Server update changelog


I often update The Forge servers, add new features or bugfixes and improve the general user experience.

You will find a summary of all updates that occur and how it affects your gaming experience.

April 8th 2021
  • Created a contact page with information about Discord and Email, instead of the previous redirect to a mailto link
April 6th 2021
  • Add info icons and links to the new “How to add/change/cancel a subscription” tutorial in the relevant areas of the site
  • Restore the support for showing exchange rates preview (which was removed on April 1st), by using an authenticated API
  • Allow creators to customize Bazaar package description which overrides the description on the foundry website
  • Improve the creator dashboard for dark themes
  • Better support for marketplace content that is also available as a foundry protected content
April 3rd 2021
  • Optimize the Assets Library client side rendering to make it process and display large numbers of folders much faster
  • Add recursive size calculation for folders in the Assets Library and display the size of each folder
  • Add a clickable link to view/open each package in the Bazaar’s “Update All” dialog.
  • Fix installation of marketplace content that was bought somewhere else for package that is bought on the Bazaar marketplace and available as a foundry protected package
April 1st 2021
  • Remove foreign currency exchange preview estimate in the checkout page as it caused issues with subscribing (due to the external service not working anymore)
March 28th 2021
  • Fix possible crash with unzipping packages when the zip file is corrupted or file cannot be written
  • Fix issue with sending out emails to users (welcome email, forgot password, etc…)
  • Add a system to prevent uploads to the assets library if the account is banned or user account is in maintenance mode
  • Prevent bazaar packages from changing their unique ID through an erroneous manifest update
  • Removing an obsolete “Coming Soon” tooltip on the Create Game button
March 19th 2021
  • Added a Features page
  • Additional improvement to the Bazaar Creator’s dashboard
March 13th 2021
  • Automatically install package dependencies when installing a world
  • Fix creator interface that stopped allowing submission of new packages
  • Fix CSV export of premium purchases for creators
March 12th 2021
  • Do not mistakenly mark a Bazaar package as having been updated when only its metadata was changed
  • Fix processing of manifest+ link field instead of url during the Bazaar optimization of premium packages
  • Allow installation of Pay-What-You-Want modules that have a minimum price of 0$ without requiring the module be ‘purchased’ first.
  • Sort user purchases by date for easier review
  • More improvements to the Bazaar Creator dashboard
    • Added ability to export all purchases and payouts as CSV
    • Added option to allow creators to generate virtual purchases of their packages that they can send as gifts
    • Ensure new submitted packages have a valid manifest link so processing happens more smoothly
    • Add an admin interface to get an overview of the creators and contents
  • Various behind the scene infrastructural changes
March 10th 2021
  • Change the “Login with patreon” button appear below the “Log in” button and include Patreon logo and brand colors
  • Show external links to a package’s authors from the Manifest+ authors fields (email, website, twitter, reddit, discord, patreon, ko-fi)
  • Fix typo in a Bazaar package’s uninstall button showing “Install”
  • Fix installing a package from manifest in the Bazaar when the package is a marketplace content that allows manifest installs.
March 6th 2021
  • Change the way The Forge uses the Foundry licenses in a multi-license environment to allow access to the installed Foundry protected premium content in every game
  • Fix the reset password link for users with an email address containing the + character
  • Add an alert for marketplace content that makes it clear whether or not the content is downloadable for non Forge subscribers or not.
  • Ensure that once a premium content was purchased from the marketplace, it is always available in the Bazaar to those who purchased it, even if the package is unpublished by the creator.
  • Another attempt to fix the rare unicorn bug which can cause games to be inaccessible. Hopefully it’s the right fix this time :crossed_fingers:
  • Various improvements to the marketplace creator dashboard
    • Show a more sensible error when trying to add a package that already exists
    • Allow creators to install their own content from the Bazaar to test it before publishing it
March 1st 2021
  • Fix package version overflowing in the bazaar when the version number is too long
  • Fix creating folders in the Assets Library within Foundry’s file browser
  • Update link to the marketplace from the user’s purchases listing when empty
  • Make all marketplace content downloadable by their creators
  • Revert Ireland’s VAT rate from its reduced 21% rate to 23%
