The Art Contest Results!

Hi everyone!

The holiday season is upon us and we hope your spirits are high and in a celebrating mood! It’s the time to give and receive gifts and you all deserve it! We have some surprises here for you so be sure to read the full post! :wink:

The time has come to announce the winners of the great Forge Contest. First of all, we would like to thank all who participated and made our contest more colorful and amazing. You’ve all made it that much harder for us to pick winners among the great content that was submitted. You’re all winners to us, as you showed everyone that Foundry VTT is an amazing, enjoyable and powerful experience.


We want to congratulate all our winners. We loved what you’ve shown us and we thank you for participating and for providing us with such good content. The choice was difficult, and some content we loved but we couldn’t award, but like we said, you’re all winners to us, and so, as a thank you to our community for improving The Forge itself with your amazing submissions, we decided to gift to every participant a 1-year Extra Assets. Yes, this wasn’t part of the original contest rules, but it is the giving season after all, and we wanted to show our gratitude to everyone who participated!


Let’s start with the screenshot category in which the community submitted an amazing variety of screenshots. Here we have 3 winners, each winning a 1-year Game Master subscription ($47.99 USD) or its equivalent as a cash prize.

The first screenshot is from grimorio_do_mestre who not only won a prize in this contest but who also submitted multiple amazing entries and caused a lot of debating between the judges! The screenshot shows a World War type of roleplay with zombies. As he hails from Brazil, the gameplay itself is in Portuguese showing how diverse our community is already. We loved the style of your game and how you’ve arranged all the windows to show a truly unique gameplay style that is refreshing to see. Congratulations @grimorio_do_mestre, you deserve it and we hope to see more from you in future contests!

The next winner in the screenshot category is Innil who as well submitted many items and they were so good that we had a hard time to decide between them let alone compared to other submissions! The decisions for this one boiled down to showing the beautiful spell animations, besides the amazing map in it. We congratulate @innil and cheers on many new amazing submissions in the future!

And the final winner of the screenshot category is the amazing nix. Same as with the other two winners in this category, nix has submitted many incredible screenshots that just made us stand in awe. The screenshot is brilliant. The colors are vivid, the dragon is amazing, the breathing fire on the rolled dice is a great touch, and it’s all just perfection. Congratulations @nix for this well deserved win and cheers to a future full of your submissions in The Forge forums!


Next, we had two winners in the banners category, each winning a 1-year Story Teller ($96.99 USD) subscription. One entry was for Reddit/Twitter banner and the other one was for replacing the default Game banner on The Forge itself.

This submission from caffeine is the winner of the Twitter/Reddit banner category. It ended up looking great both on Twitter and Reddit and we felt that the content in it is a great representation of The Forge itself. The attention to detail here is incredible, and the text, font, colors, gradient transparency, placement of content, everything is perfect. Congratulations to @caffeine and we hope to see more from you in the future.

The item that was probably most debated over by the judges was the Game banner. In the end basil took the win with this great submission. We love the dice, and the contrast of colors makes this a beautiful image that would fit as a great default banner for everyone’s game. Congratulations to @basil, and may all your rolls on The Forge be natural 20s.


Last but not least, the background category. The background will be used to replace the current one on The Forge website itself and the winner gets our highest tier subscription, World Builder ($139.99 USD), for a year as a prize.

As the background will be visible on all the pages, and has to fit with so much other content from the site, this was a very hard decision, but sygdom blew us away. The number and level of details in this image, as well as the color palette used and how it all meshes together made this an incredible image that just blew all of the judges away. Sygdom even showed us how it would look on the website in their submission, which was a big factor in convincing us that this would look absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations @sygdom on getting this well deserved win in a very fierce battle! :wink: We hope to see more of you in the future.

Honorable mentions

This announcement wouldn’t feel right for us if we didn’t also mention a few submissions that we loved but that just felt short of winning it, so here are our honorable mentions :
@torquemadaza for their screenshots, especially the animated nightfall submission with its beautiful lighting.
@PogS_Props for the great Forge themed background submission
@maxxiii for the incredible 8-bit art they submitted in each category.
@jamesmcmanus91 for the beautiful background images they submitted.
@grimorio_do_mestre for the extremely nice and detailed game banner submission.

Thank you, to our whole community for improving The Forge this year. :heart: We have a whole new year in front of us, and so many new exciting plans and features we want to include, so stay put! :smiley: Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, and have a great year.

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