The Great Forge Contest

The Forge Contest

Hello and greetings to the entire worldwide community of tabletop RPG lovers.

One year ago, on September 17th 2019, the idea behind The Forge materialized when KaKaRoTo committed the first proof of concept. The Forge has come a long way since its birth and is offering a great hosting experience for Foundry VTT, but it also adds additional value to the Foundry experience itself with the homebrewed enhancements that our community enjoys, loves and supports.
While we are very satisfied with our core offering when it comes to the technical side and the user experience, we feel that we could improve our website, making the visual experience on par with the quality of the services The Forge provides. We need your help to achieve that.

In that regard, and to celebrate the first commit to the Forge code base, we are announcing a contest for The Forge website where we invite all of you to submit your artwork which we can use to improve our presence online. With your amazing artwork, we are positive that The Forge will roll with advantage in the eyes of the viewer, helping us get a critical success with our users. :wink:

The contest is separated into three different categories, with different prizes for each: background, banner and freestyle Foundry/Forge screenshots. You can enter the contest in as many categories as you like and with as many submissions as you want, so let your creativity flow and show us what you can do!

By submitting your artwork to the contest you agree to the following statement:
This artwork is licensed under the CC BY-NC-SA and a non-exclusive, non-transferable, worldwide license granted to The Forge to use the material.

Background Image

For the background image contest, we want a new image to replace the current background image on the main site. The winner will receive a World Builder Tier subscription for a year or the subscription’s value ($139.99 USD) in cash.

You must meet the following criteria:

  • Tag or otherwise describe that this is your submission for the background image
  • Image resolution should be a minimum of 1920x1080

You should also take into account that the website content will cover part of the art, because we will pick the winner based on how the background looks once integrated into the website (parts not covered by the content). Screenshots below explain this better :

Original background :arrow_right: The Forge content overlayed on the image (user is logged in) :arrow_right: How it looks today.

Original background :arrow_right: The Forge content overlayed on the image (user is not logged in) :arrow_right: How it looks today.
We recommend that you test the background and provide a screenshot accompanying your background image submission.

Note: The Forge logo from the site’s content may be removed if it’s appropriately integrated into the new background, so feel free to edit it out when overlaying the content.


Next stop, the banners! We separated this into two parts: banner for our Twitter/Reddit pages and an image for our default game banner on The Forge’s My Foundry page. Two winners (one for each part) will receive a Story Teller Tier subscription for a year or the subscription’s value ($96.99 USD) in cash.

To enter the contest, the banner image must meet the following criteria:

  • Tag or otherwise describe that this is your submission for the banner image (and whether the image is for Twitter/Reddit or for the game banner)
  • We advise following Twitter and Reddit guides for optimal banner sizes (Note: the banner is referred as a “header” in the Twitter documentation)
  • For the default game banner entry, the image size should be 640x480

Below is a screenshot that contains the current default game banner (it is the image with DM screen on it).


Last but not least, we are going to pick 3 screenshots of any size and format (static or animated), but they need to be Foundry/Forge games, and they will be showcased on our home page. All 3 winners get Game Master tier subscription for a year or the subscription’s value ($47.99 USD) in cash.
We accept all from your crafted maps to your in-game screenshots of Foundry games.

To enter the contest, screenshots must meet the following criteria:

  • Tag or otherwise describe that this is your submission for the screenshot category
  • No image size restriction, so go wild!


While the decision about the winners is going to be made by The Forge team, submissions that get the most likes are getting an additional point in our decision process, so be sure to like your favorite ones!
To like a post simply press :heart: at the bottom of that post.

The contest closes on December 1st so we have enough time to judge the submissions and announce the winners for Christmas! Let the game begin and unleash your imagination!

Submit your artwork by simply replying to this thread with corresponding description and images attached.


