How to add/change a subscription on The Forge

The Forge, first and foremost offers hosting services for Foundry Virtual Tabletop. We save you the effort of setting up your own server, and help you get started on what really matters- having fun!
But server time and labor doesn’t grow on trees- as a result, we charge a subscription to host your Foundry games. Here, we explain how you can add a subscription to your account, and change the subscription once added.

Table of Contents

Adding a subscription

Adding a subscription to your account is easy! First, you will need to log into your Forge Account. Then, navigate to your My Account page. Scroll down. Under “Membership Information”, select the “Manage Subscriptions” button.

If you have not added a Foundry license key to your account, you may receive a warning about it in the pop-up.

The Forge only hosts for Foundry Virtual Tabletop- we do not own the software. You can click on “Foundry VTT License” to add one, assuming you already possess a license. If you do not, you can purchase one from the Foundry VTT website here.

Once adding a license, or if you already have one added to your account, you can proceed with adding a subscription.

If you have a Foundry license added to your account, the Manage Subscriptions menu should look like this:

Make sure to review the Plans and Pricing page to find a plan that is the best fit for your needs. Also, make sure to read through our Sales Policy - we do not offer refunds. Users are expected to try out The Forge during their automatic 14-day free trial, and cancel before they are charged.

Once you are done reviewing the Sale Policy, click “Add New Subscription”. You’ll be brought to a menu, where you can choose between different subscription tiers, and choose whether to pay monthly or annually (annual subscriptions are cheaper than paying monthly).

You can also click “Add Extras”, to receive further add-ons to your subscription. These can only be purchased annually, owing to their associated complexity.

In our example here, we will be purchasing the Story Teller subscription, annually. We will also add additional upload limits, so that we can upload bigger files (this is especially useful for content like animated battlemaps). Once added, you will see the changes to your current subscription plan. We have an example screenshot below:

Once you confirm that you have chosen your preferred plan, you can click “Checkout (Trial)”.

“Trial” on “Checkout” indicates that you will receive a 14-day free trial for your account. During this time, you can switch between plans and cancel immediately without being charged. Users who have previously purchased subscriptions will not receive an additional free trial. If you do not receive a free trial and you suspect that you should, please message Forge Support immediately.

If you have not previously provided your billing information, The Forge will ask for you to do so now.

Please fill out this information accurately, as failure to do so could delay/complicate your payment, which can in turn result in losing access to your account and its associated data.

Once you are finished filling out this information, or you have already done so, you can proceed to “Preview Subscription Changes”. You will be brought to the following page:

This page explains how to change your subscription after it has been finalized, the total cost of the subscription, and how often you will be charged (subscriptions are auto-renewing). If you wish to change your subscription type again before checkout, you will need to select “Close without changes”, and start again by clicking “Manage Subscriptions”. If you are satisfied with your choices, you can proceed and select “Enter Payment Details”.

You will be shown a payment menu, where you can choose your payment service. The Forge uses Stripe by default, but PayPal is also supported. (Note: If you use PayPal, you will see an authorization on your PayPal account, even if you have a free trial. You will not be charged until the end of your free trial). You will also be informed of how many days your account will receive for its free trial (the example account pictured below has only five minutes left on its free trial).

Enter your payment details here, or use the PayPal checkout process. Once done, click “Confirm Subscription”. If your payment is successfully processed, you will be informed that it has been updated successfully, and you will receive a link to the invoice (you will also receive a link to the invoice via email). Once this is done, you can now begin using The Forge!

Upgrading a Subscription

If you wish to upgrade your subscription, the process is simple. Log into your Forge account, and navigate to My Account. From there, select “Manage Subscriptions”, pictured below:

The example account we are using below is subscribed at the Story Teller tier. We will upgrade the account to the World Builder tier. However, these instructions are applicable when you’re upgrading to any kind of subscription tier on The Forge.

In the menu pictured above, select “Change Plan”, or “Change/Add Extras” if you wish to add additional account perks. In this example, we will be upgrading to the World Builder tier, and adding an additional expansion to our upload limit.

