How to Purchase and Access Content from The Bazaar

The Forge’s Bazaar is home to the only marketplace for Foundry VTT, allowing you to purchase amazing content from your favorite creators

In this tutorial, we’ll show you how to purchase content, gift content to a friend, and claim gifted purchases from The Bazaar marketplace

Table of contents.

  • Purchase assets/modules/systems/worlds

To purchase content from The Bazaar, you have to choose your preferred item to buy, and press “purchase”.
choose your desired product, and press “purchase”. If you want to find paid content in particular, click “Bazaar marketplace” under the type of content you’re looking for, in the left sidebar.
image image

After clicking “Purchase”, you are brought to your cart, where you will see the item added. You can choose here whether you want to give the item as a gift. You can also choose to continue shopping, or check out.

We’ll head to the checkout now.

Here, you enter your billing information. This information might be filled in already, if you are a subscriber to The Forge hosting service. Otherwise, you must fill in this information before choosing your payment method.

You can pay with a credit card through Stripe, or pay through Paypal.
As you pay, you get redirected to the purchasing page, where you can review what you are buying, and confirm your purchase. If you have a balance on your Forge account (likely through a gift card purchase), it will use that balance, before using your payment method.

Once paid, you now own your purchased content!

  • Gifting

In the Bazaar, you can gift your friends anything purchasable on The Bazaar. And doing so is easy!

After clicking the purchase button in the Bazaar, you’ll see in your cart overview an “offer as gift” button, shown below.

Selecting this button will bring up a menu where you can add a message to the person receiving the gift. If you add more products to your cart, you can differentiate between gifts and the content you are purchasing for yourself by the gift icons in the overview.


After checking you, you’ll get a receipt displaying your purchases. Under “Purchased Content”, you can select the “Share your gift now” button for any content purchased as a gift.

This brings you to an overview of the product purchased as a gift. Here you can edit your message to the gift recipient, and copy the gift link to send to your friend. Below the link, you can also select the “Click Here” text if you mistakenly purchased the product as a gift, and wish to purchase it for yourself.

Now you can copy the link (in red in the above image) and send it to your preferred target.
The message will be the first line above the gift, and they can click claim, adding the content to their account.

  • Gift Cards

Gift cards add to the receiving user’s balance on their Forge account. If the user purchases content on the Bazaar, or has an ongoing subscription, it will automatically subtract from their balance, instead of charging their preferred payment method.

You can choose between different default amounts for the gift card, or customize the amount you want to give yourself. You can change this amount in the cart overview, but cannot change this amount once you’ve purchased the gift card.


After purchase, you can gift a gift card through the same method you gift a product (explained above), as well as claiming it for yourself.

  • Balance & Recipts

Your balance and receipts can easily be accessed in your My account page. Under “My Content Purchases”, you will see blank bars. Pressing them will reveal your balance, and billing history.

At the top, you can view the current balance on your account. Under this, you can view your recent purchases. At the top right, you can click “View Billing History” to see further information on Stripe.

You can also access your gifts here. If you forgot to copy the links, press the “gift icon”
image and you’ll be sent to the gifting overview for that purchase.

  • Accessing your content

  • In Forge

Once purchased, you can view the content in the Bazaar, and enable it for your games by clicking “enable” on the pack.

  • In Foundry

In Foundry, you can enable the module per-world via the same method you enable other modules. If you wish to use assets, you can find them under the “Bazaar” tab inside of the file browser.


  • Download

Once you’ve purchased content, you will see a “download” icon for your content, which allows you to download the product as a .zip file.

Some content cannot be downloaded off of the Bazaar. Products that cannot be downloaded will display a warning on their Bazaar product page.

You can also download purchased content under “My Content Purchases” on your My Account page. Content that you can download from the Bazaar will display a download icon that can be selected for the same .zip file.