Server update changelog


I often update The Forge servers, add new features or bugfixes and improve the general user experience.

You will find a summary of all updates that occur and how it affects your gaming experience.

October 21sth 2021
  • Automatically upload to the assets library any base64 image content embedded in scenes/journals/actors/etc… entities within Foundry to decrease load on Foundry and its database (Fixes the world destroying behavior with recent JSON scenes exported from Dungeon Alchemist, and users pasting large images into journal entries’ html)
  • Add the ability for users to remove their license key from their Account page directly
  • Add a workaround for the Coriolis packages that were malformed and prevented their appearance in the Bazaar
  • Add support for the scene foreground image during package migration and optimization
  • Fix D&D Beyond Integration failing to ‘refresh list’
  • Fix D&D Beyond Integration import of content which might show a timeout error by mistake
  • Fix an issue with Foundry becoming inaccessible after installing a package from the Bazaar that had temporary database files (.db~) mistakenly added to it.
  • Add a notification to the account page if a user has a valid subscription but no licenses
  • Fix access to the creator’s dashboard after having introduced a bug in the recent update
  • Display an error message when attempting to create a shared compendium with no compendium packs
  • Fix the missing discord logo on the contact page
  • Fix missing closing HTML tags in the D&D Beyond integration page
October 18th 2021
  • A massive update that includes hundreds of changes, bringing you server-side package optimization for users
    • Automatically split assets and optimize worlds/systems/modules from Premium Foundry content after the installation is completed
    • Automatically split assets and optimize worlds/systems/modules from custom packages installed via manifest URL
    • Create a new system to support processing of long tasks without browser request timeout, allowing premium content to be installed without any timeout errors
    • Add a progress showing the status of the operation during manifest installs (downloading, unpacking, optimizing, etc…)
    • Adds support for both synchronous and asynchronous package install requests
    • Prevents installation of the same package in two parallel operations, which could cause data corruption
  • Move all external library dependencies The Forge website uses, to local paths instead of external links. Prevents some issues with unreliability of external resources and increases security.
  • Change asset caching from 1 hour to 5 minutes to improve user experience when overwriting an image and seeing the change propagate rapidly.
  • Fix bug where a newly install world, installed via manifest URL from the Bazaar, while the Game Manager is enabled, would not show up in the games list.
  • Fix recently introduced bug which made games left on the setup page fail to auto-idle.
  • Hide the version list in the Bazaar for Foundry premium packages since Foundry installs the package and the Bazaar has no control over the version to be installed.
October 13th 2021
  • Change the placeholder text in the Bazaar search entry from “Add tag…” to “Add search term…” to be more consistent with what it does
  • Fix an issue when trying to create a shared compendium with multiple lines in its description
  • Add a link to view the shared compendium package in the Bazaar after creating it
  • Remove the option from the Creator’s Dashboard to restrict packages to The Forge only. Going forward, all packages being sold on the Bazaar Marketplace will be made available to download for non Forge users.
October 8th 2021
  • Add the ability to filter games in the game configuration page when the game manager is enabled
  • Add the ability to filter packages in the Creator’s Dashboard
  • Fix the “Create Game” button being unresponsive right after having created a new game
  • Fix a bug where creating a duplicate shared compendium would overwrite the existing module of the same name
  • Fix a rare case scenario where the Bazaar could not properly check which premium packages were added to the Foundry account
  • Misc fixes to website content
October 6th 2021
  • Change URL of external marked dependency to revert to v3.0.4, since the v3.0.6 release broke its API and caused the main page to fail to display the game listing
  • Allow the ability to skip importing from the Bazaar even if more than one module is passed to the import wizard
  • Add User Interface to allow creators to configure the revenue sharing functionality and share revenue of their Bazaar packages with other creators
  • Remove extraneous padding around the author’s name in the bazaar package listing
October 5th 2021
  • Add a new dynamic UI to allow users to customize the compendiums included in the shared compendium that The Forge creates
  • Add the ability to change the installed version of a package without first uninstalling it
  • Add the ability to select which version of a package to install from a dropdown button before installing it
  • Improve the author list in Bazaar package card by removing the blue border around the author name, and preventing an overflow of the author’s list if extremely long
