How To Upload Compendiums from your past worlds

To start off go to My Foundry, then Create a new Shared compendium.
Check out How to share content between worlds if you don’t know how to.

Then export that Shared compendium. You do this by going to “Export Compendium Modules”, and selecting the new module.

Now you’ll get a .Zip file. Extract it wherever you see fit.

Now you’ll need to open Foundry’s Data directory. You can easily do that by right-clicking Foundry’s Icon after starting the program.

Find your world. It should be under Data/worlds. Go into Packs.
You should now be at Data/worlds/WorldName/Packs and see your Compendium.

Copy this over to the Extracted module that you created.

Now that you have done this. You can either delete or rename the original “actor” or “monster”, or what corresponds to the comendium you are transferring. Then rename your compendium to the one you deleted/renamed.

Then upload it to The Forge again with the Import wizard. You can now enable the module in a world and the compendium should show up ^^

Alright, that should be it. Hope it helped you ^^ :heart: