How Do I Remove the Server Banner?

I have a real introduction I want to put into my Server Description, but the Server Banner pushes EVERYTHING to the far right. How do I get rid of my Server Banner, please?

Thank you.

Sadly, there isn’t anything to do about this, the image usually takes up 50% of the screen on the invitation page. And there isn’t a way to remove it.

Thank you for the quick response, but where can I make a strong suggestion that be changed?

You can always upload a new banner image that would be an empty image (0x0 pixels size) to remove it.

(red-faced) Holy smokes, that’s an old trick I’ve not thought of in MANY years… duh?! LOL

Thank you, my friend. (/red-faced)

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No worries, I hope the text does go to the left in that case, I haven’t actually tried it :slight_smile:

Good morning.

No, it did not work. I made a 1px x 1px black background dot, uploaded it, and now it takes up one-half the width of the description. Can this please be rebuilt so GMs can have better control?

Thank you.

Just to confirm, we did make an issue and are working on this!
If you want to, could you give us some screenshots of where?

As we’ve assumed it is on the “viewing” of the game. But you might have a different take on it!

This is the place.

You guys are awesome and amazing! Thank you for taking this on!

  • Automatically hide a game’s banner and shift the description if the banner set by the user is a 1x1 pixels image

From today’s update :