Server update changelog

May 11th 2022

  • Fix issue with the ‘Return to Setup’ button from the join screen not working for non game owners who were promoted to Gamemaster role.
  • Properly provide the region specific url of games instead of going through NA every time when selecting a game from the game list
  • Improve the wording of the license removal dialog to avoid some confusion users reported
  • Update the “FAQ” link in the main site’s footer to redirect to the new docs page
  • Backend work to help with the new EU server migration
  • Disable FVTT static file compression option, which is redundant and unnecessary and could be the cause of some FVTT slowdowns
  • Fix an issue with the OVH API changing unexpectedly and causing autoscaling issues
  • Add Veronique to the About Us page
  • Update Phi’s and KaKaRoto’s bio in the About Us page
  • Adding a link to a per-staff member About page from the teams
  • Adding Veronique and Michael staff pages
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May 16th 2022

  • Add support for moving 3D assets into the assets library during a module install via manifest or using the import wizard (helps reduce usage for theripper93’s 3dcanvascompendium module, and dice models for Dice So Nice module)
  • Fix an issue where the page would timeout loading when the Patreon pledges need to be updated and the Patreon API is down/inaccessible.
  • Fix an issue with reporting errors on the foundry game proxy as the internationalization engine wasn’t yet initialized
  • Properly report HTTP status code 404 on Forge not found 404 pages
  • Backend optimizations for our custom autoscaler
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May 21st 2022

  • It’s The Forge’s two year anniversary! Lots of things released! :tada:
  • A massive update finally adding support for the long awaited Two Factor Authentication
  • Releasing the Forge’s Compendium Browser! Providing an awesome way to browse for your D&D Beyond books
  • Add support for LiveKit servers and transparent authentication with the avclient-livekit module
  • Release of The Forge’s Adventure Log and link to it in the navigation bar
  • Releasing the Forge’s Workshop to show progress on what we’re working on
  • Update the D&D Beyond conversion
    • Making The Lost Mine of Phandelver as a free content available for anyone to import without access to the Beta
    • Fix the AC calculation with the newer dnd5e system update
    • Fix some cross references in journal entries that pointed the parent journal instead of the actual journal they were meant to refer to
    • Fix issue with an invalid journal name in the Lost Mine of Phandelver conversion
    • Add the Forge’s Compendium Browser as a dependency when converting as a module
  • Auto-idle (or warn the user) after converting D&D Beyond content
  • Redesign the login page to look a bit better, with tabs for login vs signup.
  • Add client-side validation of the login/signup forms, so the fields aren’t cleared in case of a user error/typo.
  • Always show the user a notification if their email address has not been verified
  • Change the font of “The Forge” brand next to the logo.
  • Rename the forums into “The Tavern” as it was always meant to be

May 21st 2022 (part 2)

  • Add the ability for a user to reset their billing cycle and renew/extend their currently active subscription (allows to apply the promotional discount code for existing subscribers)
  • Add a fix to the LiveKit integration that threw errors on the console every time the user reconnected.

May 26th 2022

  • Fix issue with the D&D Beyond Importing as the pop up window would close immediately in some situations
  • Add a warning about adblockers potentially interfering with the D&D Beyond pop up window
  • Add an override to getRoute helper function to prevent issues with esmodules using it from within the CDN.
  • Do not attempt to idle games when enabling/disabling asset packs, since it is not necessary
  • Auto idle games when uninstalling packages from the Bazaar, not just when installing them
  • Add preliminary work needed for eventually passing all websocket connections through Cloudflare for increased stability and reliability.
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May 31st 2022

  • Add server side optimizations in various places which decrease server RAM usage and speed up game start and 404 handling of asset files among others
  • Add support for upcoming Livekit avclient module which fixes the issue with the Forge option not always being visible
  • Add support for new server details in upcoming Livekit avclient module
  • Update the import wizard banner images to the same images as on the Bazaar for world/module/system/assets
  • Update the import wizard to add a help button and remove the unused ‘Import all’ options and rename the “Import selection” button into “Import All” to reduce user confusion
  • Implement a good system for properly handling relative esmodule imports from one package to another, which should fix most/all of the compatibility issues we sometimes see on the Forge with modules that break out of their sandbox
  • Completely remove the getRoute override from the previous update, as it becomes unnecessary
  • Implement a much smarter and dynamic resolution of Bazaar files
  • Add a way to timeout notification messages sent by the server when stored in the user’s session