  • Change download link for bazaar purchases to have a .zip extension since firefox ignores the filename returned in the response
  • Fix cover image for worlds in the Bazaar with the optimizer disabled.
  • Add a notice to the front page that a Foundry VTT license is required.
February 25th 2021
  • Display the Bazaar tab to the left of the Assets Library tab in Foundry’s file browser
  • Sort content in the marketplace automatically by most recently updated package when switching the view to the marketplace category
  • More miscellaneous improvements for the Bazaar creator’s dashboard
February 24th 2021
  • Fix issue with the import wizard skipping assets that were under the data folder
  • Separate browsing for files from the Bazaar into its own Tab within Foundry’s file browser
  • Add support for packages of type “assets” for releasing asset packs through the Bazaar marketplace
  • Misc changes relating to the creator’s dashboard
February 23rd 2021
  • Refresh the user’s entitlements in the Bazaar after making a purchase
  • Added a Marketplace and On Sale categories in the Bazaar
  • Added some polishing and finished the interface in the creator’s dashboard for Bazaar vendors
  • Fixed issue where it would try to use the Bazaar when installing a package that isn’t listed on the Bazaar but has been in the past.
  • Do not update the billing information if there were no changes to it
February 20th 2021
  • Fix an issue transferring user data from one region to another
  • Hide package icon from carousel if package has an icon
  • Added a creator’s dashboard for content creators to submit packages to the Bazaar
February 18th 2021
  • Huge update, with 72 total commits that finally brings a much anticipated feature to the Forge : The Bazaar marketplace is now open and ready to provide you with premium content sold directly by your favorite creators!
    • Add the ability to purchase modules and other packages directly from the Forge
    • Allow a package to have a “Pay what you want” or fixed pricing, along with or without a minimum price
    • Add the ability to gift a purchase with a custom message and claim it into another account
    • Add a new package type forge-gift-card for Gift Cards, so you can thank your GM for their hard work
    • Added a way to set roles for user accounts so selected users can have access to a creator dashboard to publish their content and view sales
    • Add a section in My Account page to see purchases and account balance
    • Download purchased content, reclaim your own gifts, buy content to give to someone, save cart for later, etc…
  • Add support in the Bazaar for having a package made available if the user supports more than a single Patreon creator (for partnerships where two creators offer the same module to their supporters)
  • Do not require people to login to see 404 error pages, and correct return the status code in the API endpoints in case of 404
  • Prevent scrolling back to the top of the page when closing a full page view of a bazaar module from the module’s section
  • Fix server side issue that was causing problems with the new 0.8.0 Foundry release.
  • Parallelize profile requests to speed up the payment manager dialog becoming ready to use
  • Do not show a black background behind screenshot/cover images of bazaar packages if the carousel has a single image in it.
  • Various miscellaneous backend fixes and improvements
February 10th 2021
  • Another Bazaar update, adding selectable packages with a full page view of each package
    • Adds support for displaying more detailed information about each package
    • Adds support for displaying the full package description and screenshots/videos
    • Provides more information for Premium and Patreon exclusive packages
    • Links to the package page on the newly launched Foundry Hub
  • Implement asset upload optimizations in the Forge module
  • Switch the md5 and jszip dependency libraries to using cdnjs hosted links
  • Open links in the game descriptions and bazaar package descriptions in a new window
  • Progressive migration to the Kubernetes infrastructure
February 8th 2021
  • Fix issue where the explorer mode demo license could be assigned for a game after the user subscribed
  • Improve the Bazaar page loading time by limiting the returned API information to not include some large data that is unused.
  • Added a way to request via the API a more complete package information, including full html package description from the foundry site listing, and release notes link.
  • Fixed the bazaar updater not properly fetching release notes information from new releases
  • Fix issue with the bazaar package list flickering/refreshing when some actions are performed
  • Fix an issue where the page hash in the bazaar might have an invalid attribute added to it
  • Allow links within a Bazaar package description to function
  • Added more base changes needed for the upcoming full package view UI in the Bazaar
  • Added a dedicated assets/create API endpoint to be used by an upcoming Forge module update, to optimize the upload process coming from the module.
  • Autoscaler: always ensure that a region has at least one available server
