List of Modules and Systems With Language Support

The following is a list of modules that support localization either partially or completely.

When editing, please maintain alphabetic order, and provide links to module, system, and translation repos where applicable.

For new modules with support, please add the module to the partial support list until a translator verifies that your module is ready to be moved to the full support list.

For translators: I have created a Node.js script with KaKaRoTo’s help, that can be used to check your own modules folder and generate a list similar to the one below, which will include a list of missing strings for each language file in each module. You can check out the Gist here.

Systems With Complete Language Support

  • DnD 5e
    • English

Systems With Partial Support

  • Toolkit13
    • English

Modules With Complete Language Support

  • Custom CSS - cswendrowski
    • English
  • Token Hotbar -Stan
    • CN 中文(简体)
    • DE Deutsch
    • GB English
    • ES Español
    • FR Français
    • JP 日本語
    • KR 한국어
    • NL Nederlands
    • PL Polski
    • BR Português (Brazil)
    • RO Română

Modules With Partial Support

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