The Game Manager

One of The Forge’s missions is to make Foundry as accessible and easy to use as possible.

The Game Manager is The Forge’s exclusive game-managing service. It abstracts Foundry worlds into separate Games, each with their own unique URL, players list and settings.

You can choose The Forge’s simple hosting service, where you get one Game URL that points to your Foundry server, similar to a self hosted experience, or you can choose to use The Forge’s Game Management service instead, and have as many Games as you want, each linked to an individual world within your Foundry installation.

With The Forge’s Game Management enabled, you’ll have a true cloud experience. Your server automatically switches to the correct world based on the URL your players are accessing. You will never need to “Go back to Setup” ever again! In fact, there is no more setup page to go to, with Game Management enabled!

To enable The Game Manager, you need to be subscribed to the Story Teller tier or higher. You then go to the Game Manager tab accessible in your My Foundry page.

After you enable the Game Manager, all your worlds will be accessible as individual games in the Game Manager page, as well as in the scrollable tabbed header :

Each game will be assigned its own URL, which you can access to launch that world. If it is your first time setting this up for existing worlds, you will also need to invite your players to their respective games, so that they can access them again.

To create a new Game, click the “Create Game” tool option from the Game Manager page, or select the image icon from your games’ tab list.

You will be prompted to choose a new game to be installed from the Bazaar, or to create a new Game from scratch.

If you select a blank game, you will be prompted to select a system :

You can choose an installed system, or a system available from the Bazaar- in which case it will be automatically installed.

You can then set the game’s title, and customize the folder name (otherwise, one will be generated for you automatically based on the title). When you are done, click the Create Game button to proceed. The Game will be created!

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