Feature request: Way to download or sync asset library

Currently, I can download world/Foundry backups, but not the Asset Library data.

Would be cool to be able to download and backup those too.


Yes, this is planned. It’s just a low priority.
The export world window mentions this, but that window is gone when using the game manager… I need to find a way to make that information available again with the game manager enabled :

Moved this to the Tickets category.

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Cool! And yeah, this isn’t that urgent, but would be cool to have :slightly_smiling_face:


Any indication when this will be? more like in weeks or months? I’m deciding to continue the campaign online or not. I need to eventually be able to copy everything to an offline server in case our whole group goes somewhere where internet is not available.

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The ETA is in months at this time. There’s always the “Adventure Import/Export” module which would export an adventure including the assets, for 100% offline use. I’ve heard some good things about it and some bad things, but I haven’t used it personally.
The disadvantage of the module is that it would download everything any time you do an export, whereas what I’m planning on is a sync where only new and updated files are downloaded, making it fast and efficient.
I hope that helps.


Thanks for the quick and helpfull respond. That module would be perfect for my needs, I’ll take a look at it.

Kind regard, and awesome work!

Hey man, I know you’re already on this one, just throwing out a use case as you think about prioritization.

The module ‘journal sync’ allows exporting/importing of journal entries en masse - these correctly export to the Asset Library.

Would love to be able to sync from there (either automatically or manually) with local files in order to edit journals with something like Sublime Text or another more fully featured editor.

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I want to request this feature too. It is very important to have a simple way to create a backup of the Assets Library, I would suggest an option in the export world function.

Chiming in here to add this is an important feature for me and our group. The portability of data is one of the reasons I am interested in the Forge, and a sync function (from Forge > local) or at least a download interface is needed, given the way the assets library is structured. Glad to see this feature is planned.

It’s your lucky time of the year!

The feature is soon coming, Mr KaKaRoTo made a video about it quite recently and here it is with the relevant timestamp included:

It should be released quite soon, some kinks to iron out, but it seems almost ready.

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Took longer than expected!! But we just released the feature as a beta. Please give it a try and let us know what you think! :slight_smile:

I’m keeping this ticket open here until we add the feature to rewrite the local world’s database for offline use as well.

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Awesome! That’s serendipitous indeed - never expected such a quick reply. Thanks for your work on this! Will check it out later.

Exciting news indeed, this was my biggest hangup left with Forge currently :slight_smile: Thanks for the awesome work!

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FYI: The latest release of the Forge module added the ability to rewrite the world’s database to use the local files for use in an offline environment.
This feature is still in beta, but it should work and it also attempts to migrate compendiums from enabled modules at the same time.