  • Add a fix that hopefully handles the very rare race condition of having a Foundry instance running on a server without it being tracked by the database.
  • Handle server shutdowns more gracefully to make updates transition more smoothly to new server versions
  • Cleaned part of the code and did a lot of kubernetes integration & migration work
January 31st 2021
  • Fix an error thrown by the Forge module on load due to the activity checker being uninitialized
  • Fix an issue when enabling the user manager if a world exists with zero users in it
  • Automatically create a Gamemaster user when creating a new game from the game manager
  • Automatically associate the Game master user of a new game with the user’s account
  • Fix another autoscaling issue caused by an underlying library mishandling pagination
January 30th 2021
  • Fix Forge module error when checking for inactivity on slow connections when the world takes longer than 1 minute to load
  • Fix the Bazaar interfering with custom manifest installs when the package has been disabled on the Bazaar (such as the GURPS game aid)
  • Fix an issue with the new autoscaler unable to set up new droplets due to DigitalOcean API requests requiring pagination when listing a large number of machines
  • Backend restructuring in preparation to move to a kubernetes backed infrastructure
January 22nd 2021
  • Vastly improve assets rename operations for European and Asian regions
  • Retain filters, sort order, search query, etc… when refreshing the Bazaar page
  • Add option to select the core foundry language in the game configuration page.
  • Fix a display bug in the Bazaar where the world listing would not show if there was a search for packages of a specific language
  • Fix issue for some modules browsing files in the assets library using the wildcard option
  • Improve auto detection of browsing in non existent user data folders and falling back to the assets library
  • Do not bypass the file picker’s data source when the Forge module is loaded in a self hosted environment
  • Improve the autoscaler and schedulers to adapt capacity based on dynamic server RAM usage needs
  • Updated SSL certificates for the Forge website and A/V relay servers
January 17th & January 18th 2021
  • Added a cluster autoscaler algorithm and server setup automation
  • Improve scheduler to optimize machine usage to improve cluster scale down operations
  • Various misc fixes to the forge admin interface and server configurations
January 15th 2021
  • Implement a new scheduler for Foundry instances to better utilize server resources
  • Add loop and thumbnail fields to the media array returned by the Bazaar API (required for the Foundry Hub project which uses it)
  • Add automatic retry of failed Paypal payments, and an improve concurrent handling of payments
  • Added basis for automated machine provisioning
  • Upgrade node dependency library for security purposes
January 12th 2021
  • Automatically redirect FilePicker.browse API to browsing the assets library when a module tries to browse for files in a non existing folder from the Data or user sources.
  • Improve idle game detection by resetting inactivity timer when server side events occur (chat message is created, token is moved, actor is updated, active scene is changed, etc…) to prevent inaccurately detecting an inactive tab that is observing a game only.
  • Lower game inactivity threshold to 1 hour when user is alone and no other players are connected to the game
  • Lower game inactivity threshold to 2 hours as server activity + local activity should handle all use cases now and be more than enough for everyone.
  • Handle use case of a paypal using account paying for an invoice through the stripe hosted portal, so the subscription status gets correctly updated. Also improves subscription status handling in general for the paypal use case.
  • In case of error contacting S3 storage, retry after a short delay to improve access to assets when S3 backend is having network issues.
January 8th 2021
  • Rename “Extra Data” on the site to “Extra Game Data” to avoid some possible confusion for users wanting to increase their Assets
  • Improve Foundry orchestrator to avoid a possible race condition and remove risk of infinite loop in case of slow process boot up
  • Fix a rare error that could happen when proxying websocket data on a stopped instance after it gets auto started.
January 1st 2021
  • Happy new year everyone!
  • Revert Germany VAT rates to the standard 19% rates
  • Boxing Week sale coupon has expired (will apply to anyone who subscribed during the Boxing Week)
  • Revert the christmas logo to the regular logo
  • Fix an issue with subscriptions for Paypal users where unpaid invoices didn’t stop finalizing future invoices from being generated for delinquent accounts.
December 26th 2021
  • Whaaaatt??? For realz? Yep! Added a 10% off sale for Boxing Week (Backend + frontend support)!
  • Added support for viewing pending invoice items and account balance during invoice preview when user has credits to their account (contest winners, gift cards)

