior in Foundry v10.
  • Update D&D Beyond metadata, fixing the map URLs from Dragons of Stormwreck Isle
  • Fix an issue which prevented a user from re-subscribing if they change their billing information and they had a saved credit card that was also expired.
  • Fix a bug which corrupted a bazaar module’s data when a package was released with an empty version
April 26th 2023
  • Restore access to automatic backups by moving all users to the new region setting
  • Add the ability to delete unlinked Foundry users when the User Manager is enabled
  • Fix various extreme use cases that caused the User Manager to misbehave and avoid adding the #2 suffix to usernames unnecessarily in some situations
  • Updates to the creator profile
    • Packages can now be fully viewed and installed from within the profile page instead of redirecting to the full bazaar page on click
    • Removed the background for creator avatars, allowing for transparent backgrounds
    • Removed the frame around creator avatars, making it look nicer for those with a round avatar
    • Improved the display of a creator’s profile page with no available packages
    • Improve the display of the notification while user content is being verified
    • Add error handling if the avatar or banner image fails to load to prevent a broken image being displayed
    • Fix creator website url without the https:// prefix not working properly
    • Improved dark mode support
  • Add the ability to filter message types and search within Foundry logs
  • Update the DDB Integration to support converting subclasses that inherit the spell slots information from their parent class instead of redefining it
  • Fix tiles support in the DDB Integration and broken module description for LMI and MCV3 books
  • Fix the bazaar search to be more robust in case of a custom module with bad data in its manifest
  • Updates to the Bazaar Creators’ dashboard
    • Added the option to search for packages using multiple terms.
    • Improved handling of avatar/banner upload
    • Fix the view profile button becoming clickable when setting up a new profile and entering an already in use vanity url
    • Fix new package type dropdown when entering a url so it matches the type of filename entered
    • Fix user installs statistics being incorrectly displayed when previewing a package from the dashboard
    • Many other smaller polishing changes and bug fixes
  • Fix typo on the 2FA configuration page
  • Fix issue that prevented banned users from logging out, and make the ban reason text html-safe
April 12th 2023
  • Update the D&D Beyond integration to add support for subclasses in books that don’t include the parent class (i.e: if a subclass is defined in a book like TCoE or XGtE, which reference a parent class found in BR or PHB, then import it under a “Subclasses” folder)
  • Update D&D Beyond modules metadata to the latest release
  • Set the new OVH server region as the new default region for new users
  • Fix bug introduced in recent update with regards to pathfinder2 default icon token variants
  • Further improvements to internal tools
April 3rd 2023
  • Releasing our new Patreon Integration feature for Bazaar Creators
    • With 3 redesigns and rewrites of the feature and over a year in development and hundreds of commits, this is one of our major features to continue improving our user’s experience with the Bazaar
    • The Patreon Integration allows users at Story Teller and higher to install packages on the Bazaar from their favorite Patreon creators by simply linking their Patreon account
    • Improves the onboarding of the user, now showing you what tiers you need, and what steps you need to take in order to unlock content
    • Adds a Patreon category in the Bazaar packages listing
  • Fix further bug with default icon token variants for pathfinder2 games running on The Forge
  • Switch to using Patreon API v2 for OAuth 3rd party authentication
  • Improve error reporting when trying to login with a 3rd party tool and failing due to an API error (Patreon API is often unstable and causes sometimes a non user friendly error)
