Game takes long to load all of a sudden

Hello, I’m a new user to The Forge and I’m enjoying the service.

I’ve hit upon a problem just now: My game is taking a LONG time to load. Is there something up?

I’m in Southeast Asia if that means anything.

I’ll recommend you work through both of these FAQs to see if it’s your World Size or some troublesome Modules causing this first:

Strangely I don’t think it’s any of these things but I could be wrong.

I have very little game data and very few modules installed.

What I’m experiencing is that even is loading slowly.

I’ve stopped the server currently and I’m still having slow load issues wheras around 4 to 5 hours ago, I was having no trouble running Foundry with no changes to the system.

As of this time, my game data is at 11% and my assets library is at 3%

I have 1 world
1 system: Pathfinder 2E

The modules I’m running, I’ve tested on a desktop installation of Foundry. The last module I installed is called Dice So Nice.

Ah, if the main page is loading slow as well, that is pretty different. If it comes and go, it might be regional internet issues (close to yourself, or close to the Forge servers). I’ll ping in @kakaroto to take a look at the servers themselves for Forge.

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I did read on the twitter account that the server in Singapore was going to undergo maintenance, but that was scheduled for the 30th of this month.

Maybe it’s related? Anyhow, I’ll wait for an update. Apart from this downtime, I’m happy with Forge and Foundry and look forward to running my first game.

That was my first thought as well, but you’re right, that’s scheduled for the 30th. There’s a chance that Digital Ocean decided to do some maintenance (or had some failures?) today/yesterday instead. We’ll see what KaKaRoTo is able to find (if anything).

I had the same thought about the maintenance, but yeah, it shouldn’t happen for a few more days. I haven’t seen any issues with either, I tested it yesterday actually when I saw the message (but it was 6AM for me, so I guess I forgot to post my observations before crashing to bed), and everything was working fine, so it was more likely to either be the module/world size issue (which it’s not it seems) or an issue with routing from your side (your ISP/network)
Do you still notice any slowness or does it seem to have resolved itself by now?
Also, good luck for your first game! :slight_smile:

OK, it seems to have loaded up, but slowly, this morning. Nowhere near the speed I used to get. I’ve also noticed that is having trouble loading the background image.

Could it be a CDN issue?

That is weird. the main site and the background image are not actually on the CDN (I’ve been meaning to do that for a while, and will eventually), so no it wouldn’t be a CDN issue, but more of a direct you<->server connection issue. I’m finding that it loads fairly quickly from my side from Canada<->
This is how long it takes to load the main site :
And this is with the cache disabled :

EDIT: and this is how long it takes for me to load into the north american site (to which I usually get ~30ms latency instead of ~250ms I get to the asian server) :

Understood. I’ll monitor the situation. Given how the internet is in this country, it’s probably an issue on the side of my ISP. Hopefully it resolves itself in time.

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I did a tracert on

Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 2 ms 2 ms 2 ms
2 23 ms * 44 ms
3 22 ms 22 ms 23 ms
4 23 ms 31 ms 22 ms []
5 61 ms 63 ms 61 ms []
6 62 ms 61 ms 61 ms
7 * * * Request timed out.
8 * * * Request timed out.
9 * * * Request timed out.
10 * * * Request timed out.
11 62 ms 61 ms 60 ms


OOF indeed. Yeah, it looks like you have a rather high latency between your router and your ISP itself, with an unstable ping time and even one of the 3 requests timing out. I’m surprised you’re not seeing issues on every other website too. I hope whatever it is, it gets fixed soon!
Good luck!

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We’re back. The issue has resolved itself it seems.

I reached out to a friend nearby who also had Forge and he said he was having the same problem. He confirms that he isn’t experiencing it now as well.

Hopefully it doesn’t rear its ugly head once more. [not during my game]