Forge Sales Tax Update for Australia and Norway

Hello Forge users.

The Forge has been incredibly successful in its short lifespan, but with increased responsibility comes increased obligations. One of these obligations is collecting sales tax in some new jurisdictions.

Beginning 2023-06-01T04:00:00Z, we will begin collecting sales tax in the following countries:

  • Australia
  • Norway

Any invoices within Australia and Norway due June 1st and onward will be charged sales tax on subscriptions and Bazaar purchases. Invoices due/paid before this date will not be charged retroactively. Please be advised that due to an issue with future invoice handling, any sales tax due on invoices will not be visible until we start collecting it within Australia and Norway. You can preview your upcoming invoices here: The Forge.

While we deplore the additional cost that this poses to our subscribers, The Forge is glad to fulfill its obligations and duties toward society, and is glad to have reached the point we are obligated to charge sales tax. We once again thank our users for getting us to this point, and hope that you’ll be with us for more success in the future.

Have questions about sales tax, your upcoming invoice, or anything related to The Forge in general? Feel free to reach out via our Discord, or by emailing us.