  • Return to the same tab in the account page when linking 3rd party account or refreshing Patreon pledges
March 21st 2023
  • Add support for .opus, .avif and .m4a files in the assets library
  • Fix accessing the savepoints page timing out when user is logged out
  • Fix upload of files to assets library in Foundry v10 when drag/dropping an image into a journal
  • Allow Bazaar creator profile avatar to have transparent background
  • Ignore automated chat messages (such as AdBot2000 from the cy-borg system) which prevented games from idling
  • Do not show popout button for custom packages in the Bazaar
  • Fix rare errors (such as malformed json in POST) from API endpoints returning html instead of a json response
  • Add a link back to the game from game’s party chat
  • Remove Neeraj from the about page
  • Add Jana to the about page
  • Update Zlatan’s role in the about page
  • Add bekit to the acknowledgements page
  • Further improvements to internal tools
  • Add support for some event logging to provide better customer support
March 1st 2023
  • Fix display of asset packs in creator’s profile page
  • Set a creator’s banner to a fixed 4:1 aspect ratio in their profile page
  • Fix list of packages in a creator profile page to not list user’s unlisted entitlement of packages
  • Add a “On Sale” tab in the creator profile page when the creator has packages on sale
  • Fix updating user profile and changing region which broke with the most recent update
  • Add pagination to list of packages in the creator dashboard, which improves performance dramatically
  • Add indicators of dimensions for profile avatar/banner images in the creator’s dashboard
February 27th 2023
  • New major features for Bazaar Creators! Creators can now set up a profile/storefront page
  • Marketplace packages will now link to create profile pages when one is set up
  • Redesign of the Create Dashboard to make it easier to manage packages, update pricing and set up profile page
  • Update to the User’s account profile, with many small polishes to the UI
  • User’s server region selection is now on its own tab and more intuitive to use
  • Fix a deprecation warning in the Forge module when running on a non-dnd5e system.
  • Fix error in payment with Paypal displaying a “unknown stripe error” instead
  • Fix issue with restoring save points which crept in the recent update
  • Fix issue where the creator dashboard would fail to load after a new marketplace package gets added to it
  • Fix issue where an error is displayed by mistake on the billing page when trying to fetch the upcoming invoice if the user has no active subscription
  • Fix rare use case issue where a user could have an asset with no filename
  • Remove code in Foundry to pass the websocket through an alternate URL for proxying through Cloudflare as it is now unnecessary
  • More backend updates and improvement to the Forge’s autoscaler
February 16th 2023
  • Fix issue from last update which caused some people to get a “too many redirects” error when accessing their game
  • Increase the limit for the users.db file size before the User Manager considers it as “abnormally large and likely corrupted”
  • Fix badly formatted notification text when copying a game invitation link
February 15th 2023
  • Added Zlatan to the About Us page, our new Community Manager hire!
  • Fix a bug where a user’s subscription could be incorrectly set if they cancel then re-subscribe during the short grace period we give after a subscription has expired
  • Prevents users from trying to activate 2FA if they don’t have a password configured
  • Remove a warning in v10 from a deprecated field when the character sheet bio is empty, which made is mistakenly fallback to the v9 method
  • Fix a bug introduced in December 2022 which caused the Bazaar page to load slower instead of faster!
  • Translate and improve the wording of the tooltip for the View Foundry Logs tool
  • Fix a bug where a rare use case could cause a user to claim the same gift card twice
  • Multiple backend changes in preparation for our upcoming NA server migration, making it more seamless to users.
February 1st 2023
