Map in Scene lost post-import of world?

Hi community,
Please forgive any forum etiquette breaches, I’m new to forums.
I am new to Forge as well.
I have created a World in Foundry VTT on my desktop, including two scenes built on top of .jpeg maps.
Upon import to Forge, the .jpeg backgrounds do not appear even though I’m the gamemaster.
Am I missing a setting that needs to be changed before import so that the map appears?
Thanks Boba

Did you perhaps only import your world, but your image files were in a folder not accessible to the importer?

I have the same issue - all my custom assets are in my Forge Asset Library post-import under Asset Library -> Foundry VTT -> Data, but when I launch the game the links to all my content (Actors, Scenes, etc) are broken. Also when I open a scene I get a message saying the canvas can’t be loaded and to check ‘the console’, but I haven’t found a console yet in the forge nor can I find any help topics that talk about a console.

with a bit more hunting I can see that the Assets are in a “FoundryVTT/Data” directory but all my content expects it to be in the User Data area. I assume then that I need to copy the Assets out of the Asset library and into the game; however I have been unable to do this in either The Forge or Foundry.

@dosman The problem is that you’ve used the import wizard to import your “FoundryVTT” folder instead of your “Data” folder. I would suggest you go to your assets library on the forge site, delete the entire FoundryVTT folder, then delete the world and redo the import by providing it with the Data folder instead of the FoundryVTT folder, so that it loads the files in the right location. When the files are available in the right path in the assets library, your world will be relinked to use the assets library automatically.
I hope that helps.
Edit: The importer now recognizes this use case and properly skips the FoundryvTT folder, so others shouldn’t encounter the problem anymore.

That’s worked! Thanks for the quick response @kakaroto