Server update changelog

January 31st 2021

  • Fix an error thrown by the Forge module on load due to the activity checker being uninitialized
  • Fix an issue when enabling the user manager if a world exists with zero users in it
  • Automatically create a Gamemaster user when creating a new game from the game manager
  • Automatically associate the Game master user of a new game with the user’s account
  • Fix another autoscaling issue caused by an underlying library mishandling pagination

February 8th 2021

  • Fix issue where the explorer mode demo license could be assigned for a game after the user subscribed
  • Improve the Bazaar page loading time by limiting the returned API information to not include some large data that is unused.
  • Added a way to request via the API a more complete package information, including full html package description from the foundry site listing, and release notes link.
  • Fixed the bazaar updater not properly fetching release notes information from new releases
  • Fix issue with the bazaar package list flickering/refreshing when some actions are performed
  • Fix an issue where the page hash in the bazaar might have an invalid attribute added to it
  • Allow links within a Bazaar package description to function
  • Added more base changes needed for the upcoming full package view UI in the Bazaar
  • Added a dedicated assets/create API endpoint to be used by an upcoming Forge module update, to optimize the upload process coming from the module.
  • Autoscaler: always ensure that a region has at least one available server
  • Add a fix that hopefully handles the very rare race condition of having a Foundry instance running on a server without it being tracked by the database.
  • Handle server shutdowns more gracefully to make updates transition more smoothly to new server versions
  • Cleaned part of the code and did a lot of kubernetes integration & migration work

February 10th 2021

  • Another Bazaar update, adding selectable packages with a full page view of each package
    • Adds support for displaying more detailed information about each package
    • Adds support for displaying the full package description and screenshots/videos
    • Provides more information for Premium and Patreon exclusive packages
    • Links to the package page on the newly launched Foundry Hub
  • Implement asset upload optimizations in the Forge module
  • Switch the md5 and jszip dependency libraries to using cdnjs hosted links
  • Open links in the game descriptions and bazaar package descriptions in a new window
  • Progressive migration to the Kubernetes infrastructure

February 18th 2021

  • Huge update, with 72 total commits that finally brings a much anticipated feature to the Forge : The Bazaar marketplace is now open and ready to provide you with premium content sold directly by your favorite creators!
    • Add the ability to purchase modules and other packages directly from the Forge
    • Allow a package to have a “Pay what you want” or fixed pricing, along with or without a minimum price
    • Add the ability to gift a purchase with a custom message and claim it into another account
    • Add a new package type forge-gift-card for Gift Cards, so you can thank your GM for their hard work
    • Added a way to set roles for user accounts so selected users can have access to a creator dashboard to publish their content and view sales
    • Add a section in My Account page to see purchases and account balance
    • Download purchased content, reclaim your own gifts, buy content to give to someone, save cart for later, etc…
  • Add support in the Bazaar for having a package made available if the user supports more than a single Patreon creator (for partnerships where two creators offer the same module to their supporters)
  • Do not require people to login to see 404 error pages, and correct return the status code in the API endpoints in case of 404
  • Prevent scrolling back to the top of the page when closing a full page view of a bazaar module from the module’s section
  • Fix server side issue that was causing problems with the new 0.8.0 Foundry release.
  • Parallelize profile requests to speed up the payment manager dialog becoming ready to use
  • Do not show a black background behind screenshot/cover images of bazaar packages if the carousel has a single image in it.
  • Various miscellaneous backend fixes and improvements
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February 20th 2021

  • Fix an issue transferring user data from one region to another
  • Hide package icon from carousel if package has an icon
  • Added a creator’s dashboard for content creators to submit packages to the Bazaar

February 23rd 2021

  • Refresh the user’s entitlements in the Bazaar after making a purchase
  • Added a Marketplace and On Sale categories in the Bazaar
  • Added some polishing and finished the interface in the creator’s dashboard for Bazaar vendors
  • Fixed issue where it would try to use the Bazaar when installing a package that isn’t listed on the Bazaar but has been in the past.
  • Do not update the billing information if there were no changes to it

February 24th 2021

  • Fix issue with the import wizard skipping assets that were under the data folder
  • Separate browsing for files from the Bazaar into its own Tab within Foundry’s file browser
  • Add support for packages of type “assets” for releasing asset packs through the Bazaar marketplace
  • Misc changes relating to the creator’s dashboard

February 25th 2021

  • Display the Bazaar tab to the left of the Assets Library tab in Foundry’s file browser
  • Sort content in the marketplace automatically by most recently updated package when switching the view to the marketplace category
  • More miscellaneous improvements for the Bazaar creator’s dashboard

March 1st 2021

  • Fix package version overflowing in the bazaar when the version number is too long
  • Fix creating folders in the Assets Library within Foundry’s file browser
  • Update link to the marketplace from the user’s purchases listing when empty
  • Make all marketplace content downloadable by their creators
  • Revert Ireland’s VAT rate from its reduced 21% rate to 23%
  • Change download link for bazaar purchases to have a .zip extension since firefox ignores the filename returned in the response
  • Fix cover image for worlds in the Bazaar with the optimizer disabled.
  • Add a notice to the front page that a Foundry VTT license is required.

