Server update changelog

April 3rd 2023

  • Releasing our new Patreon Integration feature for Bazaar Creators
    • With 3 redesigns and rewrites of the feature and over a year in development and hundreds of commits, this is one of our major features to continue improving our user’s experience with the Bazaar
    • The Patreon Integration allows users at Story Teller and higher to install packages on the Bazaar from their favorite Patreon creators by simply linking their Patreon account
    • Improves the onboarding of the user, now showing you what tiers you need, and what steps you need to take in order to unlock content
    • Adds a Patreon category in the Bazaar packages listing
  • Fix further bug with default icon token variants for pathfinder2 games running on The Forge
  • Switch to using Patreon API v2 for OAuth 3rd party authentication
  • Improve error reporting when trying to login with a 3rd party tool and failing due to an API error (Patreon API is often unstable and causes sometimes a non user friendly error)
  • Return to the same tab in the account page when linking 3rd party account or refreshing Patreon pledges

April 12th 2023

  • Update the D&D Beyond integration to add support for subclasses in books that don’t include the parent class (i.e: if a subclass is defined in a book like TCoE or XGtE, which reference a parent class found in BR or PHB, then import it under a “Subclasses” folder)
  • Update D&D Beyond modules metadata to the latest release
  • Set the new OVH server region as the new default region for new users
  • Fix bug introduced in recent update with regards to pathfinder2 default icon token variants
  • Further improvements to internal tools

April 26th 2023

  • Restore access to automatic backups by moving all users to the new region setting
  • Add the ability to delete unlinked Foundry users when the User Manager is enabled
  • Fix various extreme use cases that caused the User Manager to misbehave and avoid adding the #2 suffix to usernames unnecessarily in some situations
  • Updates to the creator profile
    • Packages can now be fully viewed and installed from within the profile page instead of redirecting to the full bazaar page on click
    • Removed the background for creator avatars, allowing for transparent backgrounds
    • Removed the frame around creator avatars, making it look nicer for those with a round avatar
    • Improved the display of a creator’s profile page with no available packages
    • Improve the display of the notification while user content is being verified
    • Add error handling if the avatar or banner image fails to load to prevent a broken image being displayed
    • Fix creator website url without the https:// prefix not working properly
    • Improved dark mode support
  • Add the ability to filter message types and search within Foundry logs
  • Update the DDB Integration to support converting subclasses that inherit the spell slots information from their parent class instead of redefining it
  • Fix tiles support in the DDB Integration and broken module description for LMI and MCV3 books
  • Fix the bazaar search to be more robust in case of a custom module with bad data in its manifest
  • Updates to the Bazaar Creators’ dashboard
    • Added the option to search for packages using multiple terms.
    • Improved handling of avatar/banner upload
    • Fix the view profile button becoming clickable when setting up a new profile and entering an already in use vanity url
    • Fix new package type dropdown when entering a url so it matches the type of filename entered
    • Fix user installs statistics being incorrectly displayed when previewing a package from the dashboard
    • Many other smaller polishing changes and bug fixes
  • Fix typo on the 2FA configuration page
  • Fix issue that prevented banned users from logging out, and make the ban reason text html-safe

May 5th 2023

  • Refactored the Bazaar updater to work much more efficiently, allowing module updates to be detected and handled more quickly
  • Fix patreon integration not working properly inside a creator’s profile page
  • Add warning in invoice previews about Australia and Norway sales tax being charged from June 1st
  • Fix issue when doing a wildcard tokens browse using relative paths and including special characters
  • Fix issue with wildcard tokens browse from an account other than the game owner while also using relative paths in the wildcard path
  • Allow Adventure packs in modules or shared compendium to be system-agnostic due to a change in behavior in Foundry v10.
  • Update D&D Beyond metadata, fixing the map URLs from Dragons of Stormwreck Isle
  • Fix an issue which prevented a user from re-subscribing if they change their billing information and they had a saved credit card that was also expired.
  • Fix a bug which corrupted a bazaar module’s data when a package was released with an empty version

