Server update changelog

(Late at posting this update’s changelog)
September 2nd 2021

  • Releasing the new website banner art! Fight Goblins, not Servers!
  • Releasing our new Forge Logo!
  • Various miscellaneous changes to the website to improve style, responsiveness, mobile view, etc…
  • Fix the “Game Manager” button appearing on two lines instead of one and breaking the game list in the config page
  • Improve synchronization speed of the Bazaar, allowing packages to become available faster after a release
  • Update to the Teams and Acknowledgement pages to reflect recent hires
  • Fix error when trying to uninstall a custom package just after installing it via manifest URL from the Bazaar
  • Miscellaneous improvements to how the bazaar optimizer works

September 17th 2021

  • Major update to the way invoices are being generated and previewed
    • Use stripe API to generate invoice previews for maximum accuracy on prorations and rounding of taxes
    • Add ability to preview the upcoming invoice for an account
    • Add a nicer and more dynamic invoice preview UI, with the ability to switch currencies via a button
    • Add support for using Stripe Tax’s new tax calculation for US Sales Tax
    • Add notification about US Sales Tax being added to some US states starting October 1st 2021
  • Customize the cache-control header returned by the assets library servers and bypass a faulty CDN option which was causing the frequent cached 500 errors we’ve been seeing.
  • Remove the “Disable all modules” Game tool, and replace with “Launch in Safe Mode” which uses Foundry’s own safe mode setting, which also disables the active scene and all playlists.
  • Prevent billing/payment dialogs closing automatically after an error saving the information.
  • Only update the user’s billing information when checking out, if the user made changes to the billing information.
  • Fetch the billing/payment information when the dialogs are opened, not when the accounts page is visited
  • Make purchased gifts middle-clickable to open in a new tab, or ‘copy link’ via context menu.
  • Improve the “reset password” notification to make it clearer that an email is only sent if the account exists.
  • Add anchors to the account page for direct linking to specific sections from the documentation
  • Improved the notifications when installing package dependencies to display which succeeded and which failed to install
  • Fix a missing closing tag in the assets library page.
  • Fix a failure to launch a game if the game has no title set when using the game manager
  • Fix a possible issue accessing the user account if an account is downgraded and the Game Manager was enabled
  • More miscellaneous changes to improve the bazaar updater and package optimizer.

September 21st 2021

  • Deployed a new version sorting algorithm for packages that is faster and more accurate in respecting semantic versioning sort order
  • Fix a bug that prevented previewing of subscription/purchase invoices for new accounts, due to missing payment details
  • Fix missing cache-control header response to 304 responses to the CDN

September 27th 2021

  • Fix issue with automatic tax calculation for users with a VAT-enabled subscription, previewing a subscription update from a VAT-exempt location
  • Update the quota display in the navigation bar to have proper padding when user is not subscribed
  • Improve Foundry startup performance for large worlds.

September 29th 2021

  • Add support for properly handling Foundry protected packages for their upcoming Patreon/Subscription based integration.
  • Update the “Forge vs self-hosting” infographic with small tweaks and improvements and update the logo in the image
  • Update the default game banner to use our recently released Forge banner instead of a photo of my own table from a few years ago :slight_smile:
  • Align vertically most spinners when an operation is in progress
  • Fix the Bazaar showing an undefined version after installing a premium Foundry protected package
  • Fix issue with transparently proxying assets when accessed through a local foundry path, and using a query parameter
  • Ignore a package’s authors field if it has no elements in the list, and an author field exists
  • Behind the scenes improvements to the Foundry instance Scheduler.

October 5th 2021

  • Add a new dynamic UI to allow users to customize the compendiums included in the shared compendium that The Forge creates
  • Add the ability to change the installed version of a package without first uninstalling it
  • Add the ability to select which version of a package to install from a dropdown button before installing it
  • Improve the author list in Bazaar package card by removing the blue border around the author name, and preventing an overflow of the author’s list if extremely long
  • Fix package author name cleanup by truncating only the discord id when following the name
  • Slightly improve memory usage and reactivity of the assets library page for users with a large amount of assets
  • Fix detection of which systems a package is compatible with, after a 0.8.x change of the manifest field to use
  • Link to new documentation troubleshooting the “cannot access Foundry setup page” error in the notification
  • Fix the broken functionality of “search for packages compatible with this system” in the Bazaar
  • When searching for packages compatible with a system, search in all packages (if in the Systems listing) or filter the specific category (if in the Modules or Worlds listing)
  • Add direct access to the Creator’s dashboard from the navigation bar for Bazaar Creators
  • Add support for automatic revenue sharing between creators who collaborate on a release
  • Fix the paypal payout config dialog not opening after being closed in the creator’s dashboard
  • Fix the creator’s CSV export to include all purchases instead of the most recent
  • Fix calculation of creator balance in the admin dashboard which could be inaccurate in certain situations
  • Add an API to allow license removal by the user (UI coming soon)
  • Adding Michael to the Team’s page
  • Removing Jeff from the Team’s page