[Part 2]

  • Add a database-backed system for service announcements and the ability to dismiss them on a per user session basis.
December 24th 2020
  • Fix issue preventing some custom manifest urls from installing when the url didn’t end in .json
  • Improve the ‘My Account’ page to display better on smaller screens (thanks @bmarian)
  • Change the Forge logo in the page header to be more festive :slight_smile: :santa:
December 21st 2020
  • In invoice preview, show British users the GBP currency as a reference instead of euros.
  • Fix Yukon province code from YU to YT, which prevented Yukon subscriptions from working
December 19th 2020
  • Report error when Foundry fails to start instead of showing an “error communicating” error
  • Fix issue with detecting the correct latest version of a module when the manifest url doesn’t match the URL in the manifest itself
  • Ensure the data directory is always purged when a new Explorer Mode is enabled, in case some files were left over after a change of user region.
  • Fix issue installing premium modules when the game had a Foundry world configured as last launched
  • Clarify the “Unknown system error -122” error from Foundry when installing premium modules to say that it’s a data exceeded error
  • Show link to the forums for information on how to install premium modules when an error occurs
December 16th 2020
  • Change jQuery library dependency from to CDN due to the former having some issues loading for some people
  • Fix an issue where the Forge service config file wasn’t taken into account with the new containerized applications
  • Include the Forge module in the /stream endpoint to allow automatic idling of those sessions as well.
December 14th 2020
  • Fix Foundry server crashing on load for unusually large or corrupted worlds by doubling RAM limitations on the containers and configuring node’s heap options to make efficient use of RAM and Swap.
  • Fix import wizard failing to import a world from zip where the world is in the root directory of the zip file
  • Fix a server side crash during zip extraction when an uploaded zip archive contains absolute paths, as the path rejection error was left uncaught.
December 13th 2020
  • Assets library now distributed over 49 worldwide locations! :partying_face: (update count in region change dialog)
  • Speed up game boot time from idle dramatically by dropping support for automatically re-linking all Bazaar modules when downgrading from Foundry 0.6.4+ to an earlier version
  • Remove the forced 1 second delay to redirect to Foundry after boot that was caused by a bug in Foundry 0.7.5
  • Add a button to delete a user’s content if worlds exist and their subscription was cancelled
  • Allow installs of json manifest even if the URL points to a file with the wrong mimetype
  • Show more verbose error messages if encountering an error installing a package from manifest
  • Fix a display bug and show error details when encountering an error deleting an asset
  • Fix impossible issue trying to browse or delete an asset which has a null byte character in its name
  • Display the exact server side error when failing to upload an asset
  • Fix error that occured when uploading a zero-sized asset file
  • Fix issues with the server-side Docker deployment for Foundry
  • Kubernetes cluster upgrade and firewall restriction on services
December 7th 2020
  • Fix issue with the “Return to setup” button not working anymore from the join screen (Fixed on December 2nd after it was reported an API change broke the feature)
  • Major infrastructure change for enhanced security and performance:
    • Added docker support where each Foundry instance is isolated from the rest of the system (deployment will be progressive).
    • Trying out Foundry under Node 14.x for performance and stability
    • Fine tuned load balancer configuration to improve performance during peak hour load
  • Fix issue where Foundry would not have the license file pre-configured when you add your full license while in Explorer Mode
  • Tweak the text of the explorer mode activation dialog
  • Add a workaround for a potential database read-concern issue causing the “No suitable server found” error that appears rarely to some users.
  • Fix the wrong redirection to the “configure players” screen on User-manager enabled games, for a GM who isn’t the game owner.
  • Override the ‘configure players’ button redirection from the client side to avoid doing two requests to get to the correct final URL.
December 1st 2020
  • Fix some API calls to manage games possibly returning the wrong JSON data due to how internal system API calls were handled
  • Fix the missing warning about the server needing a restart when a game is in session and a package is installed in the bazaar
  • Redirect requests to the correct region when using API requests with an Access Key or an OAuth Bearer Token, when the API related to the user’s Data
  • Fix Bazaar optimized content when it refers to assets from other modules or systems (Dragon Festival world for example, which uses dnd5e and dn5eja assets)
  • Fix missing assets discovery during optimization of packages when the asset path is urlencoded
  • Ensure the scenes thumbnails directory is always created when installing worlds from the Bazaar even if original Data didn’t contain the directory
  • Prevent uploads to the [Bazaar] pseudo directory from within the File Picker.
  • Change the behavior of the /game/idle API endpoint when the game slug is not specified, to only idle the game if it was online.
  • Added Atropos Batllemaps to the Bazaar’s list of Patreon-linked Premium content

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June 18th 2020

  • Add Foundry 0.6.3 beta release
  • Clarify plans text about the Game Master tier being able to create as many worlds as they want
  • Add server-side security with possible leak of environment variable across processes
  • Change the ‘Close without changes’ button on the last step of the subscription manager into “Close”
  • Remove obsolete code during world import which enabled “The Forge” module while it’s not necessary anymore
  • Disable direct uploads to the data directory by modules
  • Properly implement redirects from game across regions when re-sending POST data after a region change
  • Rename old/forgotten “Free Account” tier name into the “Player” tier name for the top page banner.
  • Correct information about Extra availability
  • Use ‘$’ sign as prefix instead of suffix in the Extra pricing of the plans page.

