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The Forge

Why do you only give 500MB of quota on Game Master Tier, what if I run out of space?

The 500MB quota is meant to be used for your worlds and any custom system or module you wish to install. It is entirely separate from asset storage. It is more than enough for most people to create dozens or even a hundred worlds. Most worlds will only use 2MB to 5MB of data, while bigger worlds (such as complete Wizard of the Coast adventures) use 10MB to 20MB of data. An average of of over 2000 worlds on The Forge gave us an average world size of 6.1MB.

Also, use of The Forge’s Bazaar, which features publicly available Systems and Modules do not use your data space, but compendiums within those systems and modules do count towards the quota.

If you still need more space, you can add an Extra Data subscription to your existing Forge Subscription to increase your quota limit.

Foundry VTT

How do I create new worlds, or install modules?

For story-teller or higher tier subscriptions, you can create new worlds via the My Foundry page. Click on the plus sign icon below the “Table Tools” box to create a world. From there, you can create a new world, or select an existing world/adventure on The Bazaar.
The process for the Game Master tier is a little different. Login to your account, and launch your table. Then navigate to your settings, following the screenshot pictured below :

Then click on the Return to Setup button:


If you are unable to log in for any reason from within The Forge’s game configuration page, you can stop the server, restart it, and it will start on the Setup page of Foundry.
From the Setup page, you can follow the default process for creating a new Foundry world.

My game isn't working correctly, I can't unpause the game or I can't switch maps, and a lot of features aren't working. Or The map isn't showing at all/grey screen

The most likely issue is that Hardware Acceleration is disabled in your browser. You can follow the instructions here to fix this issue.

There is no Sound output drop down: Firefox

This option is not available by default on Firefox for security reasons. You can enable it on Firefox by following the official instructions below :

Are there differences between a local Foundry and one hosted on The Forge?

Your local Foundry application is a Chromium browser with the address bar hidden, so accessing Foundry from the Desktop application or through your browser makes no difference at all.


There are many additions and/or advantages that The Forge provides when hosting your Foundry instance through it

  • The Forge module is transparently loaded on every game and cannot be disabled. It allows integration with the Assets Library and auto-idling of inactive games.
  • A “Return to Setup” button is added to the Foundry join screen for the game owner
  • Worlds/Modules/Systems installed through the package installer in Foundry are using the Bazaar to install the packages instantly and without using your Data Quota.


Due to the nature of hosting your game in the Cloud, there are also some additional limitations that make it differ from running a server locally.

  • You can’t access the Configuration pane within Foundry’s setup page. Relevant Foundry settings are instead configurable from the Forge’s game setup page.
  • For security reasons, if an admin access key is not configured, only the game owner can access Foundry’s setup page.
  • You cannot control some of the configuration options of Foundry, such as:
    • The port the server runs on
    • Setting a custom hostname, other than configuring a subdomain through the Forge
    • Using an AWS S3 bucket for storage
  • File uploads into the Data folder is disabled, and file uploads need to use the Assets Library (transparently done for you through the Forge module)