Slow performance and players keep getting booted out of game

We had our third game on Forge last night. Worst yet. The display kept changing for me, tokens disappeared, condition markers vanished, and I have a high-end system. Some of my players were repeatedly booted out of the game and for some of them it ran so slow I had to make all their moves and rolls for them.

I know this will all be a question of internet speed and ping, etc. (Some of them might be using less high-spec systems than me.) But I can’t solve the issues by asking my players to fork out extra for a better PC! Is there anything I can do to make things run more smoothly?

I would recommend:
Trouble with Modules and World Size Check first of all.

But, if you want general rules:
No huuuge maps. Break them up if you can.
Cut down on Modules, especially once like FX master or such.
If your world is Huge (see links above) cut down on the files that are high. We’ve seen extreme amounts of actors and such. Delete them or put them in a compendium.
Clear out chat as often as you can. (I usually do it once after every game.) Rolls like 600d100000000 will crash people.

That should be the basics, hope your your next game goes better ^^
If anything else feel free to post here and I’ll follow up.

The same here! :confused: Never had this kind of issues until last Saturday (after updating to 0.8.7) when tokens literally disappeared out of the blue from my map and players had to refresh a few times because of freezing screen. I’ll follow Kevin suggestions and see next time although I didn’t make any particular change in modules installed or maps uploaded. :kissing:

Updating is a risk at the moment, sadly.
I would recommend backing up and going down to your previous version if it doesn’t work at all.

You didn’t respond afterwards, so I would just like an update on the situation ^^

Sorry. I won’t be in a position to provide an update until after our next session as the VTT works fine for my on my own. It only seems to slow down when there are a bunch of us (some with older systems). I have pared down certain modules using the advice you gave to see if that works. Then I suppose I could look at lowering the game specs too.

It’s incredibly slow in the game I’m in right now. Like, I try to move my token and it takes several seconds to apply slow. Never seen it behave like this before.

Did you go through the tutorials linked above to see if the problem comes from modules that could be causing it ? Trouble with Modules and World Size Check
Also, what version of Foundry are you using ?

Note: you were the only one to report the issue, and I couldn’t reproduce it personally, so I don’t know if you’ve just been unlucky or there is something else causing your game to be slow, but I just managed to find a problem with some of the servers where some games might have become slower than normal.
The issue is fixed now and things should progressively go back to normal. You can go to your “My Foundry” page and stop/start the server to force it back into a clean state.
Hopefully that helps. Sorry for the inconvenience!

I passed those suggestions along to the DM to try out. All of us on the server were having it to some degree, though it was worse for some than others. I’ll let you know what I hear back from him.

I just updated to 8.8 and my world won’t load. World size is 4.01 MB. Hardware acceleration is on. Safe mode with no modules still the same. So that’s not a problem. Even the set up is slow. Is there a server issue?