October 6th 2021

  • Change URL of external marked dependency to revert to v3.0.4, since the v3.0.6 release broke its API and caused the main page to fail to display the game listing
  • Allow the ability to skip importing from the Bazaar even if more than one module is passed to the import wizard
  • Add User Interface to allow creators to configure the revenue sharing functionality and share revenue of their Bazaar packages with other creators
  • Remove extraneous padding around the author’s name in the bazaar package listing

October 8th 2021

  • Add the ability to filter games in the game configuration page when the game manager is enabled
  • Add the ability to filter packages in the Creator’s Dashboard
  • Fix the “Create Game” button being unresponsive right after having created a new game
  • Fix a bug where creating a duplicate shared compendium would overwrite the existing module of the same name
  • Fix a rare case scenario where the Bazaar could not properly check which premium packages were added to the Foundry account
  • Misc fixes to website content

October 13th 2021

  • Change the placeholder text in the Bazaar search entry from “Add tag…” to “Add search term…” to be more consistent with what it does
  • Fix an issue when trying to create a shared compendium with multiple lines in its description
  • Add a link to view the shared compendium package in the Bazaar after creating it
  • Remove the option from the Creator’s Dashboard to restrict packages to The Forge only. Going forward, all packages being sold on the Bazaar Marketplace will be made available to download for non Forge users.

October 18th 2021

  • A massive update that includes hundreds of changes, bringing you server-side package optimization for users
    • Automatically split assets and optimize worlds/systems/modules from Premium Foundry content after the installation is completed
    • Automatically split assets and optimize worlds/systems/modules from custom packages installed via manifest URL
    • Create a new system to support processing of long tasks without browser request timeout, allowing premium content to be installed without any timeout errors
    • Add a progress showing the status of the operation during manifest installs (downloading, unpacking, optimizing, etc…)
    • Adds support for both synchronous and asynchronous package install requests
    • Prevents installation of the same package in two parallel operations, which could cause data corruption
  • Move all external library dependencies The Forge website uses, to local paths instead of external links. Prevents some issues with unreliability of external resources and increases security.
  • Change asset caching from 1 hour to 5 minutes to improve user experience when overwriting an image and seeing the change propagate rapidly.
  • Fix bug where a newly install world, installed via manifest URL from the Bazaar, while the Game Manager is enabled, would not show up in the games list.
  • Fix recently introduced bug which made games left on the setup page fail to auto-idle.
  • Hide the version list in the Bazaar for Foundry premium packages since Foundry installs the package and the Bazaar has no control over the version to be installed.
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October 21sth 2021

  • Automatically upload to the assets library any base64 image content embedded in scenes/journals/actors/etc… entities within Foundry to decrease load on Foundry and its database (Fixes the world destroying behavior with recent JSON scenes exported from Dungeon Alchemist, and users pasting large images into journal entries’ html)
  • Add the ability for users to remove their license key from their Account page directly
  • Add a workaround for the Coriolis packages that were malformed and prevented their appearance in the Bazaar
  • Add support for the scene foreground image during package migration and optimization
  • Fix D&D Beyond Integration failing to ‘refresh list’
  • Fix D&D Beyond Integration import of content which might show a timeout error by mistake
  • Fix an issue with Foundry becoming inaccessible after installing a package from the Bazaar that had temporary database files (.db~) mistakenly added to it.
  • Add a notification to the account page if a user has a valid subscription but no licenses
  • Fix access to the creator’s dashboard after having introduced a bug in the recent update
  • Display an error message when attempting to create a shared compendium with no compendium packs
  • Fix the missing discord logo on the contact page
  • Fix missing closing HTML tags in the D&D Beyond integration page
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