June 3rd 2022

  • Fix issue browsing asset packs in Foundry
  • Fix issue with redirects of relative import of greensock library esmodules due to CORS
  • Add support for banning users and locking access in cases of ToS violations
  • Add option in the Forge module to allow testing of Cloudflare proxying for the Foundry VTT connections (can improve stability/reliability for some users)
  • Add rate limiting for API calls to prevent misbehaving modules from disrupting user’s games
  • Fix a memory leak in the assets browsing API which was getting triggered by filepicker-favorites module, causing an API error notification to display to the user
  • Add internal method to the Forge FilePicker to do multiple file uploads at once.
  • Fix nodejs heap size calculation to take advantage of process RAM limits more efficiently
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June 7th 2022

  • Fix the migration of compendium packs to use the assets library urls, both in the import wizard and the Bazaar optimizer, after the v9 API break of the pack’s entity type field.
  • Change the “Last Updated” metadata on Bazaar packages to display the release date of the last currently compatible version of the package, instead of the release date of the last version.
  • Fix a bug introduced in last update which caused all packages to have their “Last Updated” to update to June 4th
  • Move the “Workshop” page from the “Resources” menu to the “Discover” menu
  • Update the workshop page to show the Compendium Library as being released, and update the module name from “The Forge: Compendium Browser” to “The Forge: Compendium Library”
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June 16th 2022

  • Fix issue with the Bazaar showing incorrectly some packages as having been recently updated
  • Fix installing a premium package from manifest from within Foundry’s setup screen when the creator allows installs from manifest.
  • Show list of all missing assets from imported worlds/modules in the import wizard if there were assets found missing during import
  • Fix Bazaar package standalone page for asset packs never showing a pack as enabled
  • Fix Bazaar package standalone page install button not changing to ‘uninstall’ after the package has been installed until page reload
  • Fix an issue with the Bazaar updater which caused the Foundry servers to return old cached results making it delay detecting new versions of packages if their manifest URL has changed domains.
  • Fix User Manager custom user assignment dialog showing a player as assigned even after the user they were assigned to had been manually deleted from the game.
  • Fix an issue where linking your patreon account when already logged in would redirect to the login page if 2FA is enabled on the account.
  • Randomly enable the new Cloudflare websocket proxy feature to a small number of users for testing purposes

June 27th 2022

  • Add support for Party Chat! A new feature that lets you create a private group chat for your players and automatically invites/removes players from the chat when they join/leave the game.
  • Add support for linking/logging in/signing up with Google
  • Add support for linking/logging in/signing up with Discord
  • Add interface in the account page to link/unlink Patreon, Google and Discord
  • Do not create a new account anymore, when using the “sign in with” option and an account is not found associated with the third party service.
  • Improve the games list display so their height matches the window height, and the cards are larger and in a grid, so they do not expand needlessly in the case of an uneven number of games
  • Add a scrollbar to the game cards so they don’t take too much space, and all cards are of the same size, giving a more uniform browsing experience
  • Automatically hide a game’s banner and shift the description if the banner set by the user is a 1x1 pixels image
  • Automatically detect change in patreon pledges for access to the DDB beta
  • Add patreon lifetime contribution to the data retreived from Patreon linked accounts, in preparation for future Patreon integration Bazaar release
  • Improve the autoscaler to better work with changing ids on the OVH API
  • Increase the cloudflare websocket proxy A/B testing to 50% of users
  • Add new internal endpoints to allow users to browse their data files directly and access Foundry logs (needed for a future update)
  • Some small performance improvements to the website
  • Many small UI/UX improvements to the game cards, login page and accounts page.
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June 30th 2022

  • Update the workshop page to indicate Asia and Oceania have livekit deployed as well
  • Implement a fix for a long standing and very rare race condition that could lock a user’s license even if no game is using it.
  • Do not optimize the default token path from compendium packs in the Bazaar to prevent a bug where setting the avatar would not update the prototype token at the same time
  • Attempt to work around a load balancer bug that has been annoying this week

July 14th 2022

  • Fix a rare bug that could cause redirects to asset library files to fail in certain situations and cause images not to load.
  • Add @arcanist to the About page
  • A few improvements to the D&D Beyond integration
    • Add support for scene notes
    • Add support for tiles in some scenes to fix secrets appearing in player maps
    • Correctly use the right image meant for the scenes, instead of trying to guess the right one (fixes LMoP for example, showing the DM version of the maps with the walls/lighting)
    • Link journal notes to scenes
    • Remove the double parsing of scenes which could lead in some cases to having duplicate scenes for adventures
    • Switch to using our fork of the meta-data project, which fixes some small issues with lmop and cos
  • Remove the cloudflare-proxying option from the Forge module, and enable the feature automatically to all users.
  • Add support for fonts as valid media files for importing into the assets library
  • List all valid extensions in the upload dialog from the assets library (including fonts, pdf, 3d models, etc…)
  • Fix the “Save” button in the game configuration to display a save icon instead of the rest icon
  • Fix text-shadow CSS styling in the plans page causing the pricing to appear blurry
  • Use new API endpoints for Foundry’s license verification and signatures
  • Fix issue with the fallback browse API returning incorrect data for the root folder of the Bazaar.
  • Miscellaneous changes to the dev and build system
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July 26th 2022

