Problem: If I start my Foundry I don't get the UI

Hi, I wanted to connect to my game. I got to the Login Screen, choosed my role and after that I see the Sidebar backgroung but no UI.

Hello, that sounds like an acceleration issue or an issue with modules/load time.

Have you tried reloading too?

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Multiple Times, I also deleted the Browser Cache. I tested wether it could be the accelertation issue, but the settings are all as you suiggest in your thread. I use chrome

Interesting. Would you be able to try another Browser like Edge or Firefox?

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I tried with edge. Same issue. I also tried to deactivate all Moduls for step by step reactivation but I didn’t help

Can you screenshot what you’re seeing here?

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As I wante to make your requested Screenshot it suddenly worked immediatly o_O

I’m going to suggest two FAQs to run through:

See if you can find anything in those.

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I followed your Instructions. Guess it is the Chat with nearly 90% of Data. I will archive and delete it :slight_smile:

@all Thanks for the quick support :slight_smile:

Oh yeah, a massive Chat Log will definitely cause huge issues with FoundryVTT loading in. What size was it?

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It was nearly 60MB. So I deleted it via the button in Foundry

Oh geez…

What size was the world in total?

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66MB in total. But in the Data Screen from the FAQ it stills has the 66Mb Size. Do I really need to export and import my World for clearing?

For something like chat, no, you can do like you did and delete it in-World (so long as you can load in, which you were able to do). The Export/Clean/Import is for the really bad cases, where you have to manually edit the db files via a text editor (like Notepad++), and then re-upload.

I’ll recommend stopping/starting your server too to trigger FoundryVTT Database Compaction to finalize the chat cleanup (it’ll happen by itself at some point, but better to have it compacted sooner with that large of a chat db cleaned up).

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I’ll do. So now I’m hopefully ready for Gamenight on Sunday :smiley:

Don’t let your players play around with rolling 100000d1000000 dice just for fun anymore! :stuck_out_tongue: