Server update changelog

August 11th 2023

  • Added Vaibhav and Denise to the About Us page
  • Removed Kevin from the About page and move to Acknowledgements page
  • Fix accessing compendium packs from games when more than one game is running in parallel, by implementing a Forge specific workaround for Foundry database access to bypass the locked compendiums
  • Redesign the UI for the clone world, export world, export compendiums and delete data files dialogs
  • Rename the “Select Data files to delete” button into “View Data Storage” as it’s more appropriate with the new UI design
  • Fix issue with premium systems entitlements on the New Game dialog
  • Add display of maximum core compatibility in the Bazaar’s full package metadata
  • Fix handling of packages with unnamed compendium packs, using the filename as fallback.
  • Fix sideloading of package compatibility flags for v10 and up
  • Multiple fixes to package migration of v11 worlds and packages
  • Prevent user management related errors from affecting enabling/disabling the Game Manager
  • Fix user manager being disabled on cloned worlds that had the user manager enabled
  • Force shut down a game when cloning a world while Foundry v11 is running, to prevent data corruption in the cloned world
  • Fix double popup dialog when cancelling the delete world prompt
  • Improve detection of system, module, or world install when using a manifest URL to install a package from the new Bazaar
  • Fix issue where the user’s language would appear as null instead of English
  • Improve wording of error message when failing to perform world upgrade due to version deprecation
  • Add tier names and specify the currency for the D&D Beyond beta integration
  • Fix a long standing database bug which could cause (very rarely) failure to launch a game with a “cannot find suitable server” error, despite it not being the case.
  • Upgrading server backend to Node 20 and other miscellaneous tools fixes and upgrades

August 11th 2023 (part 2)

  • Reverted the fix for v11 compendium packs due to a last minute issue that was discovered
  • Reverted upgrade to Node 20 for the websocket proxy as it caused regular disconnections to users.

August 12th 2023

  • Fix visual issues in the site’s text due to a missing internationalization library causing strings to disappear. Bug introduced from yesterday’s update.

August 14th 2023

  • Bring back the fix for v11 compendium packs being viewable across multiple games. Fixing the issue with long paths that we encountered last week
  • Fix a race condition that causes users to sometimes see a getaddrinfo ENOTFOUND null error when trying to launch their games.

August 25th 2023

  • Add the ability to preview the Foundry telemetry data (diagnostics.json) in the telemetry option dialog.
  • Update our compendium fixing tool to fix compendiums and modules to be v11 compatible. Any compendium that would have disappeared in v11 due to specification changes, would be fixable now so it can be available again.
  • Add support for setting the Foundry theme in games, which changes the look & feel of the setup page and join pages on Foundry v11
  • Automatically export a backup of users worlds when upgrading a world to v11 from the setup page, when the Game Manager is disabled.
  • Automatically delete the old nedb file format database post-migration to v11 to avoid duplication of data in user’s Data Storage on v11
  • Prevent update of Foundry systems and modules while a game is running which uses their compendiums, to prevent possible corruption of the compendiums from the running v11 instance
  • Prevent import of worlds, systems or module which would overwrite an existing package that has locked databases from a running Foundry v11 instance
  • Fix detection logic of locked leveldb database on Linux which uses an advisory lock rather than an I/O lock.
  • Adding more polish to the Bazaar creator’s pages
    • Add the new and more powerful search bar from the Bazaar to the creator’s pages, making it easier to filter/search for specific content
    • Hide the link to the creator page in a package when viewed from within the creator page itself
    • Fix flickering when refreshing package list
    • Improve padding/overflow/css to clean up the UI
  • Add a notification to the user when changing account information, prompting them to input their password before being able to save changes, as that caused confusion to users in the past
  • Highlight password field when it is required to update account information
  • Improve the “New Game” dialog to better support mobile devices and small screens and be more responsive to resolution changes.
  • Improve the Sort button in the clone tab of the new game dialog to make it less confusing to users
  • Add helpful indication to the import wizard prompting the user to shut down their local Foundry before importing.
  • More website polish and internationalization fixes

August 29th 2023

  • Added Rughalt to the About Us page
  • Improve performance of the Bazaar page so it loads faster
  • When deleting content from the “View Data Storage” dialog, retain the sort and page position of the list
  • Improve the demo page with center aligned text and updated screenshot
  • In Foundry v11 setup page, hide the ! warning pip when an admin password isn’t set, as it is not recommended on The Forge
  • Revert the upgrade to node 20 from August 11th, as it seems to be the cause of kernel deadlocks requiring reboot of our kubernetes nodes, which was the cause of some service slowdowns in the past couple of weeks.

September 6th 2023

  • Improve our Fix Compendium for Foundry update tool to better differentiate between v10 and v11 specific incompatibilities and not require setting a system on modules that don’t require one.
  • Add support for correctly detecting when the incoming update for a custom module is incompatible with the current Foundry version and reject the custom module’s update.
  • Fix a bug which caused the plans page to suggest the user can start a new trial even after their trial period had ended
  • Show remaining trial days in the plans page when a user is still within their trial period, but has already subscribed and is currently without an active subscription.
  • Improve miscellaneous admin tools

September 6th 2023 (part 2)

  • Fix Bazaar bug introduced in this morning’s update which causes custom modules to always appear to have an incompatible update

September 7th 2023

  • Fix issue which caused zip download of purchased bazaar packages to fail until the download is retried
  • Fix issue causing exports of world/module to sometimes stall during the download

September 11th 2023

  • Fix issue with detecting compatibility of custom packages with current Foundry version when the module uses a maximum compatibility value
  • Fix issue with v11 compatible modules installed before May 17th, causing them to appear locked and prevents them from being uninstalled or updated

September 12th 2023

  • Updated the D&D Beyond integration to generate scenes compatible with v11 as a workaround for v11 not correctly migration v9 database schema to v11 schema, which caused scenes to not have walls unless they were first migrated to a v10 instance.
  • Fix The D&D Beyond conversion which was failing to convert Giants of the Star Forge
  • Updated the D&D Beyond metadata to the latest release, which includes scenes from Glory of the Giants and Phandelver and Below: The Shattered Obelisk

September 15th 2023

  • Fixed issue causing some users to get a failure to upload new assets

September 21st 2023

  • Remove the payment information step when checking out the cart in the Bazaar when the total is $0
  • Fix a rare race condition that could cause an infinite loop trying to launch a game if it’s being deleted at the same time
  • Improve The Forge’s game scheduler algorithm to better handle burst launches during peak hours
  • Updated themes to show a :no_entry_sign: instead of clickable mouse pointer when hovering on disabled buttons
  • Misc cleanup of internationalization strings and other server side tooling

October 4th 2023

  • Added Halloween decorations. Click the :jack_o_lantern: on the far right of the nav bar!
  • Add setting for individual games to change the Foundry theme when Game Manager is enabled
  • Improved sideloading of Foundry package compatibility data when updating the Bazaar
  • Improve the Bazaar tags system to support future updates
  • Increase data quota padding while installing premium modules, to make room for larger modules, such as Paizo’s Kingmaker
  • Improve Game Manager button visibility
  • Fix error caused by v10- modules with pack paths not specifying “.db” file extension
  • Fix a rare Import Wizard crash when importing custom modules in a ZIP file
  • Improve the logic of determining the Foundry FilePicker source with relative asset paths
  • Fix Bazaar Patreon subscribe links in standalone Bazaar pages
  • Additional fine tuning on The Forge’s game scheduler algorithm to better handle burst launches during peak hours
  • Add better error handling and health check to mitigate game launch when servers encounter issues
  • Disable backups support in Foundry 11.311+, as it does not supersede The Forge’s existing export functionality