  • Fix package author name cleanup by truncating only the discord id when following the name
  • Slightly improve memory usage and reactivity of the assets library page for users with a large amount of assets
  • Fix detection of which systems a package is compatible with, after a 0.8.x change of the manifest field to use
  • Link to new documentation troubleshooting the “cannot access Foundry setup page” error in the notification
  • Fix the broken functionality of “search for packages compatible with this system” in the Bazaar
  • When searching for packages compatible with a system, search in all packages (if in the Systems listing) or filter the specific category (if in the Modules or Worlds listing)
  • Add direct access to the Creator’s dashboard from the navigation bar for Bazaar Creators
  • Add support for automatic revenue sharing between creators who collaborate on a release
  • Fix the paypal payout config dialog not opening after being closed in the creator’s dashboard
  • Fix the creator’s CSV export to include all purchases instead of the most recent
  • Fix calculation of creator balance in the admin dashboard which could be inaccurate in certain situations
  • Add an API to allow license removal by the user (UI coming soon)
  • Adding Michael to the Team’s page
  • Removing Jeff from the Team’s page
September 29th 2021
  • Add support for properly handling Foundry protected packages for their upcoming Patreon/Subscription based integration.
  • Update the “Forge vs self-hosting” infographic with small tweaks and improvements and update the logo in the image
  • Update the default game banner to use our recently released Forge banner instead of a photo of my own table from a few years ago :slight_smile:
  • Align vertically most spinners when an operation is in progress
  • Fix the Bazaar showing an undefined version after installing a premium Foundry protected package
  • Fix issue with transparently proxying assets when accessed through a local foundry path, and using a query parameter
  • Ignore a package’s authors field if it has no elements in the list, and an author field exists
  • Behind the scenes improvements to the Foundry instance Scheduler.
September 27th 2021
  • Fix issue with automatic tax calculation for users with a VAT-enabled subscription, previewing a subscription update from a VAT-exempt location
  • Update the quota display in the navigation bar to have proper padding when user is not subscribed
  • Improve Foundry startup performance for large worlds.
September 21st 2021
  • Deployed a new version sorting algorithm for packages that is faster and more accurate in respecting semantic versioning sort order
  • Fix a bug that prevented previewing of subscription/purchase invoices for new accounts, due to missing payment details
  • Fix missing cache-control header response to 304 responses to the CDN
September 17th 2021
  • Major update to the way invoices are being generated and previewed
    • Use stripe API to generate invoice previews for maximum accuracy on prorations and rounding of taxes
    • Add ability to preview the upcoming invoice for an account
    • Add a nicer and more dynamic invoice preview UI, with the ability to switch currencies via a button
    • Add support for using Stripe Tax’s new tax calculation for US Sales Tax
    • Add notification about US Sales Tax being added to some US states starting October 1st 2021
  • Customize the cache-control header returned by the assets library servers and bypass a faulty CDN option which was causing the frequent cached 500 errors we’ve been seeing.
  • Remove the “Disable all modules” Game tool, and replace with “Launch in Safe Mode” which uses Foundry’s own safe mode setting, which also disables the active scene and all playlists.
  • Prevent billing/payment dialogs closing automatically after an error saving the information.
  • Only update the user’s billing information when checking out, if the user made changes to the billing information.
  • Fetch the billing/payment information when the dialogs are opened, not when the accounts page is visited
  • Make purchased gifts middle-clickable to open in a new tab, or ‘copy link’ via context menu.
  • Improve the “reset password” notification to make it clearer that an email is only sent if the account exists.
  • Add anchors to the account page for direct linking to specific sections from the documentation
  • Improved the notifications when installing package dependencies to display which succeeded and which failed to install
  • Fix a missing closing tag in the assets library page.
  • Fix a failure to launch a game if the game has no title set when using the game manager
  • Fix a possible issue accessing the user account if an account is downgraded and the Game Manager was enabled
  • More miscellaneous changes to improve the bazaar updater and package optimizer.
September 2nd 2021
  • Releasing the new website banner art! Fight Goblins, not Servers!
  • Releasing our new Forge Logo!
  • Various miscellaneous changes to the website to improve style, responsiveness, mobile view, etc…
  • Fix the “Game Manager” button appearing on two lines instead of one and breaking the game list in the config page
