Game worlds and load times

This is probably a dumb question but does the number of game worlds you have on your account slow down your system in anyway?

I Currently I have 2 D&D worlds, a Alien, a Conan, The One Ring and two 2d20 systems. Thats 7 worlds. Some of them have stuff I’ve added but I’m still only at just over a gig of sounds, art and maps between all of them. Thanks.

I only have two: Torg Eternity and The One Ring 2e and my load times for both have increased significantly since the loading bar was introduced. The load times have become so extended that I’ll go do other things on the computer and come back minutes up to fifteen later and the canvas is just popping in.

Everything’s there, where it should be and it’s lovely, but it takes so long. So, trust me, it’s not just you.

I hope we can get this resolved.

Hmmm I’m not really having an issue with stuff loading at first. It maybe takes 15-30 seconds. I’m more concerned about game performance while you’ve got 5 players rolling dice on big maps with sounds. I had an issue with my last laptop with lots of slow down but not so much anymore.

But my question was more towards am I taxing the world that’s currently loaded and running when you have 6 other worlds with art and sounds etc on your account.

Or does none of that matter and its more the amount of stuff you have currently in your world. 8 scenes 6 playlists, 30 monsters/npc, 7 pcs etc.

Or is it really what’s running at that very moment. like a music track, a sound fx track, rain on a map, 5 players, dice so nice.

Just curious how to not get to an area where things become unplayable. Thanks.

Hiya :wave:

Different worlds won’t have an impact on each other, no, so you’re in the clear there. They’re in separate disk locations and they don’t get loaded in once a world gets accessed.

When we refer to performance, we generally refer to one of two things:

  • world loading times
  • in-game performance

Both of these are affected by internet speed, world size, hardware acceleration being enabled, and modules, but to varying extents.

When Foundry loads up, it loads the world data into every browser that joins, which is what’s happening when the loading bar pops up. Main factors here are internet speed and world size, but modules also play a role since they’re all starting up.

After world data is loaded, then in-game performance starts to be a factor, and it’s mainly affected by the machine that’s running Foundry, the dimensions of the scene that’s displayed and how complex the scene is, as well as how many modules are running, and how impactful those modules are on performance.

Some older machines don’t handle heavier modules like Dice So Nice very well, and if your players are having trouble keeping a good frame rate it’s worth checking to make sure their hardware acceleration is turned on, that they’ve got the minimum specs to run Foundry, and that they’re leveraging low performance mode in Foundry’s settings itself.

It’s also worth opening up the dev tools console (F12) and checking for red errors, very often performance can be improved by making sure modules aren’t running into problems.

Just curious how to not get to an area where things become unplayable. Thanks.

This World Size article should point you in the right direction :slight_smile:
World size has the biggest impact on loading times and by keeping your world nice and lean (you want under 30MB if you can), and moving items/actors and scenes to shared compendiums, you can shave a lot of time off of the world loading step.

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Hey there @tithenon

Oof, yeah I definitely get you, when loading times are rough it’s a big pain.
The loading bar is an overlay and doesn’t affect processing/loading times, but it’s not impossible for its introduction to have coincided with something else which is causing the actual issue.

We should be able to help you out with this, thankfully, by checking the factors that’ll influence world loading. I recommend giving a quick read through the post above, and then checking the troubleshooting doc for the grey screen issue here.

In the majority of cases where we’ve seen slow loading times, it was due to either the world’s size (which can be helped by making use of shared compendiums) or modules which were causing problems. If the troubleshooting steps in those docs aren’t working for you and you still have long load times even after launching in Safe Configuration, please make a ticket in our Discord server’s #ticket-support channel and post an invite to your game, so we can hop in there with you and do some troubleshooting :+1:

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Good morning,

It’s funny you’ve answered this at just this time; I had a chat with my internet provider, yesterday afternoon, and it looks like there have been some issues with speeds, lately. They just finished putting 5G up in my area about four months ago and, according to them, there have been a LOT of problems, of late. However, they have a master update that’s making the rounds across the U.S., though as of yesterday afternoon it had not hit my area, yet, and that’s supposed to help clear up a host of issues.

So, I thank you very much for your response, and I’ll keep this post in mind for down the road, once I find out whether that master update will have an effect on my speeds, or not.

I hope everyone has a Happy Turkey Day! :slight_smile:

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You’re very welcome!
Alright, it sounds like that might be the culprit in the scenario and I hope that the update fixes all the speed issues you’ve been having :muscle:
And a very happy Turkey Day to you too! :grin:

This is fantastic thanks so much. In looking at my worlds the D&D ones are massive because of the stuff pulled from D&D Beyond. In the export for Curse Of Strahd, which is a huge module, I’ve got 15 megs in data which is probably fine. But in the Packs folder its 45 Megs. It’s all stuff from D&D Beyond, traits, feats, items, spells, 90% of it is monsters. Is that all stuff I can move to a shareable compendium? I’ve never done that before. I assume I can still drag and drop on sheets and maps with stuff that’s in a shareable compendium. Thanks for all the help.

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You’re very welcome! Yeah, you can use Shared Compendiums for a lot of that stuff! Have a look at the doc explaining them over here for help getting them set up :+1:

World compendiums generally won’t affect loading times like having loads of actors and items, but the other benefit of putting the D&D Beyond imported data in a shared compendium is that you can easily move it between worlds!

Best of luck, and let us know if you have any other questions!