May 10th 2023

  • Update the D&D Beyond integration to the latest ddb-meta-data, including fixes for the map urls for Mythic Odysseys of Theros, Shadow of the Dragon Queen, and Tyranny of Dragons books.
  • Update the D&D Beyond converter to correctly set the monster subtype on generated actors
  • Fix the D&D Beyond converter to correctly set monster condition immunities

May 11th 2023

  • Releasing our 3rd iteration of the Assets Library revamp work with multiple new features and additional polish
    • Show a preview of the first frame of video assets instead of a generic video icon
    • Add a toggle to hide/show the toolbox sidebar when browsing assets
    • Add the ability to do a search for multiple terms at once using + as separator which acts as an ‘AND’, allowing the user to fine tune their search for specific assets
    • Change how empty folders look and make the entire folder area a drop area for file uploads
    • Redesign the upload dialog to make it easier to use with a large drop area and a checkbox for unzipping files before upload
    • Show a progress overlay during move, copy, upload and delete operations
    • Added support for cancelling an upload/rename/move/delete that is in progress without the need to reload the page
    • Asset preview in sidebar is now a fixed size so that elements do not jump around when hovering on different assets.
    • Fixed a bug which showed incorrect count and broke Ctrl+A behaviour while searching.
    • Fixed a bug which broke the assets browser if the page was refreshed with a recursive search in the URL hash.
    • Added detection of filename conflict during a rename and prompt the user to confirm the overwrite instead of silently overwriting the files.
    • Added support for resolving collisions during file moves and prompt user to skip/overwrite/cancel each collision detected
    • Added the ability to rename assets in list view as well
    • Added support for previewing more audio and video files, such as recognizing m4a files as audio files
    • When dragging assets to move or copy, disable the drop targets that would cause the files to be moved into the same origin location
    • Improved usability on mobile by having collapsible sidebar toolbox and making the move and copy buttons clickable as well as draggable
    • Improved various styling and controls to be more user friendly and visually pleasing
    • Added icon file types for PDF files and 3D assets
    • Added a loading spinner while image assets are being loaded
    • Improved asset search by making it asynchronous and displaying a search in progress prompt
  • Changing server regions will now show progress and tell the user when the region change has completed and auto-redirect the user once the process has completed
  • Added the language selection to the navigation bar, allowing logged in and logged out users to set the website page to their language of choice. Note that the site translation is a work in progress and currently in beta.
  • Take into account the user’s default browser language for new users visiting the site, if their language is one of the supported languages the Forge has.
  • Fix issue where errors installing a badly packaged module via manifest link did not propagate the error to the user and left the package in “installation in progress” status until it timed out.
  • Prevent user from launching a game while installing a custom or premium package as that can disrupt the installation process and is one of the likely causes for some users having failed installations with leftover zip files and data quota exceeded errors.
  • Change the way the user manager resets user passwords in order to be compatible with Foundry v11
  • Add some preparatory work for supporting Foundry v11’s new setup menu
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May 11th 2023 (Part 2)

  • Small fix to internationalization which caused the assets library page to fail to load for some languages

May 12th 2023

  • Fix issue which caused the import wizard to fail uploading assets, continuously thinking that the user cancelled the upload process.

May 15th 2023

  • Fix issue when changing regions which could leave the user’s account locked if it failed to idle games
  • Fix a bug which prevented selecting assets in list view in the assets library
  • Fix upload of zip files to the assets library not unzipping the files in some situations even with the option enabled
  • Additional small visual polish to the assets library
  • Update the Forge Workshop page to mark Patreon Integration as being completed

May 17th 2023

  • Website polish, making better use of html semantics
  • Add Instagram link to social links
  • Adopt a new “Forge green” color scheme for use in the navbar and footer
  • Change navigation bar to better show which page is being viewed and which link is highlighted
  • Change footer of the page to look nicer with cleaner social links and responsive to small screens
  • Fix highlight of the assets library navbar entry when in the assets library page.
  • Fix display of hotkeys and update page translations

