Stop Pay What You Want

So many PWYW modules are not really PWYW as there is a minimum price (which is usually quite high). I feel like the module creators are just trying to get around looking expensive on the store page, when in reality you are going to pay what THEY want if you actually want the content. I feel that PWYW titles should either be removed entirely, or make it so there cannot be a minimum price. This will make it easier when browsing to see how much things actually cost.


Hello Shunkle. We’re sorry about your frustration, and we agree that our current method of displaying these prices can be misleading. We have been working on visibility improvements for pay-what-you-want packages where the minimum is greater than $0.00.

We hope that when this is released, it will improve your Bazaar browsing experiencing.

Hi @shunkleburger,
We’ve just released an update to the Bazaar UI to help differentiate these packages. I hope it’s better for everyone and less confusing.
You can see the full release log from today here : Server update changelog - #114 by kakaroto
Let us know what you think!