  • Improve synchronization speed of the Bazaar, allowing packages to become available faster after a release
  • Update to the Teams and Acknowledgement pages to reflect recent hires
  • Fix error when trying to uninstall a custom package just after installing it via manifest URL from the Bazaar
  • Miscellaneous improvements to how the bazaar optimizer works
August 14th 2021
  • Fix the full page view of a Bazaar package to be of a matching layout to the new website redesign
  • Dramatically improve loading speed of the Bazaar content when visiting the page, using a combination of local data caching and pre-feeding the initial package data.
  • Fix the Bazaar view resetting its position to the top when clicking on a cover image instead of the description
  • Fix the user profile avatar not always having a 1:1 ratio in the navigation bar
  • Fix typo for Assets Library in the navigation bar
  • Add a way to prevent a stalled package update if the deployment of the cache got interrupted during the bazaar update process
  • Fix a possible issue with adding packages to the Bazaar if their manifest contain invalid characters.
  • Fix a missing closing </span> tag in the Bazaar Marketplace’s cart
  • Fix the input for the “Pay What You Want” Bazaar content from being too small because of the suggested price being misplaced on certain themes
  • Fix a bug where the “Add license” and “Manage subscription” and other UI elements may not work due to a crash initializing the page’s code.
  • Fix display of warning when installing custom packages from manifest from the Foundry setup page, where the package name appears as “undefined” on 0.8.x
  • Slightly tweak the text of the tooltip and of the “Subscription will be renewed/canceled” changes in the subscription manager to make it clearer when a user is cancelling or renewing their subscription.
August 6th 2021
  • Add “Launch My Foundry” to the navigation bar submenu for Game Master tier users
  • Add “Assets Library” to the navigation bar for larger screens where space permits
  • Change the icon in the navigation bar for “My Foundry”
  • Update the demo page to have clickable screenshots and improve esthetics
  • Refresh Patreon pledges every day instead of once a month. Also fixes an EST vs PST timezone issue with the pledge reporting by Patreon.
August 4th 2021
  • Massive update with a new website redesign, including :
    • new navigation bar menus, for more options and using less space
    • remove the page header and move quotas/profile pic to the navbar
    • new nicer page footer
    • new logged out front page including new background and images
    • updated pricing page
    • new “About us” page
    • new acknowledgement page
    • new background image with full width website and semi transparent container
    • new theme toggle switch in the navbar menu
    • make website responsive and mobile-friendly
    • Add image previews to the demo page, switch demos order and add mention of explorer mode
    • New images to represent each of the Forge subscription tiers
  • Remove check for interrupted region change tasks from processes that do not have permissions to execute the region change, as it was useless
  • Bazaar: add filter type “all” to display modules, systems, worlds and asset packs all in a single page
  • Fix the path to the 404 image when the url is in a subpath
  • Add monitoring emails to autoscaling process in case errors happen
August 1st 2021
  • Remove the job posting, as we stopped accepting applicants at this time.
  • Added a workaround in the Forge module that detects a Foundry bug causing the world not to load, and reloads the page to get it working.
  • Fixed issue when using wildcards to a local data or core folder, which was getting sent to the assets library instead.
July 27th 2021
  • Added the new Oceania region with the entire new Forge server design set up in Australia!
  • Fixed an issue which caused region changes to be slow to react in the UI after clicking the submit button
  • Fixed a rare but possible issue with region changes where the success of the data synchronization could fail but it would be detected as successful.
  • Add a direct link to package changelog in the “Update All” window from the Bazaar
  • Bazaar Updater: Fix an issue with optimization of paths that use \ instead of / for image paths.
  • Bazaar Updater: Slight optimization in the API requests sent to the Foundry server
  • Added support for the OVH API in the Forge’s autoscaler
  • Misc: lots of small behind the scene changes to help with the new server setup and configuration
July 14th 2021
  • Added a 404 error page that looks nicer than the previously displayed “Page not found” error
  • Fixed an issue where the user’s profile and quotas were not properly displayed when the site is showing an error, or in the 404 page
  • Added a page for our current job posting
  • Fix an issue with IPv6 users where the IP address that was detected for geolocation purposes during checkout, would be the CDN proxy’s instead of the user’s.
  • Improve autoscaler health checks to ensure smoother autoscaling liveness probes
  • Force idle games with single user after 12 hours, as a workaround for a Foundry bug that would report a user as active in a game even if none are logged in
