Server update changelog

March 13th 2021

  • Automatically install package dependencies when installing a world
  • Fix creator interface that stopped allowing submission of new packages
  • Fix CSV export of premium purchases for creators

March 19th 2021

  • Added a Features page
  • Additional improvement to the Bazaar Creator’s dashboard

March 28th 2021

  • Fix possible crash with unzipping packages when the zip file is corrupted or file cannot be written
  • Fix issue with sending out emails to users (welcome email, forgot password, etc…)
  • Add a system to prevent uploads to the assets library if the account is banned or user account is in maintenance mode
  • Prevent bazaar packages from changing their unique ID through an erroneous manifest update
  • Removing an obsolete “Coming Soon” tooltip on the Create Game button

April 1st 2021

  • Remove foreign currency exchange preview estimate in the checkout page as it caused issues with subscribing (due to the external service not working anymore)

April 3rd 2021

  • Optimize the Assets Library client side rendering to make it process and display large numbers of folders much faster
  • Add recursive size calculation for folders in the Assets Library and display the size of each folder
  • Add a clickable link to view/open each package in the Bazaar’s “Update All” dialog.
  • Fix installation of marketplace content that was bought somewhere else for package that is bought on the Bazaar marketplace and available as a foundry protected package
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April 6th 2021

  • Add info icons and links to the new “How to add/change/cancel a subscription” tutorial in the relevant areas of the site
  • Restore the support for showing exchange rates preview (which was removed on April 1st), by using an authenticated API
  • Allow creators to customize Bazaar package description which overrides the description on the foundry website
  • Improve the creator dashboard for dark themes
  • Better support for marketplace content that is also available as a foundry protected content

April 8th 2021

  • Created a contact page with information about Discord and Email, instead of the previous redirect to a mailto link

April 12th 2021

  • This is a big update which adds the support for the D&D Beyond integration as an early access beta feature
  • Fix a bug where browsing for assets could lead to an error if it happens before the Foundry UI is fully setup.

April 24th 2021

  • Automatically mark a newly added marketplace item as a new release when it gets published, rather than rely on the moment the package was first configured
  • Fix a rare (possibly affects creators only) bug where the bazaar may fail to display some content
  • Improvement to the creator dashboard to prevent overly long scrolling of purchases listing
  • Fix a possible bug if a user is trying to manipulate their data (import a world) through the API on the wrong region
  • Add error message sanitization to avoid leaking a user’s license key in an error message
  • multiple back end changes to improve performance and infrastructure setup
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April 30th 2021

  • Add a visual indicator to Bazaar packages that are on sale, showing a Sale ribbon and how much is off from the original price
  • Fix Bazaar search that broke for systems and worlds due to packages with undefined descriptions
  • Fix creator balance value being incorrect in some instances

May 4th 2021

  • New public Forge VTT module release! This new release brings assets library synchronization capabilities to your local Foundry. Read more
  • Add language selection for games when the game manager is enabled
  • Fix a redirect issue when doing a refresh patreon pledges, which would redirect you to the last page you visited before logging into your Forge account
  • Fix issue which downgraded Bazaar creators accounts by mistake if they were on World builder and just received the creator role
  • Fix issue with the fake Forge module getting added to Foundry which could cause some incompatibility issues with other modules using its game.modules data.
  • Change the license files caching and switching algorithm to use filenames that do not contain the license key to avoid potential leaks of the license key in error messages and file listings.
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May 7th 2021

  • Fix forge-vtt Foundry module to contain all module metadata to prevent issues with modules that use that data
  • Add youtube link to the social links
  • Update copyright notice on the main page to refer to The Forge VTT Inc.
  • Ensure that adding a license will always succeed to write the license file, even if the user is out of quota
  • Fix Stripe webhook issue when updating a subscription that had a canceled scheduled downgrade
  • Remove obsolete code that handled fallbacks for the old license file naming schema
  • Fix issue with periodic license verifications when license files had no signatures

