Forge's Compendium Browser

Beyond integration

The Forge allows users to grab their content from D&D Beyond, and import it into Foundry VTT. This allows users to purchase their official 5e content legally, and use it within Foundry VTT.

Wanting to make a smoother experience out of exploring imported Beyond content, we decided to invent a way to automatically organize this content. And so, the Compendium Browser feature was developed!

What is The Forge’s Compendium Browser?

The Forge’s Compendium Browser is a module that allows you to explore your imported D&D Beyond content within Foundry VTT, in an organized fashion. It displays this content much like a traditional table of contents, with options to import maps, actors, journals, and scenes into your games. In summary, it’s a clean and useful interface for browsing the Beyond content you’ve imported.

How to use it

To get started, you’ll want to import content that you legally own or can access on D&D Beyond. While the import feature is in beta, books from D&D Beyond will not be free to import. However, users can currently import the Basic Rules, Frozen Sick, and Lost Mine of Phandelver for free. For more information on doing so, we recommend reading our article on the Forge’s D&D Beyond Integration.

To ensure compatibility with The Forge’s Compendium Browser, Beyond content will need to be imported as a module. If users have already imported this content before, re-importing the content will make the compendium module compatible with the browser.

Once the content has been imported, take the following steps:

  1. Install The Forge’s Compendium Browser on The Bazaar.
  2. Start/restart a world where you wish to enable the Compendium Browser.
  3. Navigate to your Game Settings image tab on the right-hand side.
  4. Select the “Manage Modules” button. image
  5. Enable The Forge Compendium Browser module, and select “Save Module Settings”.
  6. Navigate to your Compendiums image tab, and select the “Open Compendium Browser” button at the bottom. This will launch The Forge Compendium Browser, and you can begin exploring your imported D&D Beyond content!