Server update changelog

December 18th 2023

  • Fix a bug which hid packages in the Bazaar longer than necessary while loading.
  • Fix a bug which caused the Bazaar to show no packages to clients which are not logged in.
  • Fix a bug that could prevent a small subset of player (unsubscribed) users from accessing the site
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December 19th 2023

  • Preparation for our winter sale. Watch for it on the Bazaar soon!
  • Update the error message to be more helpful when a custom package fails to get its manifest when checking for updates.
  • Fix a bug which prevented Bazaar Creators from installing their own packages before they are approved.
  • Updates to internal processes and tools.
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December 20th 2023

  • Finish preparations for our winter sale.

January 16th 2024

  • Fix a minor visual issue on the navbar.
  • Add compendium pack systems to full-page Bazaar package view.
  • Fix a bug where full-page view of a Bazaar package could sometimes not allow installing when it should.
  • Fix an issue where D&D Beyond content could cause errors in the Bazaar.
  • Updates to internal processes and tools

January 17th 2024

  • Fix a bug which could cause premium packages to not install dependencies automatically.

February 2nd 2024

  • Fix a bug causing the dynamic token ring feature of dnd5e v3.x to break canvas rendering
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February 20th 2024

  • Greatly improve the speed that the Bazaar page loads
  • Add a tab to account management for clearing browser-side cached data for the Forge website
  • Add a tab to creator profiles to view all of their packages at once
  • Improve the visuals of user’s game list while loading
  • Fix flickering visuals when viewing full package info in Bazaar
  • Fix a display bug when changing tabs in Account Management after adding a Foundry license
  • Allow creators to change a new package’s manifest URL before it has been cached by the Bazaar
  • New shared compendiums will be organized inside a folder on v11+
  • Update the explorer mode video on the Features page

February 28th 2024

  • Fix a bug causing Bazaar package links to not show the package.
  • Fix a bug causing two tooltips on package “Install” buttons when browsing the Bazaar while not logged in.
  • Fix a minor typo in the dialog for uninstalling a locked package.
  • Disable the “Claim your Gift!” button after it has been clicked once to prevent unnecessary error messages.
  • Updates to internal processes and tools

February 29th 2024

  • Fix a bug causing Bazaar to treat some users as signed out.

March 12th 2024

  • Fix a UI bug causing gift codes to be unclaimable
  • Make the “Update All Packages”/“Check for Updates” button always visible in the Bazaar. Checking for updates to all your custom packages is now easier!
  • Add support for social media and search engines to generate embeds for Bazaar single-package pages.
  • Remove the DevOps and Software Dev jobs from the Jobs page. Thanks to everyone who applied, these positions are now filled!
  • Updates to internal processes and tools

March 18th 2024

  • Add a captcha to the signups page to stop an ongoing automated spam attack
  • Updates to internal processes and tools
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March 27th 2024

  • Improve the workflow for restarting games after a package has been installed. Clicking the link will now show a dialog prompt to restart game servers, allowing the user to automatically restart all of their online games at once.
  • Improve the “Install from Manifest URL” dialog so the buttons are less confusing after installation is finished.
  • Improve the tooltip for the “Currently launched Foundry world” on the game configuration page.
  • Fix a visual bug which allowed the “Loading your Games” alert and others to overflow the window width on small screens.
  • Fix visual issues caused by sale prices on packages which the user has already installed.
  • Fix a visual issue causing two horizontal scrollbars on game tabs on the game configuration page.
  • Fix an issue causing user avatar and quota to not be shown correctly on the “Forgot Password” page.
  • Fix missing translations on sign-up and login forms.
  • Fix a missing link to the Terms of Service on the signup page in some languages.
  • Updates to internal processes and tools

April 1st 2024

  • Revert our April Fools joke by disabling the forced Sketchy theme due to receiving negative feedback from the community.