How to upload a modified version of a Module/system

To upload a modified version of a module, or don’t want the Bazaar to affect a module, you simply upload it with the Import Wizard, then checking on the “Do not install from the Bazaar and import this package as a custom package” button.

You can find the Import wizard at My Foundry.

This will replace the old module (if you have one) and won’t be affected by The Bazaar.
This should be it, if this isn’t working, check below, or contact support.


To upload a modified version of a Module or System, you would need to do some slight changes to the files.
Everything talked about should be taken the same way. When we’re talking about module.json, assume you can also do it to system.json.

To first start up, you would need a copy of the module. We recommend taking a backup of the original module too, before you delete the old version.

After this, go to Select Data files to delete at My Foundry. Or in-foundry.

And delete the old module.

Now, for the new module.
If you don’t want the Bazaar to catch your upload and install the module from the bazaar directly, you would need to edit the Module version or name.
To do so, you would need to edit module.json. You’ll find this inside the module folder.

Edit it with any notepad program. Here we’re going to use Notepad++.

Now you can either :

  • Edit the version number of the module, adding -custom at the end for example, since this is a custom version of it. This will let the bazaar know not to use the cached version. Note however that if you click “Update All”, the module will be overwritten by the latest version from the Bazaar.
  • Or, you can instead edit the “Name” and “Title” of the module, so it doesn’t get updated automatically and can live alongside the official module.
    I recommend you to edit it to something recognizable - “Custom (module name) V(module Version)”


Now you can go ahead and use the Import Wizard. You can also find this over at My Foundry page.

You’re done. The new module should have been uploaded correctly and can be used.

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