  • Update the Jobs page with new open positions
  • Fix issue preventing users from unlinking their Patreon/Google/Discord accounts
  • Prevent the risk of a zombie Foundry process from running in cases of docker lockups
  • Remove a left-over inclusion of a css file that doesn’t exist anymore

July 30th 2022

  • Massive update that adds support for Foundry v10 so it can be used on The Forge!
  • Add Foundry v10 Testing 2 release to the available releases
  • Fix package optimization from the import wizard to support some missing fields
  • Fix display of a package’s card footer in the Bazaar if the package version is a very long string

August 3rd 2022

  • Add new a per-user manifest URL system for installing Bazaar purchases outside of the Forge with protected and revokeable keyed URLs.
  • Completely revamp our “Create new Game” interface for Game Manager users, providing a sleek new UI to create blank new games, install from the Bazaar or clone existing worlds.
  • Greatly improve some of our email templates, providing a more beautiful design (welcome email and email verification, at this time)
  • Change the way the Two factor authentication QR code is generated, which helps users of 1Password
  • Add a “Delete Game” button to the game tools from the configuration page, making it easier for users to delete their existing games if they wish to.
  • Fix issue where the favorite icon on a game would shift by a few pixels between enabled and disabled states.
  • Fix an issue in how Foundry versions were being compared causing packages with a maximum compatibility set to v10 to not show up properly for users in the Bazaar even for users in v9.
  • Fix parsing issue of incorrectly formatted author fields for manifests, which could cause the Bazaar page to fail to load.
  • Add support for new file extensions in v10 when browsing for files
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August 16th 2022

  • Add support for Foundry v10 Testing 4 build 278 which changed the internal API for listing packages on the setup screen.
  • Fix a rare issue where a Foundry server could get restarted by mistake if a player has a non-graceful disconnection.
  • Fix detection of the minimum and compatible core compatibility for packages in the Bazaar, which was broken with the v10 support added recently
  • Add robots.txt support to better display search engine results and to disable indexing of user’s public games.
  • Fix the addition of the “Delete World” game tool button when the Game Manager is disabled
  • Automatically update the prototype token image of an actor when the the token is set to the default image with the Bazaar assets link
  • Fix small issue where the game list in the game configuration page was not scrollable
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August 19th 2022

  • Prevent concurrent license revalidation requests, to decrease load on Foundry servers during license reverification attempts
  • Display a warning to the user if the Game Manager feature gets disabled after their subscription is downgraded, to prevent confusion about their games disappearing
  • Fix detection of the system relationships for v10 packages, to display in the Bazaar
  • Change forums group of users on Explorer Mode to Player group instead of Game Master group
  • Add placeholder image to display next to the subscription when in Explorer Mode
  • Add a redirect for the /packages/ page to /bazaar/package/ in case of incorrect URLs due to Foundry’s website endpoints

August 24th 2022

  • Update the jobs page to reflect that we are not accepting any new submissions anymore and are evaluating applicants
  • Show the balance from any unpaid invoices in the Billing section under the gift card balance, and provide a way for users to view and pay their outstanding invoices
  • Improve displayed information about the PayPal authorization during trial which may appear as a charge with some banks
  • Link the “you have unpaid invoices” to the billing section of the account page, instead of the profile section.
  • Automatically fix package’s manifests that have conflicting id and name fields when listing available worlds, to fix some possible missing worlds on Foundry v10
  • Prevent some protected world manifest fields from being edited unless the account owner overwrites the world via the import wizard
  • Fix an error in Foundry v10 from the Forge module trying to use an API before the game is ready
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August 30th 2022

  • Mark new world created under v10 as compatible with the v10 generation rather than the specific build
  • When installing premium modules from the Bazaar, use the manifest url from the last compatible version with your Foundry version, which can (in some instances) allow Foundry to install the correct compatible version.

September 2nd 2022

  • The Save Points feature is finally ready and released! This is another massive update with hundreds of commits spanning months (years!) of work.
  • Correctly detect v10 compatible in system manifests that use a v9-only manifest format, but explicitly state compatibility with v10
  • Add protection against session fixation attacks by regenerating new session ids on login/logout
  • Deprecate support for controlling a game via a POST to the game page (exclusively using the API endpoints now)
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