Importing Worlds/Modules/Systems - W/ Video Tutorial

Uploading Worlds, modules and systems to Foundry

To first get to your “User Data”, Right click Foundry on your taskbar, and Browse User Data
From here you can copy the path.

To upload you Worlds, systems and modules, you’ll have to go to My Table over at the Forge website
And scroll down to Summon Import Wizard
This will bring up the Import Wizard.

Pressing local folder, you can press browse and choose anything withing the Data(from the User Data we found in the start) and the Import Wizard will register what Assets, worlds, systems, and modules you have.

Recommended is to Upload the full Data folder, so you don’t lose any assets in the process.

Uploading a R20 converter world

If you wish to use R20Converter, you can do so by first creating a folder on your desktop, called Data.
Inside this data folder, have a folder called worlds

So it looks like:



Then convert your .zip/.json file and select the Data folder as the destination. Then you use the “Import Wizard” at the forge page to upload the Data folder.

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Is there a way to import from exported Roll20 zip files? I have a campaign with just the characters I want to import, it pulled their tokens and portraits into the asset library but the actual characters don’t appear in game.

For others looking for the answer, here’s what I answered you on Discord :

You’d need to use R20Converter to convert the campaign into a Foundry world, then you can import that world

if you just need handouts, then you can convert it as a module and so you can selectively import what you want into an existing world

note that importing modules into the forge does not separate the assets, so depending on the campaign, the size might be too big and won’t upload or will fill up the quota

you can also just open it locally, and right click the journal and use the native export/import

Hi, I’m trying to import a Roll20 game with the Exporter/Converter combo, and I get an error “Requires System Update.” I’m pretty sure that’s because the game has no system set for it to use, but I don’t know how I can set one for it to use. Thanks!

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In your converted folder, you’re going to have a file called world.json.
If you open that in a text editor, change this line:

"system": "dnd5e",


"system": "pf1",

Save your changes and attempt your upload.
Please make sure this is done on the file before you upload it to the Forge as you cannot currently edit files uploaded to your Forge table directly.