Once you have selected your chosen upgrades, you can select “Checkout”, pictured below:

Upon clicking “Checkout”, you will be prompted to update your billing information. If the billing information is out of date, update it now. Once you have updated your billing information, or if the billing information is accurate, select “Preview Subscription Changes”.

You will receive a summary of the cost of your new subscription. You will also receive a prorated credit, equal to the amount of unused subscription time that you currently have (if you are upgrading). If you are on your account’s 14-day free trial, you will instead receive an update to your upcoming invoice, due at the end of the free trial.

If you are unsatisfied with the changes to your account’s subscription at this time, select “Close without changes”. Otherwise, select “Enter Payment Details”.

You will be prompted to use an existing payment method, or provide a new one. Once you have filled out the relevant information, pictured below, you can select “Confirm Subscription”.

Warning: After you select “Confirm Subscription”, the payment will be finalized, and your payment method will be charged. If you do not want to update your subscription at this point, you can still go back by selecting “Close without changes”.

Once you have selected “Confirm Subscription”, you will receive the following popup, informing you that the payment has successfully gone through, and linking to the associated invoice (which will also be emailed to you):

Once you see this popup, it means that your payment has been finalized, and you can proceed to enjoy the benefits of your upgraded subscription! However, if the subscription change fails, you may need to correct a mistake in your payment information, or select a new method of payment.

Downgrading a Subscription

Any downgrades to a subscription on The Forge will only occur at the end of your current subscription period. The only exception to this is during your account’s 14-day free trial. During your free trial, you may upgrade/downgrade/cancel your subscription and add-on extras without penalty. You will only be charged for active subscriptions at the end of the trial. This is intended to give users time to experiment with The Forge and its various subscription tiers, to find out the plan that best fits their needs.

Downgrading a subscription is a similar process to upgrading a subscription. Log into your Forge account, and navigate to your My Account page. From there, select “Manage Subscriptions”, pictured below:

You will see a menu of your current subscription tier, as well as subscription add-ons.

Change your plan tier/extras to their desired level. Note: Lowering your plan’s storage space below the amount of data you have stored on The Forge will prevent you from uploading further data to the service. We strongly recommend making sure you will have enough storage space after the downgrade. If you do not, you will need to delete files within your Asset/Data Library to ensure you will be able to continue using The Forge’s hosting services.

In this example, we will remove one block of extra upload limit, as well as downgrade from the World Builder tier to the Story Teller tier. However, this guide is generalizable for any downgrading.

Once you have chosen your downgrades, select “Preview Changes”. You will see a summary of the changes to your account, with an example screenshot below. As a reminder, these changes will not occur until the end of your current billing cycle:

If you are not satisfied with these changes, select “Close without changes”. Otherwise, select “Confirm Changes”.

Upon selecting “Confirm Changes”, you will be informed that your subscription has been successfully updated!

Cancelling a Subscription

Note: We treasure every Forge user! If you are unsure about cancelling your subscription, please reach out and contact us- we’ll see what we can do to help retain you as a user.

Any cancellation to an ongoing subscription will occur at the end of your current billing cycle. As a reminder, The Forge has a no refund policy. Users are expected to try out The Forge and discover if it works for them within the 14-day free trial.

To cancel a subscription, log into your Forge account, and navigate to My Account. From there, select “Manage Subscriptions”, pictured below:

You will be shown a page displaying your current, and future subscription options. Select “Change Plan” and/or “Change/Add Extras”, pictured below:

Any active subscriptions (subscriptions that will be billed at a later date) will have a button to cancel them, displayed below:

Navigate to the subscriptions that you wish to cancel, and then select “Cancel”.

For the extra/add-on subscriptions, navigate to their dropdown menu, and select the “0” (zero) options. Once you are done choosing the subscriptions you wish to cancel, select “Preview Changes”.

You will be shown a preview of the cancelled subscription changes being made to your account. An example screenshot is below:

If you change your mind at this point, you can cancel by selecting “Close without changes”. If you wish to proceed however, select “Confirm Changes”. Once selecting “Confirm Changes”, you will see the following confirmation, after a few seconds:

Once you see the confirmation, you are done! Your subscription(s) will be canceled at the end of your current billing cycle. If you are currently on your free trial when you cancel, the free trial will end and you will not be charged.