Installing/updating Licensed Premium modules


While The Bazaar is the first (and currently only) dedicated marketplace to Foundry Virtual Tabletop content, it is not the only place in which you can purchase Foundry VTT content. Within the Foundry VTT setup menu or through Foundry VTT’s Premium Content listing, you can discover new and amazing content and art, including official content from systems such as Warhammer Fantasy RPG, or SWADE.

Purchasing and Activating Premium Content

It should be noted that while The Forge sells some of the same content through The Bazaar, we are not Foundry Gaming, nor are we involved in the Foundry Gaming premium content process. For more details behind buying and activating Foundry Gaming premium content, we recommend reading their article on it here.

With all of this said, The Forge supports premium Foundry content. While it will count against the user’s data and asset library (as premium content is not purchased on The Bazaar), The Forge makes it relatively seamless to install these packages. We explain how to do so below.

Installing through The Bazaar

(This method of installation will work for users with Game Manager enabled, and users without Game Manager enabled.

Installing a premium package is much like installing a normal package on The Bazaar! You can install your premium content by taking the following steps, after you have activated it on the Foundry VTT website:

  1. Navigate to The Bazaar.
  2. Navigate to and select Premium Modules, or Premium Worlds.
  3. Find the premium module or world that you have activated and wish to install. This can be done by scrolling through the packages on the Bazaar store page, or by using its search feature.
  4. Select the green “Install” button.
  5. And the module should install automatically! If you are installing a world, it will give you a standard prompt to fill out whenever a new world is created.


Installing Premium Content Through the Foundry Setup Menu (Without Game Manager)

This method will only work for users without Game Manager enabled, since Game Manager replaces the default Foundry setup menu.

  1. Navigate to the setup menu for your Foundry table on The Forge.
  2. Navigate to the Worlds tab in the setup menu, and select the “Install Worlds” button. If you are installing a premium module, navigate to the Add-On Modules tab, and select “Install Module”.
  3. Select the “Premium Content” category.
  4. Install the premium world/module of your choice. If you are installing a premium world, please makes sure that you have already installed the game system necessary to run it.

Whatever method you choose to install your premium content, The Forge will take care of it. Content data will be automatically allocated to the user’s data library, and media content will be automatically allocated to the user’s asset library.

Installation error

Some users have issues with premium content not installing/updating correctly when installed through The Bazaar.

This is because licensed premium content is managed by Foundry VTT, and not The Forge, or its Bazaar service. Since we do not own the content, we cannot modify how the content is installed.

This does mean that in some situations, premium content will not install correctly if the user…

  • Has Game Manager enabled, and there is an active Foundry VTT world, or…
  • There is an instance of Foundry VTT active with an admin key set up.

This is because of a security change introduced for Foundry VTT in 0.7.8. Because of this security change, premium packages cannot be installed while a world is launched, or is on the setup menu without its admin key enabled

There are two ways of fixing this:

  • If you do not have Game Manager enabled, navigate to your setup menu within Foundry VTT, and enter your admin access key. From there, install your premium content directly through the Foundry VTT setup menu.
  • Stop all instances of Foundry VTT, and close any windows/tabs that currently have it open. From there, attempt to install the premium module again. This method works for users with Game Manager enabled, and without Game Manager enabled.

Optimizing Data Usage for Premium Modules

Previously, The Forge could not automatically redistribute data from installed premium modules and worlds, since we are not allowed to interfere with their installation. Through a great deal of work, a workaround was created, and we can now automatically move data files and media assets to the appropriate storage on The Forge.

However, please remember that as stated earlier, storage for premium worlds/modules purchased from Foundry Gaming are not stored for free. We advise users make certain that they will have enough storage on their accounts for premium content that they wish to install.

Once I’ve followed the instructions for ‘Optimizing data usage’, if my data still has not gone down significantly, is there more I can do about this problem? I will elaborate on what I mean if you need me to.

Hi! I had a quick look at your data.
I can see that out of your 254MB of usage in modules, you have 37MB taken by te004-living-land which does seem to have been imported properly, but it has 3 zip files in its cards subdirectory (taking 36MB out of the 37MB) which are likely unnecessary and the cause of the inflated size. I’m not sure why they included zip files in the release like that, I have a feeling they need to be manually unzipped first, based on which style of cards you want to use? I’m unsure, but either way, since those files were not media files, they didn’t get moved to the assets library, but were instead included as part of the module’s data.

You also have 212MB from the te001-core-rulebook module, which is full of images and other media files, which indicates that it hasn’t been imported using the Import Wizard (i.e: “Optimizing data usage” instructions above). If you import that using the Import Wizard, then you will likely save another ~210MB, dropping your modules total usage from 254MB to 8MB total, which should be much better.

I hope that helps!

Understood and I appreciate you taking the time to do that; grateful, actually, as I’m sure you’re extremely busy. I attempted to, using the instructions about Optimizing Data Usage, install the Core Rulebook, first, but when I tried using the Import Wizard, after exporting the zip file, per instructions, I noticed it didn’t have three lines like the other two I worked on. When I finished with that, my Data size went from 408.71 down to 395.18. When I went to import Up the Creek, my size actually increased to 405.32 which, likely, was due to the image sizes. Finally, installing Living Land took it down to 346.13. When I looked at my Data in the interface, again, it was down to the aforementioned 254 that you found.

Either I, being a novice, did something wrong, or something is not going well with the way the Torg modules are built. I have Matt’s ear, so I’m going to share with him what you wrote.

Thank you, again.

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Well, I think that’s the problem! I just checked again and I see that it’s the exact same situation for your data, but when I checked the instructions above, I realized that something is missing… when using the import wizard, you need to make sure to select the option “Do not install from the bazaar and import this package as a custom package” (note that you need to import each package individually for the option to be available) :

Have a look at this nice guide written by @BadIdeasBureau which has more details and screenshots :

I’ll update this forum post to add the missing information, thank you!

p.s: in your case, the core rules is the biggest one, and you still had those zip files in the Living Land module (in the cards subfolder).

Okay. So, I’ve already attempted to import it once. Can I attempt to import it, again, with that rule checked, or would I need to Uninstall and then Reinstall?

You can certainly reimport it, it would automatically uninstall it and install the one you’re importing from the zip instead.

Holy smokes, yeah, that definitely changed a bunch. Thank you for your help. I have that section on Optimizing printed out, so I can use it, again, in the future. I have PTSD with memory problems, so I have a lot of paper classified all over the place, hehe.

Thank you, again. You’re awesome.

Worked a treat on Book of Lairs, thanks

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