March 6th 2021

  • Change the way The Forge uses the Foundry licenses in a multi-license environment to allow access to the installed Foundry protected premium content in every game
  • Fix the reset password link for users with an email address containing the + character
  • Add an alert for marketplace content that makes it clear whether or not the content is downloadable for non Forge subscribers or not.
  • Ensure that once a premium content was purchased from the marketplace, it is always available in the Bazaar to those who purchased it, even if the package is unpublished by the creator.
  • Another attempt to fix the rare unicorn bug which can cause games to be inaccessible. Hopefully it’s the right fix this time :crossed_fingers:
  • Various improvements to the marketplace creator dashboard
    • Show a more sensible error when trying to add a package that already exists
    • Allow creators to install their own content from the Bazaar to test it before publishing it

March 10th 2021

  • Change the “Login with patreon” button appear below the “Log in” button and include Patreon logo and brand colors
  • Show external links to a package’s authors from the Manifest+ authors fields (email, website, twitter, reddit, discord, patreon, ko-fi)
  • Fix typo in a Bazaar package’s uninstall button showing “Install”
  • Fix installing a package from manifest in the Bazaar when the package is a marketplace content that allows manifest installs.

March 12th 2021

  • Do not mistakenly mark a Bazaar package as having been updated when only its metadata was changed
  • Fix processing of manifest+ link field instead of url during the Bazaar optimization of premium packages
  • Allow installation of Pay-What-You-Want modules that have a minimum price of 0$ without requiring the module be ‘purchased’ first.
  • Sort user purchases by date for easier review
  • More improvements to the Bazaar Creator dashboard
    • Added ability to export all purchases and payouts as CSV
    • Added option to allow creators to generate virtual purchases of their packages that they can send as gifts
    • Ensure new submitted packages have a valid manifest link so processing happens more smoothly
    • Add an admin interface to get an overview of the creators and contents
  • Various behind the scene infrastructural changes

March 13th 2021

  • Automatically install package dependencies when installing a world
  • Fix creator interface that stopped allowing submission of new packages
  • Fix CSV export of premium purchases for creators

March 19th 2021

  • Added a Features page
  • Additional improvement to the Bazaar Creator’s dashboard

March 28th 2021

  • Fix possible crash with unzipping packages when the zip file is corrupted or file cannot be written
  • Fix issue with sending out emails to users (welcome email, forgot password, etc…)
  • Add a system to prevent uploads to the assets library if the account is banned or user account is in maintenance mode
  • Prevent bazaar packages from changing their unique ID through an erroneous manifest update
  • Removing an obsolete “Coming Soon” tooltip on the Create Game button

April 1st 2021

  • Remove foreign currency exchange preview estimate in the checkout page as it caused issues with subscribing (due to the external service not working anymore)

April 3rd 2021

  • Optimize the Assets Library client side rendering to make it process and display large numbers of folders much faster
  • Add recursive size calculation for folders in the Assets Library and display the size of each folder
  • Add a clickable link to view/open each package in the Bazaar’s “Update All” dialog.
  • Fix installation of marketplace content that was bought somewhere else for package that is bought on the Bazaar marketplace and available as a foundry protected package
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April 6th 2021

  • Add info icons and links to the new “How to add/change/cancel a subscription” tutorial in the relevant areas of the site
  • Restore the support for showing exchange rates preview (which was removed on April 1st), by using an authenticated API
  • Allow creators to customize Bazaar package description which overrides the description on the foundry website
  • Improve the creator dashboard for dark themes
  • Better support for marketplace content that is also available as a foundry protected content

April 8th 2021

  • Created a contact page with information about Discord and Email, instead of the previous redirect to a mailto link

April 12th 2021

  • This is a big update which adds the support for the D&D Beyond integration as an early access beta feature
  • Fix a bug where browsing for assets could lead to an error if it happens before the Foundry UI is fully setup.

April 24th 2021

  • Automatically mark a newly added marketplace item as a new release when it gets published, rather than rely on the moment the package was first configured
  • Fix a rare (possibly affects creators only) bug where the bazaar may fail to display some content
  • Improvement to the creator dashboard to prevent overly long scrolling of purchases listing
  • Fix a possible bug if a user is trying to manipulate their data (import a world) through the API on the wrong region
  • Add error message sanitization to avoid leaking a user’s license key in an error message
  • multiple back end changes to improve performance and infrastructure setup
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April 30th 2021

  • Add a visual indicator to Bazaar packages that are on sale, showing a Sale ribbon and how much is off from the original price
  • Fix Bazaar search that broke for systems and worlds due to packages with undefined descriptions
  • Fix creator balance value being incorrect in some instances