  • Fix a last minute bug with the new Assets Library preventing drag/drop into folders
  • Fix the font used for the Assets Library in the navigation bar to match other menu items
January 31st 2023
  • New Assets Library UI released, implementing most of the feature suggestions we received in the past couple of years! :partying_face:
    • A new List view to view all the details of your assets at once
    • Added the ability to sort by size/date/alphabetically
    • Allow configurable thumbnail size via a slider
    • Add a side panel showing a preview of the image being hovered
    • Option to search for assets in the current folder only, including subfolders or the entire assets library
    • Added a large drop area for users to upload files and folders by drag/dropping into the assets library
    • Added the ability to copy assets, not just move them, for those who want to
    • Add support for using hotkeys for most operations
    • Many many other small improvements that you’ll have to try out and discover!
  • Many improvements to the Configure Players dialog for the User Manager
    • Change the Configure Players from a sidebar to a modal window
    • Multiple UI polish, such as icon next to the player’s name to indicate clicking it lets you edit their display name, or using a default avatar if players with no avatars
    • Clarify that the “join as” player option for the DM user creates a temporary player
    • Add role icons next to users in the user assignment to make it clearer which role the players/users have
    • Add option to create new Foundry user in advance of players joining the game
    • Allow non-owner GMs to also edit users and assignments
    • Allow users to view and create Foundry users even with the User Manager disabled
    • Add a search for games with more than 10 players
    • Automatically open the Configure Players dialog when selecting the option “User Management” inside Foundry (and open in a new tab, instead of redirecting)
  • Fix 2FA check which could sometimes incorrectly report a TOTP code as being invalid
  • Fix issue with pf2e token icons not overriding defaults from premium content adventure upon import
January 25th 2023
  • Add detection of Foundry core/system data migration and warn user with an appropriate message when Foundry delays listening to new connections (See Foundry issue #6584)
  • Change the error displayed in case of an invalid OTP code to make it clearer to the user that the issue might be a code re-use.
  • Fix issue with manifest sideloading causing issues with the more-automated-spells-items-and-feats using a public manifest significantly different from the one included in the zip.
  • Mass re-install the more-automated-spells-items-and-feats package to all users who had it installed, to prevent an issue that caused worlds to fail loading when the module was enabled.
  • Improve Foundry performance during database migrations by increasing the allowance for burst RAM increases.
  • Misc changes to our build tools and admin services
January 10th 2023
  • Add a new table tool for users to view their Foundry logs
  • Display media and cover art in the Bazaar for custom installed modules
  • Automatically restore the demo world on idle from a clean SavePoint
  • Fix an issue which could cause failure to clone games with very long folder names
  • Fix dependencies not installing as expected when importing D&D Beyond content from the Bazaar
  • Fix re-install of the game system when creating a new game
  • Link to the weblate and add progress badge in the Workshop page for the internationalization project
  • Replace the Patreon logo in the Workshop with a nicer one
  • Fix migration of entities in Adventure compendium packs
  • Optimize custom systems’ assets into the assets library when importing via the Import Wizard
  • Major overhaul/improvements to the admin’s interface for Forge Staff
  • Fix post-login redirection sending users to main page instead of the last page they visited before logging in
  • Prevent imports of a known and damaging piracy tool
  • More internationalization improvements and merging of translations
  • Fix translation error when uploading files while logged out

