Server update changelog

May 12th 2021

  • Change the Foundry version channels to become opt-in for future updates with an update notification instead of auto-updating all games.
  • Fix bug when trying to install a world via manifest URL from the Bazaar
  • Updated the Bazaar Marketplace Agreement for creators
  • Added a warning when setting a custom version for a game when the Game Manager is enabled
  • Fix a bug getting the default Foundry version if user is on an invalid version
  • Fix a crash in the stripe webhook processing for deleted subscriptions when they had a planned downgrade
  • Bazaar creator’s dashboard: Improve the display of payouts to be less confusing
  • Bazaar creator’s dashboard: Add a step during publication to confirm Paypal destination for payouts
  • Bazaar creator’s dashboard: Add clarification around licensing information and provide an OGL sample journal entry

May 19th 2021

  • Fix “Return to Setup” Forge implementation on Foundry 0.8.x
  • Fix package listing within Foundry’s setup page for Foundry 0.8.4
  • Add proper support for dynamic User Management for Foundry 0.8.x
  • Fix a bug where a license could be locked to a game that has already been deleted

May 22nd 2021

  • Surprise anniversary announcement: Assets Quota increase for all tiers and the extra, so they’re all multiples of 5:
    • Game Master: 3GB → 5GB
    • Story Teller: 9GB → 10GB
    • World Builder: 18GB → 20GB
    • Extra: 3GB → 5GB
  • Update the zip dependency library to fix an issue which corrupted some zip exports of worlds or compendiums
  • Update the assets library server locations to state 54 locations instead of 49 in the change region dialog

May 28th 2021

  • Fix Bazaar package version sorting when a version is mistakenly added prefixed with a v
  • Add support in the Bazaar Updater for fetching separate manifest URLs from the alpha and the stable channels for the packages that are releasing separate branches
  • Add support for returning the locked status of packages in the Bazaar API
  • Add new APIs to lock/unlock system and module packages
  • Fix issue with refreshing the package listing in the setup page when installing a bazaar package, when user is on 0.8.x
  • Fix visibility of some buttons in the profile page when using non default theme
  • Fix visibility of the “Game Manager” button for some themes

May 31st 2021

  • Fix issue preventing edits to a world from within Foundry 0.8.x when the game manager is enabled
  • Fix the comparison of some Bazaar package versions when non semantic version is used, so it respects floating point comparison and string comparison at the same time (1.09 < 1.1 < 1.9 < 1.10)
  • Update the front page video for Foundry to the latest celebration video : Foundry Virtual Tabletop - Anniversary Overview - YouTube

June 1st 2021

  • Improve the way the user licenses are displayed in the My Account page
  • Add suggestion to updates systems and modules after updating Foundry
  • Add link to new Update Tutorial in the Foundry update page
  • Store currency exchange rates in Forge database and cache it locally for faster access

June 2nd 2021

  • Fix listing of user’s purchased premium packages from Foundry, after an internal API update
  • Added caching of owned packages to limit number of API requests during frequent user reloads of the bazaar
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June 5th 2021

  • Add support for the new API changes in 0.8.x for package installation. Fixes the update log dialog showing errors despite installs succeeding.
  • Disable CDN support for core translation modules due to a bug in 0.8.6 (requires reinstall of module)
  • Fix discrepancy between a game’s core language and what the Forge interface shows
  • Add internal API for license key removal from user account (UI to follow soon)

June 16th 2021

  • Add support for the new authentication mechanism in 0.8.7, fixing the user management features
  • Add APIs to lock package versions from the Bazaar (UI to follow soon)
  • Fix a race condition that can happen between subscription changes and Stripe webhooks

June 21st 2021

  • Add support for the Cloudflare CDN purge API in preparation for move to new CDN provider
  • Correctly implement CORS handling in the asset library’s downloader proxy, rather than relying on the CDN to override CORS headers.
  • Update the Forge module to use the upload subservice for uploads to the assets library, bypassing the Cloudflare’s proxy limitations.
  • Correctly save and return the latest Foundry version used in launching a game (was causing new accounts to start on 0.8.6 instead of the latest).
  • Add the ability to update core Foundry version when on a release channel, from the Forge page without launching into a world
  • Change default Foundry version to 0.8.7
  • Slightly improve accuracy of latency pings from the region change dialog
  • Add system to verify all of a user’s D&D Beyond entitlements during conversion, in preparation for future update

