How to upload a modified version of a module/system

When you want to upload a modified version of a module on the Bazaar, or simply don’t want the Bazaar to detect the module as having an update, you can do the following:

  1. Upload the module using the import wizard.
  2. Select “Do Not Install from the Bazaar and import this package as a custom package”.

You can find the Import wizard at My Foundry.

This will replace any older version of the module (if it exists).

If this does not work, check below, or contact support.


To upload a modified version of a Module or System, you may need to do slight changes to their files. If you are modifying a System, mentally substitute every mention of “module” with “system” below.

First, you need a copy of the module. We recommend making a backup of the original module, before you delete the old version.

After this, go to Select Data files to delete at My Foundry. Or in-foundry.

And delete the old module.

Now, you can edit and upload the new module. If you don’t want the Bazaar to catch your upload and install the module from the bazaar directly, you need to edit the Module version or name.
To do so, you would need to edit module.json. You’ll find this inside the module folder.

Edit it with any notepad program. Here we’re going to use Notepad++.

Now you can either :

  • Edit the version number of the module, adding -custom at the end, since this is a custom version of it. This will let the bazaar know not to use the cached version. Note however that if you click “Update All”, the module will still be overwritten by the latest version from the Bazaar.
  • Or, you can edit the “Name” and “Title” of the module, so it doesn’t get updated automatically and can be installed alongside the official module.
    We recommend you edit it to something recognizable - “Custom (module name) V(module Version)”

Once done, save the edits, and test it within a local Foundry installation. If it is not working, you may have accidentally broken the .json file. There are various JSON validators online which alert you to syntax errors.

Now you can use the Import Wizard to upload your modified module. You can also find this over at My Foundry page.

Once uploaded, you are done! The module/system can now be used per-game. To enable a module in-game, select it via the module configuration menu under the settings sidebar. To use a customized system, select the system while setting up your game in The Forge.

@bryn88 here’s the answer to your question ^^

Omg I swear I searched around for this and found nothing /blush. Thank you kind sir

haha, see when it was originally posted. I asked Kevin to write this tutorial after I got your message (which you should have posted publicly) :stuck_out_tongue:

I am using custom sounds for a module “dice so nice”. I did this once and everything worked, now i cannot upload new custom sounds – it still keeps the old ones no matter what I do.

These are custom mp3’s that are renamed to the default names “epic_win” and “epic_fail”

I have deleted the module from foundry via the Delete Data Files and from within foundry setup, then tried this upload (with the ‘Do not install from Bazaar’ box checked, and it still plays the old sounds.

It is odd bc it is not playing the default sounds that come with the official mod, it is still playing my old custom files rather than the new ones I’d like to use now.

Is there a way to directly access the module’s folders as if the install was on a local computer? Or a way to completely delete the module – it also still remembers my preferences after deleting and reinstalling the mod so something is being left over even after removing it.

Hello Cnaggy. I’m wondering if it placed your old custom mp3s in your assets library. You can try checking for it in the modules folder within the Assets Library specifically- I believe the import wizard often sticks assets from custom modules in your Assets library.

I was looking to add some full cities created by the Borough Bound group. One module zip file is 251MB and the other is 618MB. I know that you have a 250MB cap and can pay for a higher tier. Is there a way to get the larger module into my games? Also, is there a one time size increase that I can do rather than revising my whole subscription for one module upload?