June 20th 2020

  • Fix a bug that was preventing some people from creating a new subscription after their trial period had ended

June 23rd 2020

  • Added Foundry 0.6.4 support
  • Fix possible issue when doing multiple folder creates in the assets library concurrently
  • Update privacy policy to include information about Stripe payment processor
  • Add a button to reset the game invitation link
  • Fix text saying “Done” before importing a world instead of “Loading assets library… Done”

June 25th 2020

  • Add support for the Bazaar
    • Intercept Package listing, installation, update check and uninstallation from Foundry and use the Bazaar content automatically
    • Automatically synchronize the Bazaar with the official Foundry package list
    • Optimize all Compendiums to use the Bazaar’s Assets Library
    • Optimize specific systems and modules to use the Bazaar’s Assets Library for loading the package’s scripts and styles
    • Add Bazaar page to the website with basic information about the feature, and as placeholder for the upcoming Bazaar browser.
    • Add API support for installing packages through the Bazaar via API
    • Add support for bypassing the bazaar with ?bazaar=disabled in the manifest URL, if the user wants it
  • Attempt Bazaar install of systems and modules in the Import Wizard based on package name and local version
  • Remove the separate “My Games” page and make it the main site page instead.
  • Delegate Foundry websocket proxying to a microservice to allow for website updates and maintenance without the 5 second interruption to ongoing games.
  • Prevent import of a world if a world with the same name already exists, to avoid accidental overwrites.
  • Add ability to export compendium modules
  • Automatically idle/reload Foundry if the FVTT Version, Game URL or Admin key is changed.
  • Add an API to start, stop and idle games
  • Fix shared compendium that Forge creates from not showing its compendiums in FVTT 0.6.4
  • Fix broken “Delete content” UI when a package has quotes in its description.
  • Fix invalid/corrupt modules from showing as empty line in the ‘Delete content’ dialog and show them in the orphans section instead
  • Correctly report the size of a user data directory when it’s a symbolic link, in the ‘Delete content’ dialog
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June 29th 2020

  • Fix a bug which sometimes prevented the “Select Data Files to Delete” dialog from the Table page from opening
  • Remove the Table Tools dropdown button and make the table tools options appear as separate buttons
  • Change the start server/stop server buttons to green/red respectively
  • Add a brief explanation of what the Shared Compendiums are and how to use them.

July 1st 2020

  • Fix an issue when trying to check for updates on a custom installed package
  • Add better support for unexpected values in a module’s author field
  • Remove access to free subscription for Patreons as planned
  • Temporarily decrease German VAT rate from 19% to 16% according to the latest COVID-19 economic stimulus package.

July 5th 2020

  • Add Foundry 0.6.5 to the Alpha and Beta channels
  • Add display of maximum asset upload size to the My Account list of quotas
  • Add local Audio/Video relay servers for Europe and Asia regions
  • Enable DTLS encryption for A/V relay servers for increased security
  • Add a more secure time-based per-user authentication system for locking access to the Audio/Video relay servers
  • Minor miscellaneous infrastructure changes

July 6th & 8th 2020

  • Fix Bazaar issue with regards to systems or modules that may change their name (such as starfinder -> SFRPG)
  • Add Foundry VTT 0.6.5 to the stable release channel and update server with the updated 0.6.5 version
  • Add a link to the FAQ/Tutorial for more information on how to use the shared compendium feature.

July 14th 2020

  • Fix an issue where the Bazaar installer would install an older version of a module until it was updated
  • Fix an issue with accessing the “My Table” page when a custom module is installed that doesn’t specify its authors
  • Fix the import wizard not converting random token avatars to use the assets library (See Fixing random token actors from a bad import)

July 15th 2020

  • Add support for 0.7.0 release on the alpha channel
  • Add automatic package cache purging for 0.7.0 on Bazaar installs
  • Automatically idle game when importing worlds and packages with the import wizard
  • Do not automatically dismiss the error message when failing to import a package, so it’s readable by the user
  • Add a note in the “delete files” tool about the server needing to be offline for world deletions to work
  • Add API to allow force the world to idle a game into

July 18th 2020

  • Fix an issue where a world (kobold cauldron) installed through the bazaar had its scene thumbnails folder write protected, preventing new scenes in the world from being created.
  • Add a check in the import wizard to remove the “FoundryVTT/Data/” directory prefix when importing the entire FoundryVTT folder instead of the Data folder, for asset uploads. (See here)
  • Add autocomplete indicators in the billing page to help browsers enter the correct information when autofilling fields.
  • Removed a dependency to lodash library in the import wizard.