June 25th 2021

  • Add the ability to version lock packages in the Bazaar UI
  • Add ability to select which packages to update in the Bazaar’s “Update All” UI
  • Add the option to choose which version of a package to install from the Bazaar
  • D&D Beyond integration: Allow importing Basic Rules and Frozen Sick D&D Beyond content without having access to the Beta program (through Patreon)
  • D&D Beyond integration: Add support or Backgrounds and background features and variants
  • D&D BEyond integration: Add support for using ddb-meta-data for adding Scene data to adventures (walls and lighting) during import
  • D&D Beyond integration: Remove inclusion of a book’s CSS file which could cause conflicts with Foundry
  • Modify assets library’s handling of CORS to allow the CDN webp optimizer to function properly
  • Fix purging of the CDN cache for some files that use special characters in their URL
  • Disable syncing between Bunny CDN and Cloudflare CDN now that DNS propagation is complete, and update the UI to indicate the 200+ locations for the new CDN’s geodistribution.

July 11th 2021

  • Change cover image for asset packs into a 1:1 ratio image instead of 2:1 as it is a more appropriate image ratio for asset packs
  • Change all Bazaar packages under the “pay what you want” model that have a minimum price, into showing up as a “Pay X$ or more” model
  • Display and use the minimum pricing instead of the suggested price by default for all “Pay X or more” packages.
  • Add a “Suggested price” line in the cart when adding an item with “Pay what you want” or “Pay X or more” models
  • Display a :heavy_plus_sign:sign next to the “Pay X or more” packages instead of the :arrow_up_down: sign next to the “Pay what you want” packages to differentiate them
  • Do not show a sale banner for Pay what you want content, as it doesn’t make sense
  • Display all the regular install buttons (disabled) with pricing for the Bazaar content when the user is not signed in, instead of a “Install” button
  • When browsing for Bazaar files from within Foundry, only display the assets that available from the specific version that was installed
  • Clean up the bazaar browsing paths so there is no “assets” subfolder to navigate through
  • Clean up the bazaar browsing paths so marketplace modules do not show their unique random identifier in the path
  • Remove the asset optimizer options from Foundry file picker as those options are not currently working until we re-implement the optimizer for the new CDN
  • Added a system for health reporting and auto-restart of the bazaar updater to prevent any more freeze ups of the updater processes
  • Fix issue with the autoscaler causing upscaling of the cluster to take longer than expected due to an upstream library bug causing a command to lock up
  • Small improvements to the Bazaar creator’s dashboard

July 14th 2021

  • Added a 404 error page that looks nicer than the previously displayed “Page not found” error
  • Fixed an issue where the user’s profile and quotas were not properly displayed when the site is showing an error, or in the 404 page
  • Added a page for our current job posting
  • Fix an issue with IPv6 users where the IP address that was detected for geolocation purposes during checkout, would be the CDN proxy’s instead of the user’s.
  • Improve autoscaler health checks to ensure smoother autoscaling liveness probes
  • Force idle games with single user after 12 hours, as a workaround for a Foundry bug that would report a user as active in a game even if none are logged in
  • Added support for autoscaling using the OVH service provider’s API
  • Misc changes to the server deployment scripts and documentation in preparation for the new provider/Australian server move.

July 27th 2021

  • Added the new Oceania region with the entire new Forge server design set up in Australia!
  • Fixed an issue which caused region changes to be slow to react in the UI after clicking the submit button
  • Fixed a rare but possible issue with region changes where the success of the data synchronization could fail but it would be detected as successful.
  • Add a direct link to package changelog in the “Update All” window from the Bazaar
  • Bazaar Updater: Fix an issue with optimization of paths that use \ instead of / for image paths.
  • Bazaar Updater: Slight optimization in the API requests sent to the Foundry server
  • Added support for the OVH API in the Forge’s autoscaler
  • Misc: lots of small behind the scene changes to help with the new server setup and configuration

August 1st 2021

  • Remove the job posting, as we stopped accepting applicants at this time.
  • Added a workaround in the Forge module that detects a Foundry bug causing the world not to load, and reloads the page to get it working.
  • Fixed issue when using wildcards to a local data or core folder, which was getting sent to the assets library instead.

