Trouble installing the new Alien premium content

I am probably missing something obvious, but I can’t find a way to install the two new Alien modules - Foundry VTT Module – ALIEN RPG Core Rulebook and Foundry VTT Module – ALIEN RPG Destroyer of Worlds. I purchased them and received an email with the relevant codes, but can’t see any option to download the modules.

Good day, so if you have already redeemed them over at Foundry, they should be over in the Bazaar

To redeem them you have to link the code/content with your account over in foundry, and then afterwards it will be accessible at the Forge, or you can upload it manually.

The e-mail you get from purchasing should have redemption instructions.

Hopefully that helps you, if you need any more help just continue asking :smiley:

Here is an explanation of how to get access to that content and how to install and optimize it on the Forge :

I had to switch the server off to get them to install but it’s all sorted.

Many thanks


Did you get more than one email? I have received the confirmation of purchase email but have not yet received codes.