July 20th 2020

  • Fix a bug introduced in the July 18th update which caused the import wizard to import some assets, under specific conditions, under a Data/ directory instead of the root folder of the assets library

July 25th 2020

  • Added a new Extra option for increasing the upload size per asset file
  • Added a dedicated button in My Account to update user’s Billing Information
  • Added a dedicated button in My Account to access the Stripe portal to change payment methods and see billing history/past invoices
  • Update system to synchronize subscription information with the payment processor to make sure expiration dates are accurate
  • Show a warning and error message to users who have past due invoices or unpaid subscription
  • Automatically lock/unlock accounts for unpaid subscriptions (used to be a draining manual process)
  • Added a grace period of 24 hours after a subscription ends before services stop.
  • When adding a new license, don’t reload the page after 5 seconds, instead prompt the user to reload.
  • Use the verify Foundry endpoint instead of the sign endpoint for monthly license validations
  • Add an automatic latest symlink in each Bazaar package (useful for a localization script by @lordzeel)
  • Simplified internal payment processing system and removed some obsolete code
  • Fixed small bug where the ‘preview changes’ in subscription manager didn’t become clickable immediately after entering the address line content
  • Fix an issue where updating billing information updated them on the customer but not on the attached payment method
  • Added the initial implementation for Paypal support (not finished)
  • Added basic framework for switching to a reactive UI

July 27th 2020

  • Add a “per file” suffix to the upload size limit quota on My account page to make it clearer what it’s about
  • Module: Fix an issue where the assets library wasn’t browsable within Foundry if a file contained a % character in its name
  • Module: Remove a console error that would happen when browsing the assets library using the Tiles browser dialog
  • Bazaar: Add ability to install a specific package version by adding ?version=x.y to the manifest url
  • Bazaar: Fix a bug where the latest version that gets installed was one that had its minimumCoreVersion requirement higher than the currently running Foundry version, rather than inferior to it.

July 31st 2020

  • About a 100 different changes that are summarized with : Added Paypal support!
  • Revamped the Payment details screen to use a new reactive interface
  • Add direct access to the new payment details manager without going through the subscription manager
  • Add a warning to the subscription manager when email address is not verified so people don’t miss their invoices and receipts.
  • Fix subscription manager showing the wrong upload size limit for new subscriptions
  • Update Sales policy to include that users choosing Paypal will still be entitled to the free trial (it used to say, only for those choosing credit card payment)
  • Prevent use case where subscription was not created properly if a card payment is declined for a user who adds a new subscription after they had tried the service and cancelled, and after their trial period had ended.
  • Improve display name of existing user-attached credit cards (American Express instead of amex, and use capitalized word for Visa and Mastercard)
  • Remove some obsolete code and general code cleaning.

August 6th 2020

  • Try a first pass at revamping the whole Game/Table concept and improve the descriptions and change the name of “My Table” to “My Foundry”, “Launch Game” into either “Launch Foundry” (for our own server) or “Access game” (for games we were invited to)
  • Add listing of players invited to a game as well as per-player usage statistics for that game
  • fix an import wizard crash during world migration if the world.json file is invalid
  • Fix an issue with updating internal subscription state for users after they downgrade their subscription

August 7th 2020

  • Fix a race condition issue where logging in/logout may not appear to have worked until you refresh the page

August 11th 2020

  • Add support for Foundry VTT 0.7.1 (including first hotfix) in the Alpha channel
  • Add a “Return to Setup” button in the join page for the game owner
  • Sort player usage by time spent on a game in the game info hover list
  • The default game URL will now default to using your username instead of random dictionary words
  • Fix a bug when generating the random game url where the website would fail to load if it generates a url that is already in use by another user
  • Use smarter logic in the bazaar to allow updating a module by name even if the manifest url of the package is wrong.
  • Prevent a race condition where setting an admin key on Foundry while having the game in use could cause it to be restarted before the new admin key is set, which makes the Forge think an admin key is set while Foundry doesn’t know of the key.
  • Fix an issue where a client bug happens if FilePicker.browse returns a null response
  • Fix The Forge module to be compatible with the 0.7.1 release
  • Some misc server side improvements

August 14th 2020

  • Fix issue that prevented the deletion of an orphaned module directory containing an invalid or corrupted module.json file
  • Allow the display of a user’s game on the front page even if their subscription ended (but they cannot launch it or configure it)
  • Fix an issue generating new game URLs for users that signed up using the Patreon login service and who did not have a username assigned to their account. The default URL it will generate will now be based on their patreon’s username.