Just trying foundry on StoryTeller tier and 30% game data used already


I am a new Foundry / Forge user. I am trying this platform to make use of the Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 4e support. I have just tried setting up a test world using the three official modules I have bought so far; Core, Starter Set and Rough Nights. I notice that this already uses 30% of my Game Data quota. Am I doing something wrong? I thought I read in the some articles that the average world size was expected to be small and that even the 500MB of the lower tier would allow for the creation of many worlds. This concerns me as my intent was to go on and buy Ubersreik Adventures, The Enemy Within and, when released, the rest of that campaign. If the modules I have bought already use 30% of the 1GB Story Teller quota it suggests that it won’t be anywhere near enough for the rest of the modules I want to use.

Am I doing something wrong?


Hi Bracken,

The issue is that those Premium Licensed content have to be handled/installed by Foundry itself, and The Forge does not have autorization to handle that installation for you, so it ends up using the Data storage instead of the Assets. The WFRP core module is I believe 230MB for example, which would be 23% of your storage on Story Teller. What you can do however is to export the module after it gets installed and then import it using the Import Wizard which will then optimize it by moving the assets to your (much larger) assets library, reducing its size to 5MB instead (0.5% data usage).
See the “Optimizing data usage” section in this tutorial :

I hope that helps make it clearer and resolves your issue.



Thanks, kakaroto, that does answer my question.