Issue's with updating PF2E game system

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Im currently running my PF2E game using the 4.12.9 system. I Have the Alert to Update to the 5.1.0 system and in setup I cannot apply it to my game. I have attempted to turn off all modules, uninstalling and reinstalling. When I am in setup only the 4.12.9 system is available in systems I can install. Since this Alert some basic mods (Like pings) are know longer working.

Would appreciate assistance as with the newest Forge update it is warning me there could be Compatibility issues and before this issue gets exasperated further I would like to update the system.


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The latest version of pf2e is not supported on Foundry v10, unfortunately.
Pings is supported natively in v10 and you likely do not need to use the basic module for it anymore :slight_smile:

If you do plan on upgrading to v11, please be aware that there is currently an issue with accessing compendiums with multiple licenses and multiple Foundry games at the same time with Game Manager in v11 on Forge.

If you are interested in updating to v11 and you’re sure that all of your modules and systems are compatible, please remember to take a backup of your worlds and follow the process here.

Hope that helps!

Hi, is a proposed or scheduled update for addressing the PF2e Compendium issue with multiple licenses and Foundry games?

Hi there @the_unstable_wizard
We’ve identified a solution and are in the process of implementing. Hopefully we can provide you with an improved experience soon!

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Any update on this fix?

We’re currently in talks with Foundry regarding our solution and don’t have an update yet at the moment, I’m afraid.

If you are at liberty to share… Is this really a technical issue or more like a business strategy or technical direction issue?

I am willing to consider spinning up a separate account for the instance that I need to be online 24/7 if this is not going to be resolved soon.

It is a technical issue which arises on The Forge due to the shift from NEDB to LevelDB in v11 Core Foundry. LevelDB does not allow other processes to read from databases that are already opened (and locked by) another process, while with NEDB, any number of processes could be reading from the same files.

This poses an issue for Game Manager users with multiple licenses on v11. A temporary separate account would have its own user data and indeed be able to avoid the issue. The solution which we hope to be able to make available to our users soon would not require a separate subscription, and aims to bring the current and familiar functionality of Game Manager with multiple licenses to v11 on The Forge.

Is this the Forge’s website-based Game Manager that is causing the issue? For Example: would disabling that and running the normal in-Foundry game management work around this until it is solved?

I have a couple of players interested in fooling around with the new Kineticists and that is something that is not going to be available until we can all switch to v11 it seems.

Running without Game Manager and with a single Foundry license will be able to avoid the issue, yes :+1:
This currently would affect Game Manager GMs with multiple Foundry licenses who need to have multiple worlds active at the same time.

Checking in. Any update on this?

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Yeah, an update earlier this month has resolved this issue and added that functionality to the Game Manager on v11. You can check the announcements here and here :slight_smile: