Installing/updating Licensed Premium modules

Foundry VTT has some amazing licensed content that can be purchased from official content providers, such as the WFRP and SWADE books, with likely more to come soon.

Activating the content

Only once you have purchased and enabled that content in your Foundry account (according to Foundry’s FAQ about Premium Content, you will be able to install the content through Foundry’s setup page.
Here is the relevant FAQ entry for your convenience :

Premium Content will come with an accompanying content activation key. Using this key, go to your User Profile on the Foundry Virtual Tabletop website by logging in and clicking your name in the top-right corner. On your user profile, click the Premium Content button to go to the content management and activation page. On this page you can enter your purchased content key in the form at the top of the page. Content that you have successfully activated will be displayed below.

Once content is activated, you will be able to install it from within the Foundry Virtual Tabletop application using the System, Module, or World Installation tools in your Setup and Configuration menu.

And here is what your Foundry website account would look like after you activate a premium content in it :

Installing through Foundry

With the content activated, you can follow the regular Foundry install process by clicking the “Install Modules” within the Foundry setup page and installing the package of your choice, which will appear unlocked once the content has been enabled in your account.

Installing through The Bazaar

If you prefer to use The Forge’s Bazaar interface or if you use the Forge’s Game Manager features, then you will find the content in the “Premium Modules” section of the Bazaar.

Within The Bazaar, you will see Premium content with either a Purchase button if they haven’t been activated, or a Install or Update button if they have already been activated.


Clicking the Install or Update button will automatically launch Foundry and ask it to install the premium content for you.

Bazaar Installation error

You might be running into an issue with certain premium content not installing/updating as you install them from the bazaar.

The issue is that the licensed premium content is managed by Foundry, not by The Forge itself, and as such, The Forge cannot be the one installing that content.
When you click install from the Bazaar, it will launch Foundry and ask it to install the package for you.

If you are using the Game Manager features, this wouldn’t be an issue, as The Forge takes care of setting up Foundry in such a way that the install will always work. However, if you do not, then there are two possibilities which can cause that error to appear :

  • You are already running Foundry and you have launched a world
  • You are already running Foundry (the server is online) and you have an Admin key set

Since Foundry 0.7.8, as a security measure, we cannot ask Foundry to install a package while a world is launched, therefore making it impossible for the Bazaar to ask Foundry to install your premium module if you already have Foundry started and a world is launched. Similarly, if Foundry is launched, and even if it’s in its Setup page, if you have an Admin access key configured, then The Bazaar cannot request the installation of the module because of the admin key restriction.

Here are two ways to get the content installed :

  • Install it yourself from within Foundry by going to your URL and clicking the “Return to Setup” button to go back to Foundry’s Setup page, authenticate with your admin access key, if one is set, then install the module from Foundry’s interface directly.

  • Stop your Foundry server (make sure you don’t have an open tab to the game, otherwise Foundry’s autoreconnection will cause it to launch again automatically) then try to install it again from the Bazaar. With the game stopped, the Bazaar will launch it directly into the Setup page with no admin key set and install the premium module before shutting it down again.

This should fix your issue and let you install your premium content.

Optimizing data usage

As some users may have noticed, when installing large Premium packages, your Data quota storage could increase by a large amount. As an example, the WFRP Core module would take 140MB of Data storage.
Again, the problem here is that The Forge is not authorized to interfere with Foundry’s install process, and Foundry was not designed to work with the optimized separation of assets from module data that the Forge has implemented.
The solution to that however is very simple. Go to your “My Foundry” page, click the “Export Compendium Modules” and export the premium module you’ve just installed. Then click on the “Summon Import Wizard” button, select the ZIP file option and drop the zip export you had just exported.
After The Forge’s import wizard is done separating assets into the geo-distributed Assets Library, and optimizing the module for better online use, its size will be dramatically reduced, WFRP dropping from 140MB to just 5MB for example, with the rest of the data moving to your Assets Library.