  • Added support for autoscaling using the OVH service provider’s API
  • Misc changes to the server deployment scripts and documentation in preparation for the new provider/Australian server move.
July 11th 2021
  • Change cover image for asset packs into a 1:1 ratio image instead of 2:1 as it is a more appropriate image ratio for asset packs
  • Change all Bazaar packages under the “pay what you want” model that have a minimum price, into showing up as a “Pay X$ or more” model
  • Display and use the minimum pricing instead of the suggested price by default for all “Pay X or more” packages.
  • Add a “Suggested price” line in the cart when adding an item with “Pay what you want” or “Pay X or more” models
  • Display a :heavy_plus_sign:sign next to the “Pay X or more” packages instead of the :arrow_up_down: sign next to the “Pay what you want” packages to differentiate them
  • Do not show a sale banner for Pay what you want content, as it doesn’t make sense
  • Display all the regular install buttons (disabled) with pricing for the Bazaar content when the user is not signed in, instead of a “Install” button
  • When browsing for Bazaar files from within Foundry, only display the assets that available from the specific version that was installed
  • Clean up the bazaar browsing paths so there is no “assets” subfolder to navigate through
  • Clean up the bazaar browsing paths so marketplace modules do not show their unique random identifier in the path
  • Remove the asset optimizer options from Foundry file picker as those options are not currently working until we re-implement the optimizer for the new CDN
  • Added a system for health reporting and auto-restart of the bazaar updater to prevent any more freeze ups of the updater processes
  • Fix issue with the autoscaler causing upscaling of the cluster to take longer than expected due to an upstream library bug causing a command to lock up
  • Small improvements to the Bazaar creator’s dashboard
June 25th 2021
  • Add the ability to version lock packages in the Bazaar UI
  • Add ability to select which packages to update in the Bazaar’s “Update All” UI
  • Add the option to choose which version of a package to install from the Bazaar
  • D&D Beyond integration: Allow importing Basic Rules and Frozen Sick D&D Beyond content without having access to the Beta program (through Patreon)
  • D&D Beyond integration: Add support or Backgrounds and background features and variants
  • D&D BEyond integration: Add support for using ddb-meta-data for adding Scene data to adventures (walls and lighting) during import
  • D&D Beyond integration: Remove inclusion of a book’s CSS file which could cause conflicts with Foundry
  • Modify assets library’s handling of CORS to allow the CDN webp optimizer to function properly
  • Fix purging of the CDN cache for some files that use special characters in their URL
  • Disable syncing between Bunny CDN and Cloudflare CDN now that DNS propagation is complete, and update the UI to indicate the 200+ locations for the new CDN’s geodistribution.
June 21st 2021
  • Add support for the Cloudflare CDN purge API in preparation for move to new CDN provider
  • Correctly implement CORS handling in the asset library’s downloader proxy, rather than relying on the CDN to override CORS headers.
  • Update the Forge module to use the upload subservice for uploads to the assets library, bypassing the Cloudflare’s proxy limitations.
  • Correctly save and return the latest Foundry version used in launching a game (was causing new accounts to start on 0.8.6 instead of the latest).
  • Add the ability to update core Foundry version when on a release channel, from the Forge page without launching into a world
  • Change default Foundry version to 0.8.7
  • Slightly improve accuracy of latency pings from the region change dialog
  • Add system to verify all of a user’s D&D Beyond entitlements during conversion, in preparation for future update
June 16th 2021
  • Add support for the new authentication mechanism in 0.8.7, fixing the user management features
  • Add APIs to lock package versions from the Bazaar (UI to follow soon)
  • Fix a race condition that can happen between subscription changes and Stripe webhooks
June 5th 2021
  • Add support for the new API changes in 0.8.x for package installation. Fixes the update log dialog showing errors despite installs succeeding.
  • Disable CDN support for core translation modules due to a bug in 0.8.6 (requires reinstall of module)
  • Fix discrepancy between a game’s core language and what the Forge interface shows
  • Add internal API for license key removal from user account (UI to follow soon)
June 2nd 2021
  • Fix listing of user’s purchased premium packages from Foundry, after an internal API update
  • Added caching of owned packages to limit number of API requests during frequent user reloads of the bazaar
June 1st 2021
  • Improve the way the user licenses are displayed in the My Account page
  • Add suggestion to updates systems and modules after updating Foundry
  • Add link to new Update Tutorial in the Foundry update page
  • Store currency exchange rates in Forge database and cache it locally for faster access

