How to share access to your Assets Library

In The Forge, you can share your Assets Library with your friends, or access it from your local Foundry install.

To do so securely, we’re introducing the API Key Manager, in which you can generate any number of API keys with different permissions (read only or read and write, to the assets library) and give them an optional expiration time, so you could give your players a 1 hour read only access to your assets library for example.

You could also revoke all keys at any time, causing any key that was previously generated to become invalid, which can be useful to revoke access to a troublesome player or if the key was publicly leaked.

Here’s a quick video tour of how the feature can be used, for step by step details, see below (from when it was still in development, though the same process still applies here) :

Step by step guide

Generating a new API Key

First, you need to go to the API Key Manager from your “My Account” page :

Once you open the API Manager, you will be greeted with this screen :

Read the text to understand the system, then optionally toggle the “Write Assets” permission from the list (note that the “Read Assets” permission is always enabled).
You can then set an expiration time for the key, for example, I will set mine to 24 hours :

Then click the “Generate API Key” button and the key will be displayed :

You can then select the key and copy it and keep it safe.

Don’t bother trying to copy my API key, I have already revoked it! :smile:

Revoking access to previously generated API Keys

Here’s how you can do that. To revoke your API keys, click the “Reset All Keys” button in the same API Manager window :

Note: When you do, every key previously generated from your account becomes invalid. Since our own internal system uses the same APIs to grant you access to your assets within a Foundry game, after you revoke your keys, you may be unable to access your assets library from within Foundry (until its own key expires and it generates a new one for itself). Reloading the page will fix that if you are impatient.

Using your API Key or someone else’s API Key in Foundry VTT

If you are using Foundry VTT within The Forge website itself, then The Forge module will automatically be loaded, if you are not, then install The Forge module and enable it in your world. You will then be able to go to the Setting Configuration dialog :
Then Module Settings :
And enter the API Key you were given.

If you are on The Forge website, then clearing that entry will automatically make it use your own Assets Library (assuming you are logged in of course).

Save the settings, and you are good to go!

Note that the setting in Foundry is saved only in your local browser, so if you use a different browser, or an incognito window, the API Key will need to be entered again.

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