Server update changelog

January 4th 2022

  • Use new internal Foundry API to get a user’s entitlements, which fixes trying to install/update Patreon-subscription based packages
  • Rename the Forge’s update prompt channels to avoid user confusion with Foundry’s own release channels. We now use “Recommended”, “Experimental” and “Bleeding Edge”.
  • Separate Forge update prompt configurations with Foundry versions using option groups, and clarify the default version for game manager-enabled games
  • Fix issue with listing of files in the assets library on Foundry v9 when assets have file extensions using non lowercase characters
  • Added a Balance entry in the Account page to let a user request their current account balance (useful if a gift card was claimed)
  • Fix issue with the import wizard not properly migrating entities if importing a singular module with no assets in it

January 10th 2022

  • Added a search/filter for the user’s game list from the main dashboard page
  • Move favorite icon next to the game title so it’s more visible (it wasn’t always visible against the game background)
  • Update the game status indicators (Online/Offline/Idle) into Play/Stop/Pause shapes instead of circles
  • Rename our Foundry VTT update channels to “Recommended” vs “Latest” and add documentation surrounding that
  • Make Foundry VTT version selection in the Game Manager tab auto-save on change, and decrease width of the combobox
  • Update compatible core version for shared compendium to v9
  • Miscellaneous backend fixes

January 13th 2022

  • Add a new auto-installed (but disabled) “Forge: Improvements” module which currently adds the bugfix for some playlist music showing “Infinity” as their duration
  • Fix an issue with package listing and user entitlement for premium packages
  • Fix issue when installing packages from within Foundry v9 setup screen
  • Add support for installing premium packages from the Bazaar with Foundry version 9
  • Fix issue where installation errors of premium packages from the Bazaar wasn’t properly reporting the error back to the user
  • Add support for v9’s option to the file picker to hide the notification on file uploads

January 15th 2022

  • Change default Foundry version to version 9
  • Fix issue downloading Bazaar Marketplace packages that were received as gifts
  • Add support for 404 error interception from Foundry and redirection to the user’s assets library for HEAD requests too (fixes srcExists calls that Sequencer uses)
  • Fix a possible and rare race condition caused by a docker bug which could cause a game to be started in the background by mistake
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January 19th 2022

  • Fix an issue where installing a package from manifest URL could error out due to quotas exceeded when it wouldn’t have exceeded quota after assets optimization
  • Fix an issue preventing access to the popped out bazaar page for some packages
  • Fix issue with showing the correct list of available versions of a package in its popped out bazaar page
  • Fix installing a Foundry protected package via manifest when the package is not in the modules listing
  • Add US Armed Forces states AA, AE and AP to the state selection choices
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January 22nd 2022

  • Fix issue importing the Baldur’s Gate: Descent Into Avernus adventure from D&D Beyond
  • Add some missing fields to the Forge module data inserted into Foundry
  • Fix the checkPackages API to only return results from packages the user has access to, otherwise proxy it to the Foundry server instead
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January 26th 2022

  • Renaming the Forge optional module to “The Forge: More Awesomeness” (still maybe not final)
  • Adding more awesomeness to the Forge optional module! You can now install the Forge client app by enabling the module and going to the module settings and clicking the Install button. Give it a try, it’s awesome!
  • Adding an additional fix for audio playback issues in the Forge optional module.
  • Add multiple improvements to the Forge autoscaler to be more resilient to errors and improves stability in case of service provider API errors
  • Add support for OVH and PVE dedicated machines in the autoscaler in preparation for new upcoming server move
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January 29th 2022

  • Fix issue with playlist bulk import not working properly since a recent Foundry update
  • Fix error message when failing to rename a file or folder in the assets library

January 31st 2022

  • Ignore the API key entered in the Forge module settings if it is invalid (bypasses a recent issue where another module seems to put invalid data in it, disrupting Forge functionality)
  • Manually installed packages that are also on the Bazaar will now appear as custom packages, which should fix the issue that prevented them from being updated
  • Display an error when trying to install a Bazaar marketplace package that hasn’t been bought but which allows manifest installs when the manifest URL is not provided
  • Clarify the error message when trying to install a Bazaar marketplace package which the user is not entitled to by either displaying “Please purchase…” or displaying “Please link patreon…” based on the type of package, instead of displaying “Please purchase […] or link patreon […]”
  • Increase generated password salt to 64 bytes when creating users with the user manager
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February 15th 2022

