Asset Library: Performance slow when loading many subfolders

When the Asset Library is trying to show a folder with a larger (20+) number of subfolders, it’s getting quite slow to the point of locking up the browser tab, displaying the “Tab may have locked / script lockup” browser warning.

See: Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Note that this is on a very high end machine with a fiber connection. I assume this is due to how files are stored in the asset lib or rather how folders work, but maybe there is something that can be done to optimize this, as it gets really painful moving through a few larger folders.

Yeah, that’s actually due to the UI trying to calculate how many items there are in each of the subfolders, and it’s all synchronous operations (i.e it doesn’t yield until it’s done, so it locks up the page). I remember trying to solve this by making it asynchronously do the calculation but wasn’t able to. It’s still something that needs to be fixed to improve that loading speed there.

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To be honest, I’d be happy to give up the label showing how many items there are in each folder if it would fix the loading issue :stuck_out_tongue: I imagine others feel differently however. Maybe as an setting, or only if there are >10 subfolders… I don’t know.

Maybe it could help to store/cache how many items there are in each folder after calculating once and only update it when the folder is changed.

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So, this was just fixed! Awesome, such a nice improvement :slight_smile:

This can be closed now.

aha! Here it was… I was trying to find who had reported this issue to ask them to test/confirm that it’s much faster now! I was looking in Discord instead of here, hehe.
Glad you followed the changelog and caught it! :slight_smile:
I hope you can notice the difference and it’s much smoother now :slight_smile:

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Yeah, because it actually was the reverse: I noticed how smooth it suddenly was and checked whether something was changed - and then saw the changelog. Way improved, thank you!

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