October 25th 2023

  • It’s the next major update to the Asset Library!
    • Add the ability to share specific folders with other users, instead of only being able to share your entire assets library.
    • Support for read-only or read & write sharing of asset libraries.
    • Viewable table of which folders you have shared and when.
    • Asset Library page can now switch to other users’ asset libraries if they have shared with you.
    • Inside Foundry, you can now easily view assets in your own library or others that have been shared with you.
  • The Import Wizard gets a facelift! It is now more dynamic and provides better feedback on progress and what was imported.
  • Massively improved API key management in the user’s account page.
    • You can now name generated API key and later individually revoke them
    • You can now share API keys via a Forge URL which automatically adds them to your account
    • Display list of keys that were shared with you and add the ability to remove them from your account
  • D&D Beyond Import Wizard improvements, including better progress reporting.
  • Skip the user prompt for converting D&D Beyond rulebooks and convert them directly into modules.
  • Fix an issue logging into a world newly created through the Forge interface
  • Fix a possible issue where the User Manager can malfunction in a v10 game when the Game Manager default is configured to use Foundry v11.
  • Fix issue which caused save points to fail creating for some users
  • Fix the Game Manager game list overflowing in Firefox.
  • Clear error messages in the 2FA dialog when the dialog is closed.
  • Fix for “Unexpected end of JSON input” error which could occur after a failed custom or premium module installation.
  • Update the name of the View Data Storage dialog to match the button’s name.
  • Clear the world name input in the Clone World dialog after a successful clone.
  • Add warning messages in Foundry if a module is making excessively abusive amounts of API requests to Forge servers.
  • Automatically attempt to repair corrupted v11+ databases if they fail to open.
  • Fix a bug causing new worlds with v10- systems being un-launchable if the user’s Foundry version is set to v11+.
  • Fix some translation strings which were lost with a recent refactor, particularly in email templates.
  • Show tags and required and recommended packages in the Bazaar full package view.
  • Redirect and display to the user an error if one is encountered when joining a Foundry game using the User Manager.
  • Optimize package migrations, which will help prevent the rare case of failed package installs leaving zip files behind in user data.
  • Improvements to the assets uploader dialog to make it more intuitive to use
  • Fix a bug in recursive asset search when searching from exactly one folder deep.
  • Prevent autoplay of large video files in assets library to save users’ bandwidth.
  • Newly uploaded assets are now automatically selected to make it easier for users to see the change, or to clean up mistaken uploads.
  • Vastly improved performance in the asset library when multiple files are selected. Fixes a browser rendering issue that could happen.
  • Improvements to internal tooling and processes

November 2nd 2023

  • Fix a bug causing the import wizard to get stuck at 0% analyzing assets, in some situations
  • Update to the Forge API Rate monitor to make it less confusing to users and provide guidance on how to resolve the issue via a link to our documentation
  • Rate monitor rates have also been adjusted to make it less sensitive and more specific to patterns which are likely to be disruptive
  • Hide the halloween decorations
  • Improvements to our game scheduler to improve performance during peak time or after a burst of game launches
  • Further improvements to our internal tools

November 17th 2023

  • Fix issues with Patreon API that unexpectedly changed and prevented users to login with Patreon or their pledges to be refreshed

November 23rd 2023

  • Next Game Session feature - add the ability to set a schedule for game sessions in game config.
  • Disable size sanity check on Foundry users database for v11+.
  • Fix a possible crash in the Import Wizard which could cause it to show 0 progress.
  • Improved error handling when uploading a new avatar image fails.
  • Add package names for required/recommended packages in Bazaar full package view.
  • Fix a rare error when reading user data files.
  • Fix an issue where some premium package installations failed to move assets to the user’s asset library.
  • Fix an issue in package migration which caused SWADE journal pages to be lost.
  • Remove broken custom package links from “Update All” window
  • Add Black Friday sale banner to the Bazaar
  • Import Wizard - upload compressed files (zip, rar, etc…) inside of worlds to assets library instead of game data.
  • Revamp the staff profiles on the About page
  • Many more improvements to our internal tooling
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December 29th 2023

  • Christmas decorations - look for them on December 1st!
  • Add borders to make full-screen game description editor look better.
  • Updates to internal tools