  • Massive refactor of the Profile page, splitting the page contents into vertical tabs for ease of use, with multiple improvements to the user-experience in every tab of the profile
  • Change the plans description buttons in the pricing page to automatically open the subscription manager when clicked
  • Only display the user’s remaining trial (if any) in the pricing page when the user is logged in, instead of always displaying the 14-day trial text in the buttons
  • Remove the ‘Cancel’ button from the Subscription Manager dialog as it is redundant with the X icon and it might have caused some user confusion, also making the “Cancel Subscription” button have a red outline to stand out more for those who need it.
  • Add support for Card decks in the shared compendium creator tool, and add a Cards compendium in the default shared compendium
  • Add support for properly migrating cards during world and compendium imports in the import wizard and the bazaar package optimization
  • Add support for relative/absolute path static references to default card deck shipped with Foundry v9, from within a module
  • Fix installing premium Foundry content also available in the Bazaar marketplace, when it was bought outside the Bazaar
  • Correctly consider a custom install of a Bazaar marketplace package as custom, and use the package’s manifest url instead of the Bazaar available versions when checking for updates
  • Change Bazaar creator payouts to use EST/EDT timestamps instead of UTC
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February 16th 2022

  • Fix missing assets when importing content from D&D Beyond via the Bazaar integration
  • Added backend framework required for translating the website and adding internationalization support
  • Fix “decoding failed” error which can sometimes show when updating the world description from within Foundry
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February 17th 2022

  • Fix issue with importing D&D Beyond content in NA and EU regions due to a system storage incompatibility.
  • Add tooltip/mouse cursor to indicate that clicking the user’s avatar in the account page lets you change it
  • Add a info banner in the assets library’s folder “base64data” to explain that it’s a system folder and link to the FAQ article about it.
  • Add better package status indicators for the Creator’s dashboard
  • Dramatically improve the loading time for the Creator dashboard, especially for the administrator user
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February 18th 2022

  • Fix an issue which prevented users from checking out more than 20 items at once from the Bazaar
  • Fix invoice preview from the Bazaar where it would only show the first 10 items in the preview
  • Add support for pressing the ESC key to close the full package view of a package in the Bazaar
  • Fix a bug in the D&D Beyond importer that prevented conversion of the Guide to Wildemount book
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February 24th 2022

  • Change “Safe Mode” buttons into “Safe Configuration” to match Foundry naming
  • Fix issue with the assets library when paths include invalid character
  • Add backend changes in preparation for new upcoming EU server change

March 1st 2022

  • Fix issue with quota size not updating immediately on asset deletion
  • Fix issue with the Import Wizard crashing when optimizing v9 cards

April 4th 2022

  • Release new gift cards art and a new 10$ option. Fix aspect ratio for gift card cover image
  • Added Caeora to the acknowledgements page
  • Fix an issue with the D&D Beyond integration when converting to a module, where some compendium packs could use duplicate filenames
  • Fix issue in optimizing Bazaar packages which included base64 data URL images embedded in CSS files
  • Add improvements and optimizations to the assets library backend processing of image uploads
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April 20th 2022

  • Ensure the changelog and link in the “Update all” Bazaar dialog does not get cut off if the package name is long
  • Open the package’s standalone link when clicking the external popout button in the “Update all” Bazaar dialog
  • Automatically hide sensitive information (game invitation link, user’s email address, package manifest URL in creator dashboard) to prevent accidental display when streaming.
  • Add warning modal dialogs for users trying to change a game’s privacy mode or override an individual game’s Foundry version (when Game Manager is enabled)
  • If a game banner image is not available, automatically fall back on the default game banner
  • If a user’s avatar image is not available, automatically fall back on a running goblin image
  • Improve the user interface for Bazaar creators when submitting packages for review and approving content.
  • Add fix for very rare use case in the Paypal handling that prevents a race condition.
  • More backend changes for internationalization support
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April 21st 2022

  • Fix crash in the Bazaar when a package is released with an invalid media field
  • Mark the old European servers as “old servers” and the newer ones as simply “Europe” instead of “experimental new servers”
  • Add some backend/internal system APIs to help with the upcoming server migration.

April 25th 2022

  • Rename “Membership Information” tab in the My Account page to “Subscription” to make it easier to find and clearer on its use. Also move it to second instead of third position.
  • Fix the display of the cover image for gift cards and D&D Beyond content in the Bazaar
  • Ensure the user’s quota is properly set on a remote region before attempting data sync, in order to fix an issue where an upgraded user may have trouble syncing back to a previous region where they were of a lower tier.
  • Prevent users from attempting to change region if they are over quota, as it is bound to fail.
  • Increase user’s quota by 2GB during installation of a custom package, which should prevent errors installing some bigger packages (previous temporary quota increase was set to 1GB).
  • Automatically consider pdf and dd2vtt files as assets during world imports to avoid these large files from causing an import to fail
  • Add a way to change the order of the regions so the deprecated EU servers will appear at the bottom of the list.
  • Fix the tooltip for copying the invitation URL from the configuration page, which was recently broken.
  • Add some internal APIs and backend changes required for the upcoming Patreon integration.
  • Add internal APIs required for the upcoming integrated LiveKit service offering
  • Backend improvements to the Bazaar creator’s interface and dashboard

August 26th 2022

  • Fix download of images from D&D Beyond when refreshing the list of books available
  • Fix issue previous update which prevented some users from changing region even if they were under quota
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