August 4th 2021

  • Massive update with a new website redesign, including :
    • new navigation bar menus, for more options and using less space
    • remove the page header and move quotas/profile pic to the navbar
    • new nicer page footer
    • new logged out front page including new background and images
    • updated pricing page
    • new “About us” page
    • new acknowledgement page
    • new background image with full width website and semi transparent container
    • new theme toggle switch in the navbar menu
    • make website responsive and mobile-friendly
    • Add image previews to the demo page, switch demos order and add mention of explorer mode
    • New images to represent each of the Forge subscription tiers
  • Remove check for interrupted region change tasks from processes that do not have permissions to execute the region change, as it was useless
  • Bazaar: add filter type “all” to display modules, systems, worlds and asset packs all in a single page
  • Fix the path to the 404 image when the url is in a subpath
  • Add monitoring emails to autoscaling process in case errors happen

August 6th 2021

  • Add “Launch My Foundry” to the navigation bar submenu for Game Master tier users
  • Add “Assets Library” to the navigation bar for larger screens where space permits
  • Change the icon in the navigation bar for “My Foundry”
  • Update the demo page to have clickable screenshots and improve esthetics
  • Refresh Patreon pledges every day instead of once a month. Also fixes an EST vs PST timezone issue with the pledge reporting by Patreon.

August 14th 2021

  • Fix the full page view of a Bazaar package to be of a matching layout to the new website redesign
  • Dramatically improve loading speed of the Bazaar content when visiting the page, using a combination of local data caching and pre-feeding the initial package data.
  • Fix the Bazaar view resetting its position to the top when clicking on a cover image instead of the description
  • Fix the user profile avatar not always having a 1:1 ratio in the navigation bar
  • Fix typo for Assets Library in the navigation bar
  • Add a way to prevent a stalled package update if the deployment of the cache got interrupted during the bazaar update process
  • Fix a possible issue with adding packages to the Bazaar if their manifest contain invalid characters.
  • Fix a missing closing </span> tag in the Bazaar Marketplace’s cart
  • Fix the input for the “Pay What You Want” Bazaar content from being too small because of the suggested price being misplaced on certain themes
  • Fix a bug where the “Add license” and “Manage subscription” and other UI elements may not work due to a crash initializing the page’s code.
  • Fix display of warning when installing custom packages from manifest from the Foundry setup page, where the package name appears as “undefined” on 0.8.x
  • Slightly tweak the text of the tooltip and of the “Subscription will be renewed/canceled” changes in the subscription manager to make it clearer when a user is cancelling or renewing their subscription.

(Late at posting this update’s changelog)
September 2nd 2021

  • Releasing the new website banner art! Fight Goblins, not Servers!
  • Releasing our new Forge Logo!
  • Various miscellaneous changes to the website to improve style, responsiveness, mobile view, etc…
  • Fix the “Game Manager” button appearing on two lines instead of one and breaking the game list in the config page
  • Improve synchronization speed of the Bazaar, allowing packages to become available faster after a release
  • Update to the Teams and Acknowledgement pages to reflect recent hires
  • Fix error when trying to uninstall a custom package just after installing it via manifest URL from the Bazaar
  • Miscellaneous improvements to how the bazaar optimizer works

September 17th 2021

  • Major update to the way invoices are being generated and previewed
    • Use stripe API to generate invoice previews for maximum accuracy on prorations and rounding of taxes
    • Add ability to preview the upcoming invoice for an account
    • Add a nicer and more dynamic invoice preview UI, with the ability to switch currencies via a button
    • Add support for using Stripe Tax’s new tax calculation for US Sales Tax
    • Add notification about US Sales Tax being added to some US states starting October 1st 2021
  • Customize the cache-control header returned by the assets library servers and bypass a faulty CDN option which was causing the frequent cached 500 errors we’ve been seeing.
  • Remove the “Disable all modules” Game tool, and replace with “Launch in Safe Mode” which uses Foundry’s own safe mode setting, which also disables the active scene and all playlists.
  • Prevent billing/payment dialogs closing automatically after an error saving the information.
  • Only update the user’s billing information when checking out, if the user made changes to the billing information.
  • Fetch the billing/payment information when the dialogs are opened, not when the accounts page is visited
  • Make purchased gifts middle-clickable to open in a new tab, or ‘copy link’ via context menu.
  • Improve the “reset password” notification to make it clearer that an email is only sent if the account exists.
  • Add anchors to the account page for direct linking to specific sections from the documentation
  • Improved the notifications when installing package dependencies to display which succeeded and which failed to install
  • Fix a missing closing tag in the assets library page.
  • Fix a failure to launch a game if the game has no title set when using the game manager
  • Fix a possible issue accessing the user account if an account is downgraded and the Game Manager was enabled
  • More miscellaneous changes to improve the bazaar updater and package optimizer.