Custom package upload not working

Been trying to upload some pre set-up maps onto forge and they don’t seem to show up in my manage modules after I upload through the wizard. I’m uplading from a folder on my harddrive. Am I missing somethng?

Hey there @hordshyrd :wave:

I’ve moved your post over to a new thread.
There are a couple of reasons why a module won’t show in the manage modules section.


Mostly, this has to do with compatibility of the module with your Foundry version. Make sure that the module’s compatibility fields in its module.json specify compatibility with your Foundry version and check your dev tools console (F12 in Foundry when loading in) to see if there’s any error message being logged explaining why the module is being hidden.

Opera GX bug

Something else that might be going wrong is if you’re uploading with OperaGX, there’s browser bug that causes it to upload the folder as a single file instead of unpacking it to look at the files inside of it. To get around that, you can upload a zip file or temporarily use another browser to do the upload.

Hope that helps! If you’re still stuck, let us know! Maybe we can have a look at your module.json file and compare it to what you’d need for your specific Foundry version.