May 25th 2023

  • Add support for Foundry V11
    • Support for the new LevelsDB database format (for the user manager, import wizard, and the other 100 things that were affected)
    • Support new setup menu layout and configuration options
    • Support for “Return to Forge” in the new join screen
    • Add support for installing recommended package dependencies
    • Add support for the new Foundry telemetry opt-in setting
    • Add support for new vending step during package installation
    • Redesigned how package optimizations occur to allow server-side migration of worlds and modules when using v11 database formats.
  • Add support for assigning tags to Bazaar packages by creators, in preparation for a future Bazaar update that will improve discoverability of packages
  • Update the subscription manager to better integrate with the license add dialog when a user attempts to subscribe before adding a license key
  • Remove all old deprecated handlebars files
  • Misc fixes to internationalization

May 25th 2023 (part 2)

  • Automatically discard old versions of packages if a newer version of the package has a maximum compatibility flag set that marks it as incompatible with your Foundry version (prevents some systems, like pf2e, lancer, dnd3.5e, etc… from showing very old pre-v9 releases as the only compatible ones).
  • Display in the Bazaar all packages, even those that are incompatible with your Foundry version, instead of hiding them. Prevent installation of such incompatible packages instead and display a warning about it.

May 26th 2023

  • Fix an issue introduced in yesterday’s release which would cause some compendium packs from premium foundry modules or custom modules to become empty once installed

May 27th 2023

  • Fix error when trying to install a custom module
  • Fix issue causing v11 compendium packs to not be migrated properly during imports
  • Fix a rare race condition that could cause issues with package updates in the bazaar
  • Fix issue that prevented v11 packs from being migrated during bazaar updates.
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May 31st 2023

  • Fix issues exporting or cloning a world that is actively running in Foundry v11
  • Add support for taxes for Australia and Norway
  • Show currency exchange to AUD and NOK currencies
  • Misc improvements to the Bazaar Creator’s package listing
  • Add tax ID field to the billing information for Bazaar Creators
  • Fix issue with invoicing for creators which billed them less than expected
  • Added an internal endpoint to export a system
  • Upgrade ddb-meta-data to fix
  • Internal tools update
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June 3rd 2023

  • Add a Help button to the navigation bar which makes use of an AI bot trained on our documentation, to help answer common user questions
  • Add support for author flags in module manifests, allowing the display of various author links in the Bazaar
  • Fix issues with Foundry v11 when uninstalling modules with compendium packs or deleting worlds while Foundry is running and using the module/world.

June 3rd 2023 (Part 2)

  • Fix a bug introduced in the earlier update which prevented some modules from getting uninstalled
  • Fix an error shown in console when the user is not logged in

June 12th 2023

  • Add dererk to the About page
  • Remove arcanist from the team page and move to acknowledgements page
  • Fix Discord URLs using the wrong domain in a creator’s profile page
  • Improve user accounts listing in v11 with the User Manager while Foundry is running
  • Make the Tax ID optional for Bazaar Creators during package submission
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July 5th 2023

  • Introducing our new Bazaar interface with updated search and filters functionality!
    • One of the largest updates we’ve had with over 300 commits, and over 5 months of work! :scream:
    • New powerful search UI with suggested packages and more control over the info to search for
    • New Filters sidebar making use of the recently released Bazaar content’s tags system.
    • Impossible to list the hundreds of changes and features, so check out the new Bazaar interface and play with it instead!
  • Fix issue with actor image being reset in some special situations (such as when actor levels up with Crucible system)
  • Fix the pf2e token default image assignment on Foundry v11
  • Change default dark mode primary button color to slate blue to make toggles and other UI elements more visible against the dark background
  • Various misc changes to internal Forge tools
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July 6th 2023

  • Fix issue recognizing purchased content in the new Bazaar interface
  • Fix display of unlisted custom packages in the new Bazaar interface
  • Change quick filters of the new Bazaar interface to be better suited
  • Fix bug where pressing Enter on the world name in the New Game dialog dismissed the dialog instead of creating the world.
  • Fix Enter key not being recognized in the 2FA prompt to submit the code