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June 18th 2020

  • Add Foundry 0.6.3 beta release
  • Clarify plans text about the Game Master tier being able to create as many worlds as they want
  • Add server-side security with possible leak of environment variable across processes
  • Change the ‘Close without changes’ button on the last step of the subscription manager into “Close”
  • Remove obsolete code during world import which enabled “The Forge” module while it’s not necessary anymore
  • Disable direct uploads to the data directory by modules
  • Properly implement redirects from game across regions when re-sending POST data after a region change
  • Rename old/forgotten “Free Account” tier name into the “Player” tier name for the top page banner.
  • Correct information about Extra availability
  • Use ‘$’ sign as prefix instead of suffix in the Extra pricing of the plans page.

June 20th 2020

  • Fix a bug that was preventing some people from creating a new subscription after their trial period had ended

June 23rd 2020

  • Added Foundry 0.6.4 support
  • Fix possible issue when doing multiple folder creates in the assets library concurrently
  • Update privacy policy to include information about Stripe payment processor
  • Add a button to reset the game invitation link
  • Fix text saying “Done” before importing a world instead of “Loading assets library… Done”

June 25th 2020

  • Add support for the Bazaar
    • Intercept Package listing, installation, update check and uninstallation from Foundry and use the Bazaar content automatically
    • Automatically synchronize the Bazaar with the official Foundry package list
    • Optimize all Compendiums to use the Bazaar’s Assets Library
    • Optimize specific systems and modules to use the Bazaar’s Assets Library for loading the package’s scripts and styles
    • Add Bazaar page to the website with basic information about the feature, and as placeholder for the upcoming Bazaar browser.
    • Add API support for installing packages through the Bazaar via API
    • Add support for bypassing the bazaar with ?bazaar=disabled in the manifest URL, if the user wants it
  • Attempt Bazaar install of systems and modules in the Import Wizard based on package name and local version
  • Remove the separate “My Games” page and make it the main site page instead.
  • Delegate Foundry websocket proxying to a microservice to allow for website updates and maintenance without the 5 second interruption to ongoing games.
  • Prevent import of a world if a world with the same name already exists, to avoid accidental overwrites.
  • Add ability to export compendium modules
  • Automatically idle/reload Foundry if the FVTT Version, Game URL or Admin key is changed.
  • Add an API to start, stop and idle games
  • Fix shared compendium that Forge creates from not showing its compendiums in FVTT 0.6.4
  • Fix broken “Delete content” UI when a package has quotes in its description.
  • Fix invalid/corrupt modules from showing as empty line in the ‘Delete content’ dialog and show them in the orphans section instead
  • Correctly report the size of a user data directory when it’s a symbolic link, in the ‘Delete content’ dialog
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June 29th 2020