  • Q: When is the deadline for the contest again ?
  • A: December 1st 2020, and we’ll announce the winners before December 25th.
  • Q: Can you sum up the prizes again ?
  • A: The contest has 3 categories with 6 prizes total for a total value of $477.95 USD. The winners can choose the Forge subscription prize or payment (via PayPal) of its monetary value.
    • Background: World Builder tier subscription for a year, or $139.99 USD
    • Banners: 2 Story Teller tier subscription for a year, or $96.99 USD (per winner)
    • Screenshots: 3 Game Master tier subscriptions for a year, or $47.99 USD (per winner)
  • Q: What if I already have a subscription to The Forge ?
  • A: Do not despair! In case we pick your submission as a winning one, you can always receive the value of the subscription as a cash prize instead. If you wish, we can also upgrade your current subscription by as many tiers as the prize offers. You can also gift the subscription (or any left over upgrade) to your family, friends and frenemies!
  • Q: So if I’m already on Story Teller tier and I win the banner contest (Story Teller prize), how will it work if I want to upgrade?
  • A: The prize of that category being a Story Teller subscription, you get 2 tier upgrades. The first level of upgrade puts you at World Builder, and you have one level left over, which means you can gift a Game Master subscription to a friend or take its value ($47.99) in cash instead.
  • Q: Can I enter the contest multiple times or in multiple categories?
  • A: Yes! Every artwork counts as an individual submission. For example, if you send us 2 backgrounds and 3 banners, we will count it as 5 submissions, so send us as much as you want and show us all that your creativity has to offer!
  • Q: What is The Forge and why should I care?
  • A: The Forge is a hassle-free hosting experience for your Foundry VTT games. Quick start, 24/7 availability, high-speed network, an optimized experience with no configuration required is among the core benefits you gain with The Forge. Read more about it at FAQ.

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Screenshot Category


This looks gorgeous! I love that waterfall mist effect!

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Another screenshot category!


A couple of either background submissions (With VTT banner) (With no banner)


Background Submission

Hi all,

Here is my submission for the BG. It’s Bel’s Forge in Avernus.
The original file is 5250 x 4323 pixels.

Here is how it would look like. I took the liberty to also design a logo.


Gaar Blood Muck my Totem Barbarian I get to bring to life inside The Forge!


Hi guys. I’m Leonardo (Sargarath) co-founder of “Grimório do mestre” (master’s grimoire) a small (very small to be true =x) Brazilian RPG Streaming channel. I’m happy to submit some artworks for the contest. We run Online RPG games using The forge and foundry and we are very happy of how fun ,immersive and pratical our games have became since we started using these tools.

Hope you enjoy these arts. Some os then show a custom WWII survival horror system that I fully developed and played with my friends. TY, cya.

The forge background image 2nd option

The forge background image 1st option

Intro image (640x480)
Intro The forge 640x480px - GrimĂłrio do mestre

Screenshot 1 - Ship battle, Pirate themed table

Screenshot 2 - WWII Survival RPG homebrew system Final Battle against nazi zombies

Screenshot 3 - WWII Survival RPG homebrew system exploring the grim doctor manor


Here is the screen shot I have set up for the Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign I’m working on. Figured it would be fun to build a setting specific player hand out. This is the cover of that material, replicated in the banner so players know they are in the right campaign.

This is the player view of the landing page for the Session Zero of the Rime Campaign mentioned above. Thought is to set this up and use it as landing for party before each game. The cards at top will be character portraits in ink and those will be used for the tokens as well. The bone skull and the stone owl are local fetishes. The hook is a Ten Towns heavy line hook and the Zhent coin is thrown in to see if anyone notices. The Calendar of Harptos has tenday break out and phases of the moon for every month (these are useful in the module). The map of Ten Towns has an X where the party is and that can move around each session. The map at very bottom is map to Icewind Dale from Sword Coast. The pace beads on the lower right will reflect party level and, of course, the note pad on the right will have current date and relevant notes/objectives carried over from previous session.


Here I go…
Screenshot. (I make better maps than I ca take screenshots…)

Background. Screenshot? (this was intended to be a background. I was inspired by by the one Forge has now and wanted to capture something similar. I think it would actually work best as screenshot…)

Game Banner. (I captured part of my landing board I have for LMoP and DoIP campaign.)
Game Banner 01


Screenshot from my Pirates of Drinax campaign on The Forge
Background/ship map is by my co-developer UltraKev.

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My screenshot entry is the crowded marketplace with a giant brawl in-progress! :fist_right:

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The only worthy shopkeeper to have in a D&D campaign

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Sci-Fi screenshot:

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This is the player table used for my Curse of Strahd game!

The table and its assets are custom drawn and made by my very own talented players. Upon this table, the party has the ability to set up their marching order, their camp, and night-watch on a day-to-day basis!

As well, specific assets, like the book, are able to open up journal entries, making it even more immersive for my players. I love what Foundry and Forge are able to do for my sessions!

My submission!

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