How many Foundry VTT games/worlds can I have on The Forge?

Foundry Worlds/Games

A Foundry world is a self-contained instance of content, usually making up a campaign or one shot. It is created in the setup menu within Foundry VTT, or within the “My Foundry” page on The Forge (for users with access to our The Game Manager feature).

Only users subscribed to The Forge can create their own worlds.

How many worlds can a Forge user have?

As many as the user wants. Or rather, as many as they can fit within their account. Most worlds do not consume a large amount of data, and The Forge supports exporting world data at any time. Reasonably, a Forge user would have to create dozens of worlds, with a significant amount of game data in order to come close to reaching their data quota- at the lowest possible tier that can be subscribed to.

Multi-World Support

If you would like to have more than one world active on The Forge at once, we allow users to do so through our Gamer Manager feature, available to Story Teller and World Builder subscribers. Please keep in mind that although the world will be active, users cannot access more worlds than the number of Foundry license keys on your account at once. This is due to the licensing terms of Foundry Virtual Tabletop software, and we cannot change these terms.