May 12th 2021

  • Change the Foundry version channels to become opt-in for future updates with an update notification instead of auto-updating all games.
  • Fix bug when trying to install a world via manifest URL from the Bazaar
  • Updated the Bazaar Marketplace Agreement for creators
  • Added a warning when setting a custom version for a game when the Game Manager is enabled
  • Fix a bug getting the default Foundry version if user is on an invalid version
  • Fix a crash in the stripe webhook processing for deleted subscriptions when they had a planned downgrade
  • Bazaar creator’s dashboard: Improve the display of payouts to be less confusing
  • Bazaar creator’s dashboard: Add a step during publication to confirm Paypal destination for payouts
  • Bazaar creator’s dashboard: Add clarification around licensing information and provide an OGL sample journal entry

May 19th 2021

  • Fix “Return to Setup” Forge implementation on Foundry 0.8.x
  • Fix package listing within Foundry’s setup page for Foundry 0.8.4
  • Add proper support for dynamic User Management for Foundry 0.8.x
  • Fix a bug where a license could be locked to a game that has already been deleted

May 22nd 2021

  • Surprise anniversary announcement: Assets Quota increase for all tiers and the extra, so they’re all multiples of 5:
    • Game Master: 3GB → 5GB
    • Story Teller: 9GB → 10GB
    • World Builder: 18GB → 20GB
    • Extra: 3GB → 5GB
  • Update the zip dependency library to fix an issue which corrupted some zip exports of worlds or compendiums
  • Update the assets library server locations to state 54 locations instead of 49 in the change region dialog

May 28th 2021

  • Fix Bazaar package version sorting when a version is mistakenly added prefixed with a v
  • Add support in the Bazaar Updater for fetching separate manifest URLs from the alpha and the stable channels for the packages that are releasing separate branches
  • Add support for returning the locked status of packages in the Bazaar API
  • Add new APIs to lock/unlock system and module packages
  • Fix issue with refreshing the package listing in the setup page when installing a bazaar package, when user is on 0.8.x
  • Fix visibility of some buttons in the profile page when using non default theme
  • Fix visibility of the “Game Manager” button for some themes

May 31st 2021

  • Fix issue preventing edits to a world from within Foundry 0.8.x when the game manager is enabled
  • Fix the comparison of some Bazaar package versions when non semantic version is used, so it respects floating point comparison and string comparison at the same time (1.09 < 1.1 < 1.9 < 1.10)
  • Update the front page video for Foundry to the latest celebration video : Foundry Virtual Tabletop - Anniversary Overview - YouTube

June 1st 2021

  • Improve the way the user licenses are displayed in the My Account page
  • Add suggestion to updates systems and modules after updating Foundry
  • Add link to new Update Tutorial in the Foundry update page
  • Store currency exchange rates in Forge database and cache it locally for faster access

June 2nd 2021

  • Fix listing of user’s purchased premium packages from Foundry, after an internal API update
  • Added caching of owned packages to limit number of API requests during frequent user reloads of the bazaar
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June 5th 2021

  • Add support for the new API changes in 0.8.x for package installation. Fixes the update log dialog showing errors despite installs succeeding.
  • Disable CDN support for core translation modules due to a bug in 0.8.6 (requires reinstall of module)
  • Fix discrepancy between a game’s core language and what the Forge interface shows
  • Add internal API for license key removal from user account (UI to follow soon)

June 16th 2021

  • Add support for the new authentication mechanism in 0.8.7, fixing the user management features
  • Add APIs to lock package versions from the Bazaar (UI to follow soon)
  • Fix a race condition that can happen between subscription changes and Stripe webhooks

June 21st 2021

  • Add support for the Cloudflare CDN purge API in preparation for move to new CDN provider
  • Correctly implement CORS handling in the asset library’s downloader proxy, rather than relying on the CDN to override CORS headers.
  • Update the Forge module to use the upload subservice for uploads to the assets library, bypassing the Cloudflare’s proxy limitations.
  • Correctly save and return the latest Foundry version used in launching a game (was causing new accounts to start on 0.8.6 instead of the latest).
  • Add the ability to update core Foundry version when on a release channel, from the Forge page without launching into a world
  • Change default Foundry version to 0.8.7
  • Slightly improve accuracy of latency pings from the region change dialog
  • Add system to verify all of a user’s D&D Beyond entitlements during conversion, in preparation for future update