  • Fix a bug which sometimes prevented the “Select Data Files to Delete” dialog from the Table page from opening
  • Remove the Table Tools dropdown button and make the table tools options appear as separate buttons
  • Change the start server/stop server buttons to green/red respectively
  • Add a brief explanation of what the Shared Compendiums are and how to use them.

July 1st 2020

  • Fix an issue when trying to check for updates on a custom installed package
  • Add better support for unexpected values in a module’s author field
  • Remove access to free subscription for Patreons as planned
  • Temporarily decrease German VAT rate from 19% to 16% according to the latest COVID-19 economic stimulus package.

July 5th 2020

  • Add Foundry 0.6.5 to the Alpha and Beta channels
  • Add display of maximum asset upload size to the My Account list of quotas
  • Add local Audio/Video relay servers for Europe and Asia regions
  • Enable DTLS encryption for A/V relay servers for increased security
  • Add a more secure time-based per-user authentication system for locking access to the Audio/Video relay servers
  • Minor miscellaneous infrastructure changes

July 6th & 8th 2020

  • Fix Bazaar issue with regards to systems or modules that may change their name (such as starfinder -> SFRPG)
  • Add Foundry VTT 0.6.5 to the stable release channel and update server with the updated 0.6.5 version
  • Add a link to the FAQ/Tutorial for more information on how to use the shared compendium feature.

July 14th 2020

  • Fix an issue where the Bazaar installer would install an older version of a module until it was updated
  • Fix an issue with accessing the “My Table” page when a custom module is installed that doesn’t specify its authors
  • Fix the import wizard not converting random token avatars to use the assets library (See Fixing random token actors from a bad import)

July 15th 2020

  • Add support for 0.7.0 release on the alpha channel
  • Add automatic package cache purging for 0.7.0 on Bazaar installs
  • Automatically idle game when importing worlds and packages with the import wizard
  • Do not automatically dismiss the error message when failing to import a package, so it’s readable by the user
  • Add a note in the “delete files” tool about the server needing to be offline for world deletions to work
  • Add API to allow force the world to idle a game into

July 18th 2020

  • Fix an issue where a world (kobold cauldron) installed through the bazaar had its scene thumbnails folder write protected, preventing new scenes in the world from being created.
  • Add a check in the import wizard to remove the “FoundryVTT/Data/” directory prefix when importing the entire FoundryVTT folder instead of the Data folder, for asset uploads. (See here)
  • Add autocomplete indicators in the billing page to help browsers enter the correct information when autofilling fields.
  • Removed a dependency to lodash library in the import wizard.

July 20th 2020

  • Fix a bug introduced in the July 18th update which caused the import wizard to import some assets, under specific conditions, under a Data/ directory instead of the root folder of the assets library

