Lag/Glitching on only one world

Hi there, I have three active worlds. I was using one yesterday and it became basically on useable with long delays on all operations (1 second delays between character entry in chat, 2 to 5 seconds for macros and 10 +seconds to load character sheets, make rolls etc). I assumed this was site lag but it’s still present when I logged back in 8 hours later but it isn’t affecting the other worlds.

I’ve tried turning the server on and off, I’ve cloned the world but it doesn’t seem to do anything. What do I do? I don’t want to lose the data myself and the players have input.

Give this FAQ in particular a run-through: World Size Check
And then give this one a try: Trouble with Modules

The first one is particularly important, as a bloated world can do what you describe, and that would make sense with what you mention.

The second is important to keep modules clean, and might be causing you issues if you have a different set of Modules enabled in this world than the others.