Planned: World Builder tier features

Main World Builder features will be to have the world game data automatically snapshotted every time the server becomes idle.
Add ability to create a new world/restore from a specific date based on the session history.

Issue: git repo needs to be private, we don’t want people’s worlds being pushed by accident to public repos (copyright issues)
How about being able to configure an external S3 bucket to also do a backup of the user’s assets library?

S3 bucket is a good idea. Services such as Wasabi Cloud Storage (I have no affiliation) use an S3 compatible API. Their charges are less than AWS with no egress or API fees. Fairly simple to setup when I trialled it.

Wasabi also has a 1TB minimum charge, so that’d be a bit overkill for someone who wants to only backup their Forge assets library, though it can be used to store your other files if needed. I’m thinking more along the lines of “assuming you already had an S3 bucket, you could use it to backup your assets too” .

Love the service so far. Ideally what I would love to see at the World Builder tier is the ability to easily set a external storage location (s3 bucket sounds fine) that can then be used (through a custom module) to sync back and forth from the local client. I travel on business quite a bit, and being able to sync my campaign to the local client, work on it on the plane, and then sync it back to the Forge client (through the same custom module) would be absolutely ideal.

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That’s a feature that’s coming very soon (actively worked on at the moment) for everyone : Feature request: Way to download or sync asset library
You always own your data on the Forge, so having the ability to sync it all locally for offline use is an important part of the philosophy so we want to provide that for everyone.