GM logging in as a player on the same machine

Is there a way to login bnoth as a player and a GM using the same pc - i have storyteller access with the player mgmt function, but cant work out how i can have 2 instances running so i can check what players can see / do.


I usually just open the page twice, then “join as” player on one of the two, that works great. Only issue is if you reload one of the two, you’d be logged in as whatever you had last “logged in as”. If I need to do that and do multiple reloads too, I just use chrome + firefox at the same time.

Yes you can log in as a player by using this:

You can also be logged in as The GM in one browser tab and a player in another.

When I do it, I do DM in Chrome, and Player in Firefox. That way refreshes and such don’t affect each other.


I have been just logging in with a separate browser, makes it easy for me to toggle between the browsers to see the player’s view, then switch to Gamemaster view to fix what I need to.

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