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June 18th 2020

  • Add Foundry 0.6.3 beta release
  • Clarify plans text about the Game Master tier being able to create as many worlds as they want
  • Add server-side security with possible leak of environment variable across processes
  • Change the ‘Close without changes’ button on the last step of the subscription manager into “Close”
  • Remove obsolete code during world import which enabled “The Forge” module while it’s not necessary anymore
  • Disable direct uploads to the data directory by modules
  • Properly implement redirects from game across regions when re-sending POST data after a region change
  • Rename old/forgotten “Free Account” tier name into the “Player” tier name for the top page banner.
  • Correct information about Extra availability
  • Use ‘$’ sign as prefix instead of suffix in the Extra pricing of the plans page.

June 20th 2020

  • Fix a bug that was preventing some people from creating a new subscription after their trial period had ended

June 23rd 2020

  • Added Foundry 0.6.4 support
  • Fix possible issue when doing multiple folder creates in the assets library concurrently
  • Update privacy policy to include information about Stripe payment processor
  • Add a button to reset the game invitation link
  • Fix text saying “Done” before importing a world instead of “Loading assets library… Done”

June 25th 2020

  • Add support for the Bazaar
    • Intercept Package listing, installation, update check and uninstallation from Foundry and use the Bazaar content automatically
    • Automatically synchronize the Bazaar with the official Foundry package list
    • Optimize all Compendiums to use the Bazaar’s Assets Library
    • Optimize specific systems and modules to use the Bazaar’s Assets Library for loading the package’s scripts and styles
    • Add Bazaar page to the website with basic information about the feature, and as placeholder for the upcoming Bazaar browser.
    • Add API support for installing packages through the Bazaar via API
    • Add support for bypassing the bazaar with ?bazaar=disabled in the manifest URL, if the user wants it
  • Attempt Bazaar install of systems and modules in the Import Wizard based on package name and local version
  • Remove the separate “My Games” page and make it the main site page instead.
  • Delegate Foundry websocket proxying to a microservice to allow for website updates and maintenance without the 5 second interruption to ongoing games.
  • Prevent import of a world if a world with the same name already exists, to avoid accidental overwrites.
  • Add ability to export compendium modules
  • Automatically idle/reload Foundry if the FVTT Version, Game URL or Admin key is changed.
  • Add an API to start, stop and idle games
  • Fix shared compendium that Forge creates from not showing its compendiums in FVTT 0.6.4
  • Fix broken “Delete content” UI when a package has quotes in its description.
  • Fix invalid/corrupt modules from showing as empty line in the ‘Delete content’ dialog and show them in the orphans section instead
  • Correctly report the size of a user data directory when it’s a symbolic link, in the ‘Delete content’ dialog
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June 29th 2020

  • Fix a bug which sometimes prevented the “Select Data Files to Delete” dialog from the Table page from opening
  • Remove the Table Tools dropdown button and make the table tools options appear as separate buttons
  • Change the start server/stop server buttons to green/red respectively
  • Add a brief explanation of what the Shared Compendiums are and how to use them.

July 1st 2020

  • Fix an issue when trying to check for updates on a custom installed package
  • Add better support for unexpected values in a module’s author field
  • Remove access to free subscription for Patreons as planned
  • Temporarily decrease German VAT rate from 19% to 16% according to the latest COVID-19 economic stimulus package.

July 5th 2020

  • Add Foundry 0.6.5 to the Alpha and Beta channels
  • Add display of maximum asset upload size to the My Account list of quotas
  • Add local Audio/Video relay servers for Europe and Asia regions
  • Enable DTLS encryption for A/V relay servers for increased security
  • Add a more secure time-based per-user authentication system for locking access to the Audio/Video relay servers
  • Minor miscellaneous infrastructure changes

July 6th & 8th 2020

  • Fix Bazaar issue with regards to systems or modules that may change their name (such as starfinder -> SFRPG)
  • Add Foundry VTT 0.6.5 to the stable release channel and update server with the updated 0.6.5 version
  • Add a link to the FAQ/Tutorial for more information on how to use the shared compendium feature.

July 14th 2020

  • Fix an issue where the Bazaar installer would install an older version of a module until it was updated
  • Fix an issue with accessing the “My Table” page when a custom module is installed that doesn’t specify its authors
  • Fix the import wizard not converting random token avatars to use the assets library (See Fixing random token actors from a bad import)

July 15th 2020

  • Add support for 0.7.0 release on the alpha channel
  • Add automatic package cache purging for 0.7.0 on Bazaar installs
  • Automatically idle game when importing worlds and packages with the import wizard
  • Do not automatically dismiss the error message when failing to import a package, so it’s readable by the user
  • Add a note in the “delete files” tool about the server needing to be offline for world deletions to work
  • Add API to allow force the world to idle a game into

July 18th 2020

  • Fix an issue where a world (kobold cauldron) installed through the bazaar had its scene thumbnails folder write protected, preventing new scenes in the world from being created.
  • Add a check in the import wizard to remove the “FoundryVTT/Data/” directory prefix when importing the entire FoundryVTT folder instead of the Data folder, for asset uploads. (See here)
  • Add autocomplete indicators in the billing page to help browsers enter the correct information when autofilling fields.
  • Removed a dependency to lodash library in the import wizard.

