How to Purchase and Access Content from The Bazaar


The Bazaar is the first, and (currently) only marketplace for Foundry Virtual Tabletop. On The Bazaar, you can purchase built-for-Foundry content from your favorite creators- and discover new favorites along the way!

Here, we explain how you can find, and then purchase content. We also explain how to gift content to a friend, and how to claim gifted content if you are that friend!

Finding and Purchasing Content

The Bazaar sorts creator content into four categories, listed below:


You will need to navigate to each category to browse through content of that type.

  • Add-on modules include both software modules, and compendium modules like map or item packs.
  • Game systems are content like the base Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition system, or Pathfinder, etc. Most systems available on The Forge are free.
  • Worlds are pre-made adventures, immediately ready for play.
  • Assets are media files like video, audio, or images that are compatible with Foundry VTT, but not pre-made for usage in Foundry.

The Bazaar also supports buying gift cards, and importing content from D&D Beyond:

  • The D&D Beyond section allows users enrolled in its beta access to import content from their D&D Beyond account. Only users in the beta can access content here, and nothing here can currently be purchased on The Forge.
  • Gift cards are explained later, but they allow you to send your favorite player or GM money to spend on The Forge!


If you want to find paid content in particular, click “Bazaar marketplace” under the type of content you’re looking for, in the left sidebar.
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To purchase content from The Bazaar, navigate to an item you wish to buy, and select the “Purchase” button (the button shaped like a shopping cart, in a blue background).


After selecting the “Purchase” button, you will be brought to your cart. You should see the item you selected here. You can choose from this menu whether to offer the item as a gift, remove an item currently in your shopping cart, continue shopping, or checkout.

From here, we’ll navigate to checkout.

You will be prompted to enter your billing information. If you have already purchased content in the past, or have a past or existing subscription to The Forge, this information will already be filled in. Otherwise, you will need to complete this information before choosing a payment method.


After filling in your billing information, or if it is already completed, you can select “Enter Payment Details” to provide a payment method. You can pay with a credit card through Stripe, or through PayPal.

Once you have selected and input your payment method of choice, you will be redirected to the purchasing page. Here, you can review what you are buying, and confirm your purchase. If you have an existing balance on your Forge account (such as through a gift card), it will first use that balance, before using your payment method.

Once you pay, you will receive a receipt for the paid content. You can view previous invoices, as well as access your paid content (and gifts) from your My Account page.

Gifting Content

You can gift others anything you can purchase The Bazaar. And doing so is easy!

After clicking the purchase button in the Bazaar, there is an “Offer as a gift” checkbox, pictured below:

Selecting this checkbox will bring up a menu, where you can add a message for the person receiving the gift. If you add more products to your cart, you can differentiate between gifts, and the content you are purchasing for yourself by the green gift icons in the overview.


After checking out and paying for your content, you will receive a receipt, displaying your purchases. Under “Purchased Content”, you can select the “Share your gift now” button for content purchased as a gift.

This brings you to an overview of the product purchased as a gift. Here you can edit your message to the gift recipient, and copy the gift link to send to your friend. Below the link, you can also select the “Click Here” text if you mistakenly purchased the product as a gift, and wish to purchase it for yourself.


From here, you can copy the gift link (which you can find in the red spot in the above image), and send it to your Forge user of choice. They need only follow the link to claim their gift. They can view the message associated with the gift here, and select “Claim” to add the content to their account.

Gift Cards

Gift cards increase the balance of the receiving user’s Forge account. Once claimed, if the user purchases content on the Bazaar, or has an ongoing subscription, it will automatically subtract from their balance first, before charging their credit card.

You can choose between different, default amounts for gifting, or choose to customize the amount you wish to purchase. You can change this amount in the cart overview, but cannot change this amount once the gift card is purchased.


After purchase, you can gift a gift card through the same method you gift a product (explained above), as well as claim it for yourself.

Balance and Receipts

You account’s balance, and receipts can be accessed in your My Account page. Under “My Content Purchases”, you will see blanked-out bars. Selecting them will reveal your balance, and billing history.

At the top, you can view the current balance on your account. Under this, you can view your recent purchases. At the top right, you can click “View Billing History” to view further information via Stripe (even if the content was purchased with PayPal).

You can also access your gifts here. If you need to edit them, or copy their gift links, select the green gift icon image, and you’ll be sent to the gifting overview for that purchase.

Accessing Bazaar Purchases

In The Forge

Once purchased, you can view the content in the Bazaar, and enable it for your games by clicking “Install” on the content in question.

Once installed, you can enable a module per-world, via the same method you enable other modules. If you wish to use assets, you can find them under the “Bazaar” tab inside of the file browser.


Downloading for outside The Forge

Warning: A few legacy packages cannot be downloaded off of the Bazaar. Products that cannot be downloaded will display a warning on their Bazaar product page.

Once you’ve purchased content, you may see a “download” icon for your content, which allows you to download the product as a .zip file.

You can also download purchased content under “My Content Purchases” on your My Account page. Content that you can download from the Bazaar will display a download icon that can be selected for the same .zip file.

How does this work for worlds? My understanding is that if I buy an adventure/world, I should go to the game manager, create a new game, click “select from Bazaar”, and done. I believe that is how I’ve done that in the past. But I recently bought Tomb of Black Sand and it doesn’t appear for selection in “Select from Bazaar.” How can I access and use this content without downloading and importing with Summon the Import Wizard, which would then have it count against my storage quota.

Okay, figured it out. In this case I had to first create a blank world and then I could select the module for the adventure from that world. Not sure why some adventures I can just do it from the Game Manager. Would be nice to have an indication in the Bazaar for what you need to do.

Somehow I missed those messages, sorry!
Some people started releasing worlds for Foundry but because it made things difficult to incorporate into existing campaigns, a lot of the community shifted to using modules where the worlds are published as compendium packs and the module imports it into your world. This allows people to use the adventure, (or parts of it), in an existing world, like a one-shot, or temporary side-quest during a larger campaign.
We do have plans to detect those kinds of adventures and have a system which can let you create a world with that content pre-imported in it, but we’re waiting on Foundry v10 release which adds official support for “Adventure” compendiums, which will make that much easier to achieve.