July 25th 2020

  • Added a new Extra option for increasing the upload size per asset file
  • Added a dedicated button in My Account to update user’s Billing Information
  • Added a dedicated button in My Account to access the Stripe portal to change payment methods and see billing history/past invoices
  • Update system to synchronize subscription information with the payment processor to make sure expiration dates are accurate
  • Show a warning and error message to users who have past due invoices or unpaid subscription
  • Automatically lock/unlock accounts for unpaid subscriptions (used to be a draining manual process)
  • Added a grace period of 24 hours after a subscription ends before services stop.
  • When adding a new license, don’t reload the page after 5 seconds, instead prompt the user to reload.
  • Use the verify Foundry endpoint instead of the sign endpoint for monthly license validations
  • Add an automatic latest symlink in each Bazaar package (useful for a localization script by @lordzeel)
  • Simplified internal payment processing system and removed some obsolete code
  • Fixed small bug where the ‘preview changes’ in subscription manager didn’t become clickable immediately after entering the address line content
  • Fix an issue where updating billing information updated them on the customer but not on the attached payment method
  • Added the initial implementation for Paypal support (not finished)
  • Added basic framework for switching to a reactive UI

July 27th 2020

  • Add a “per file” suffix to the upload size limit quota on My account page to make it clearer what it’s about
  • Module: Fix an issue where the assets library wasn’t browsable within Foundry if a file contained a % character in its name
  • Module: Remove a console error that would happen when browsing the assets library using the Tiles browser dialog
  • Bazaar: Add ability to install a specific package version by adding ?version=x.y to the manifest url
  • Bazaar: Fix a bug where the latest version that gets installed was one that had its minimumCoreVersion requirement higher than the currently running Foundry version, rather than inferior to it.

July 31st 2020

  • About a 100 different changes that are summarized with : Added Paypal support!
  • Revamped the Payment details screen to use a new reactive interface
  • Add direct access to the new payment details manager without going through the subscription manager
  • Add a warning to the subscription manager when email address is not verified so people don’t miss their invoices and receipts.
  • Fix subscription manager showing the wrong upload size limit for new subscriptions
  • Update Sales policy to include that users choosing Paypal will still be entitled to the free trial (it used to say, only for those choosing credit card payment)
  • Prevent use case where subscription was not created properly if a card payment is declined for a user who adds a new subscription after they had tried the service and cancelled, and after their trial period had ended.
  • Improve display name of existing user-attached credit cards (American Express instead of amex, and use capitalized word for Visa and Mastercard)
  • Remove some obsolete code and general code cleaning.

August 6th 2020

  • Try a first pass at revamping the whole Game/Table concept and improve the descriptions and change the name of “My Table” to “My Foundry”, “Launch Game” into either “Launch Foundry” (for our own server) or “Access game” (for games we were invited to)
  • Add listing of players invited to a game as well as per-player usage statistics for that game
  • fix an import wizard crash during world migration if the world.json file is invalid
  • Fix an issue with updating internal subscription state for users after they downgrade their subscription

August 7th 2020

  • Fix a race condition issue where logging in/logout may not appear to have worked until you refresh the page

August 11th 2020

  • Add support for Foundry VTT 0.7.1 (including first hotfix) in the Alpha channel
  • Add a “Return to Setup” button in the join page for the game owner
  • Sort player usage by time spent on a game in the game info hover list
  • The default game URL will now default to using your username instead of random dictionary words
  • Fix a bug when generating the random game url where the website would fail to load if it generates a url that is already in use by another user
  • Use smarter logic in the bazaar to allow updating a module by name even if the manifest url of the package is wrong.
  • Prevent a race condition where setting an admin key on Foundry while having the game in use could cause it to be restarted before the new admin key is set, which makes the Forge think an admin key is set while Foundry doesn’t know of the key.
  • Fix an issue where a client bug happens if FilePicker.browse returns a null response
  • Fix The Forge module to be compatible with the 0.7.1 release
  • Some misc server side improvements

August 14th 2020

  • Fix issue that prevented the deletion of an orphaned module directory containing an invalid or corrupted module.json file
  • Allow the display of a user’s game on the front page even if their subscription ended (but they cannot launch it or configure it)
  • Fix an issue generating new game URLs for users that signed up using the Patreon login service and who did not have a username assigned to their account. The default URL it will generate will now be based on their patreon’s username.