July 20th 2020

  • Fix a bug introduced in the July 18th update which caused the import wizard to import some assets, under specific conditions, under a Data/ directory instead of the root folder of the assets library

July 25th 2020

  • Added a new Extra option for increasing the upload size per asset file
  • Added a dedicated button in My Account to update user’s Billing Information
  • Added a dedicated button in My Account to access the Stripe portal to change payment methods and see billing history/past invoices
  • Update system to synchronize subscription information with the payment processor to make sure expiration dates are accurate
  • Show a warning and error message to users who have past due invoices or unpaid subscription
  • Automatically lock/unlock accounts for unpaid subscriptions (used to be a draining manual process)
  • Added a grace period of 24 hours after a subscription ends before services stop.
  • When adding a new license, don’t reload the page after 5 seconds, instead prompt the user to reload.
  • Use the verify Foundry endpoint instead of the sign endpoint for monthly license validations
  • Add an automatic latest symlink in each Bazaar package (useful for a localization script by @lordzeel)
  • Simplified internal payment processing system and removed some obsolete code
  • Fixed small bug where the ‘preview changes’ in subscription manager didn’t become clickable immediately after entering the address line content
  • Fix an issue where updating billing information updated them on the customer but not on the attached payment method
  • Added the initial implementation for Paypal support (not finished)
  • Added basic framework for switching to a reactive UI

July 27th 2020

  • Add a “per file” suffix to the upload size limit quota on My account page to make it clearer what it’s about
  • Module: Fix an issue where the assets library wasn’t browsable within Foundry if a file contained a % character in its name
  • Module: Remove a console error that would happen when browsing the assets library using the Tiles browser dialog
  • Bazaar: Add ability to install a specific package version by adding ?version=x.y to the manifest url
  • Bazaar: Fix a bug where the latest version that gets installed was one that had its minimumCoreVersion requirement higher than the currently running Foundry version, rather than inferior to it.

July 31st 2020

  • About a 100 different changes that are summarized with : Added Paypal support!
  • Revamped the Payment details screen to use a new reactive interface
  • Add direct access to the new payment details manager without going through the subscription manager
  • Add a warning to the subscription manager when email address is not verified so people don’t miss their invoices and receipts.
  • Fix subscription manager showing the wrong upload size limit for new subscriptions
  • Update Sales policy to include that users choosing Paypal will still be entitled to the free trial (it used to say, only for those choosing credit card payment)
  • Prevent use case where subscription was not created properly if a card payment is declined for a user who adds a new subscription after they had tried the service and cancelled, and after their trial period had ended.
  • Improve display name of existing user-attached credit cards (American Express instead of amex, and use capitalized word for Visa and Mastercard)
  • Remove some obsolete code and general code cleaning.

August 6th 2020

  • Try a first pass at revamping the whole Game/Table concept and improve the descriptions and change the name of “My Table” to “My Foundry”, “Launch Game” into either “Launch Foundry” (for our own server) or “Access game” (for games we were invited to)
  • Add listing of players invited to a game as well as per-player usage statistics for that game
  • fix an import wizard crash during world migration if the world.json file is invalid
  • Fix an issue with updating internal subscription state for users after they downgrade their subscription

August 7th 2020

  • Fix a race condition issue where logging in/logout may not appear to have worked until you refresh the page

August 11th 2020

  • Add support for Foundry VTT 0.7.1 (including first hotfix) in the Alpha channel
  • Add a “Return to Setup” button in the join page for the game owner
  • Sort player usage by time spent on a game in the game info hover list
  • The default game URL will now default to using your username instead of random dictionary words
  • Fix a bug when generating the random game url where the website would fail to load if it generates a url that is already in use by another user
  • Use smarter logic in the bazaar to allow updating a module by name even if the manifest url of the package is wrong.
  • Prevent a race condition where setting an admin key on Foundry while having the game in use could cause it to be restarted before the new admin key is set, which makes the Forge think an admin key is set while Foundry doesn’t know of the key.
  • Fix an issue where a client bug happens if FilePicker.browse returns a null response
  • Fix The Forge module to be compatible with the 0.7.1 release
  • Some misc server side improvements

August 14th 2020

  • Fix issue that prevented the deletion of an orphaned module directory containing an invalid or corrupted module.json file
  • Allow the display of a user’s game on the front page even if their subscription ended (but they cannot launch it or configure it)
  • Fix an issue generating new game URLs for users that signed up using the Patreon login service and who did not have a username assigned to their account. The default URL it will generate will now be based on their patreon’s username.